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  1. As for the long term guys, Lulka is working on a grad degree, does he want to continue it elsewhere, may not be easy to do. Healy may want a fresh start elsewhere but this season did not show his former skills. Hank got no PT so he may just graduate and be done. Rizzuto can be a senior leader next year and captain again and his involvement in the fire dept may keep him here. Hutch and Shaffer may not stick around after lousy season performance, may go D2.
  2. They mention several of Brown's staff, Iati, Knotts, Pelletier as replacements but I see zero chance of any of them getting an interview. No head coaching experience at even the D2 or D3 level and to be honest, they are also responsible for the lackluster play and recruiting the past few years. McNamara from Cuse is interesting, young and hungry. Doc Sauers can speak to his buddy Boehimn about him and help the program out. Don't want any Siena candidates just because, they are S@#$%.
  3. Heck, I would coach for free if I could get unlimited original Sutters Mill burgers and fries from back in the day for you old timers that remember them and how they saved you from UAS food on many nights. Quick walk from Dutch Quad. Amazing I don't have cardio vascular disease from all of them I ate!
  4. Agree. Heck, throw my name in there, lol. In 1981 I took Principles and Techniques of Coaching Basketball, a 3 credit course taught by the legendary Doc Sauers and I got a B+. 😆😆
  5. I just went back to the news archives for when Coach Abe left and McNamee left and the words " national search" were used.
  6. After the dust settles on the loss of CB, candidates, whether rumor or truth, can go here. Would think it will be fast with recruiting windows closing over the next month or two.
  7. His personal life is not my business when it comes to finding a head coach but if an interview finds out it was a student/athlete(the truth may be sealed at Niagara in a plea deal for all we know), then that crosses a line where I would not touch him with a 10 ft pole even if he had a year at Niagara and led them to the Sweet 16.
  8. Thru my best friend, a Niagara alum, he had an affair( or attempted to) with a player on the women's basketball team, he was 30, she 18, he was married with two kids. Resigned before coaching a game. That was his personal reason to resign. Not 100% fact but those in the know say that is what went down.
  9. For those who have the ESPN App, scroll to Top Headlines and number 3 is "Brown out as Albany Hoops coach after 20 years". It's right after Hamilton is extended 5 years at FSU. Guess we can't get him now, lol.
  10. Yup, college sports have changed. If a young, hungry coach comes in and does the following the next 6 seasons and then bolts for the big time, would you not sign up for it in a heart beat? 16-14 23-10 NCAA 27-4 NCAA 28-5 NCAA 24-9 NCAA 27-4 NCAA 2nd Rd That is Coach Abe's record here in case no one remembers her run on the way to UCF. I would take that and be very happy watching that success even if it meant no 41 seasons coach or a 20 seasons coach.
  11. Was out volunteering at a Covid vaccine clinic and just heard the news. Not surprised since a contract extension was never given so he became a lame duck coach. Tons of respect for CB and the success we had for a good portion of his tenure but it's always what have you done for us lately and he has fallen in that respect. I have always said the asst coaches being tied to CB may have cost him his job. Loyalty is great but the buck stops with him and you may have to CYA and he did not do that. The roster may be become bare now so tough times are ahead similar to when CB took over so the new
  12. Thought I would start a new topic in case the rumor mill starts to get serious on a change at the top of the Mens Bball team. Have at it folks.
  13. That Tracy Carter looked like Vince Carter in the 1st half. Have to slow him down to have a chance.
  14. Good observation. But what does that say about the guys who have been here for a while and are not getting playing time and contributing such as Healy, Hank, Hutch, Shaffer, Anderson. Rizzuto and even Lulka(mostly his size, cause we are small without him) have helped. I know we have discussed aud nausium that we want four year guys and avoid too many JUCOs, transfers, and grad students but this athletic group can show promise at times in an offensive style that suits them.
  15. Have to disagree with CB. With 4 min left, the starters should be pulled up 19 pts and a game tomorrow. You telling me Amica, Healy, Hank, Shaffer, and Hutch can't hold a lead for 4 min.
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