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  1. Was just gonna say that. How this program has fallen in the AE. For years we were the top AE program in lax, no questions asked, and now UVM has passed us by and embarrassing UA every chance they get. Just like UVM mens basketball team has been doing lately. But at least UVM bball has been good for 20 years. No reason their Lax team should leaving UA in the dust.
  2. Yesterday Chris Gray of UNC broke the all-time points record of Lyle with 401 points. To be honest, never heard that much of Gray over the past few years, certainly not mentioned as a top D1 player. I was concerned that he broke the record by playing an extra year due to Covid but IL says he has played one more game than Lyle did.
  3. OT: Can understand guys like Roy Williams and Coach K retiring at their ages but just announced that Jay Wright at Nova is retiring at 60.
  4. Thanks guys for the review of the game. Now I won't watch a replay on ESPN+ and lose two hours of my life of the train wreck that I will never get back.
  5. Could be a great find. Not unheard of for D3 kid to grow above that level thru 4 years. Back in my days at UA, Derrick Rowland of our nemesis Potsdam was an All-American, led them to championship, was drafted by Denver Nuggets in 10th round. Didn't play for them but played a few games for the Milwaukee Bucks. Played and coached the Patroons for many years. Should be a great addition to the locker room too.
  6. For what it's worth, Inside Lacrosse just came out with its mid-season All-American teams. Three teams with 14 players each and a honorable mention team of another 48 players. When in the past 10 years did we not have a single player or several on a list such as this. I'm not saying they missed anyone, they did not in terms of All-American status. Either shows recruiting issues or offensive/defensive schemes that do not bring out the best in a player.
  7. Just reading on the America East Forum site and someone posted that Benson tried to cover the incident up but the players family went to Rodriguez. If true, Benson is gone. And I could see Benson covering it up cause he just brought DK in, did a decent job and didnt want to want to start over and his hire was a bad one. Can guarantee if this happened a year and half ago with CB, he would covered nothing and booted him immediately.
  8. Wow, just jumped on the site and saw the "Allegations" thread with 4 pages and just assumed its a very old one and someone posted an update. Not good if true and DK is relieved. Felt he could have moved us in the right direction with a few new pieces that he was bringing in and 2022 would be best season in the past 5-6 years. But you can't hit a player if that happened. You can hit an asst coach and only be suspended for a dozen games like Juwann Howard. How can we convince Shaheen Holloway that UA is better than Seton Hall, lol.
  9. Guess I shouldn't have read IL story on the game yesterday. Learned that it was a record number of goals in a game for Bing and first time they beat us since 2011. And of course this happened at home. 😡😡😡
  10. Eighteen goals to Bing at home, mindboggling. I can understand not hanging with Cornell and Maryland ( Cuse, Yale, Penn still to come) some years cause we don't have the horses every year(ie. 2018) but when we are getting asses kicked by Bing and probably SBU, Lowell, UMBC, and UVM are going to beat us then changes will be necessary. Thought today was the day the team would turn the corner. A couple of more shovel fulls of dirt were dug for the coach and staff after that mess. The team morale has to be in the sewer too.
  11. Agree, can't even watch. Going to 1 and 5 on season and if it wasn't for the ineptitude of LCC, we would be winless.
  12. Wow, great showing from UVM but they lost the game from the line missing 7 FT. Also Arkansas figured out how to guard Davis in 2nd half.
  13. Bingo! And we have a winner. Usually comes down to management who are ultimately responsible for success and/or failure. The criticism for these three men's sports had fallen to Gattuso, Brown, and now Marr, certainly most warranted. Who is the one common denominator? The man above them, Benson. We may not see success till Rodriguez replaces him with someone who can make the tough decisions, provide the best leadership, and the best hires when necessary(too soon to tell on DK).
  14. The announcers gave nice props to the Lady Danes for winning 7th AE title.
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