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  1. Fair enough...the last sentence I couldn't agree more with. Hard to know how much of the recent struggles is due to lack of support from the administration.
  2. Thank you for articulating what I've been trying to articulate all morning.
  3. Check recruiting thread and keep in mind that all the kids get an extra year. This one was a non-counter. There are ZERO recruit for next year at this time which speaks volumes. Can't remember there not being a kid announced in the fall period. It's almost if both sides knew this was the last dance regardless of outcome.
  4. Bensons job should be tied to this hire, as this coach goes so does Benson.
  5. I'll take a contrarian view...you can't continue down this path of not being relevant for another 5 years. The product on the floor has not been good for the last 3 years. I know that will upset people but it's true. One only has to look at the game threads. And yes, a basketball coaches job is to put a competitive product on the floor, not sure how anyone could say it's not about winning or losing. So if they want 8-22 for 5 years you'd advocate the status quo? They made it out of the quarter finals ONCE this contract, the first year. The team has finished in 5th, 7th and 6th in a BAD AE
  6. True, but my point is simple, I'm not sure Will is crying his eyes out about them parting. For these reasons above... I'm not a Benson fan, this guy is a COMPLETE zero! He has accomplished almost NOTHING for any program here. I have sat there and watched him screw up a simple bag-check policy, I have seen him lie about who forced him to institute the policy. We know how he effed up to the Title IX issues and has no clue what he's doing with all that. To be frank, be very afraid of who he's going to hire, this guy has a bad track record in hiring coaches. Doesn't mean it wasn't time
  7. Will Brown didn't love the UA situation and lack of resources as much as people think he did.
  8. This is being presented as mutual... UAlbany Head Men’s Basketball Coach Will Brown and UAlbany Athletics Agree to Mutually Part Ways - University at Albany Great Danes (ualbanysports.com)
  9. Cosigned...as think as time passes and emotions settle down this will be viewed as a good move for all involved. Obviously UA is in a precarious position in that we have an AD who is a zero trying to do this hire so there is considerable danger. But the program probably needs a reboot. It HAS gotten stale, we have fallen significantly behind and aren't near the top of the AE. The losses have been mounting and product on the floor not good.
  10. That's true but it's not one bad season, and other kids have taken huge steps back like Hutch, Lulka, Healy. Obviously there were health issues etc.
  11. That's the nature of the business...we'll see who is left standing on the roster and on the sideline.
  12. Bing is elevating an assistant, that door has closed. As for being just as upset with the next two years sub .500...that's not fair to the new guy. Certainly the new coach should have an opportunity to put in his own system, recruits etc. It's not fair to give the new guy ZERO runway.
  13. This has been corroborated with a bunch of other reports...the end of an era. There will be plenty of time to discuss why, how and now what. Coach Brown will always be remembered as a legend and I thank him and his family for the immeasurable contributions to the UA program. This will take a while to process.
  14. I did some digging into this a few years back...I believe the figures stood at 17% of the athletic budget came from the state.
  15. It's not my decision to make I'll accept whatever the outcome is. But Benson's ass is on the line if he moves on. You can't make this move and set program back 5 more years. Choose wisely...
  16. That is absolutely not acceptable to me as a fan...in fact I'll go on record and say I'm not happy as a fan with the last 5 years...especially unhappy with the last 3. This program is not in good shape and I'm sorry if that upsets people. I fully understand and was here for many of the greatest years of the Will Brown era, but this here isn't it. I understand the argument of mid major basketball is cyclical and I reject this notion. Look at teams like UVM, they've beaten this program like a rented mule with worse facilities. Last time we won a chip was 6 years ago. How many regular season titl
  17. I don't think anyone is saying life time contract.
  18. What could have been if David and Joe didn't leave. That team was poised to be special. That really seemed to derail the program and it's been 3 painful years since. This team I felt had nice talent but glaring weakness at PG and one really good Big. Healy and Hutch took huge steps backwards and could never get going.
  19. Benson was billed a program builder, he's done little to improve the lot of this athletic department. Half the AE has new arenas and we play in a dump.
  20. Ultimately if he's here long enough he will be judged on his decision. The move to extend Gattuso has paid off in the short term. Having said that...we need to be competitive with top of the AE and if we are being fair we aren't and haven't been for a while. Point is Brown fair or not has given Benson an opening. But count me as concerned, the guy has some bad hires and can't do simple things like put in a bag policy. In fact I'd fire him before Brown. I'm of the opinion that Benson is fairly well insulated from criticism and I'm not sure why. The guy is kind of a complete zero.
  21. This is the scary part...his track record is bad hiring coaches. One of the most significant issues is lack of support for things like summer school etc. If you go down this road, how will you improve the program other than coach? That has to be asked...program is definitely at a crossroads.
  22. I am of the opinion that Benson has shown his hand full tilt...all that is left is confirmation.
  23. Dempsey is expired...ford has years I believe. Both of those situations are better then Albany with our arena. Hard to argue against the notion that the programs best years are behind them with this staff. It's not one rough year but 3 in a row. A lot of programs have passed us by.
  24. Keep an eye out for Bing...stays in NY, Dempsey contract is over..much better facilities. They don't really give a $iena about winning.
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