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  1. and they show it twice. he really bounced hard. he will be sore today no doubt
  2. must have clicked the right button because it is a hyperlink in the previous post
  3. hey guys, I have some video highlites from the local station KUTV. shows Jamars fall too. Amazing he could come back. Don't know how to make it a hyperlink, appreciate someone explaining how to do it. http://kutv.com/sports/local_story_362232847.html
  4. Coach Brown has 2 other Div. 1 choices in Iowa with Drake and Northern Iowa, two pretty solid mid-major programs. I watched Drake beat Iowa by 16 on TV 2 weeks ago and I watched Northern Iowa beat Bradley last night and both teams are solid from the Missouri Valley Conference. He definitely should look into those two if he can't schedule Iowa and Iowa St.
  5. I see Utah lost to Northwestern 77-44 and allowed Northwestern to shoot 69% for the game. Utah is 5-7 and haven't beaten anyone good. We may be able to take them if we bring our "A" game. Actually Utah Valley State seems better this season and may give us a harder time than Utah. P.S. Bingo beat Miami (FL) Wed. night 79-74, for a second AE victory over a ACC team this season. They held the ACC leading scorer, McClinton to 3 points!!
  6. Great Link!! He does remind you of Jamar the way he gets to the hoop and finishes including some scoop shots like Jamars. Looks like a fine addition.
  7. Great job by the guys to pull that one out. Listening on the web radio feed, that last minute took 10 minutes to play and I expected a tying 3 pointer to send the game into overtime and we all know how well we play in OT. But this win doesn't mean much if we lose one of the next 2 games before heading out west. Don't know much about Bonaventure but I looked at last years boxscore for Cornell where we won by 9. Their scorer was freshman Adam Gore who had 17 but he is out for season with torn ACL. Need to take of business the next 2 and then at worse, split out in Utah so we head into AE play on a roll.
  8. If it's any consolation, every America East team lost last night. Ever since Vermonts win over BC, America East teams have been losing regularly with many losses to weak teams. Bingo, Hartford, UNH, SB, BU, UMBC, and Maine have not looked impressive lately at all. Still may come down to us and Vermont but we better get our "O" and "D" back before the end of the month.
  9. is anyone able to get the game on Fox980 radio via the web? could not get it for the siena game either. listening to WCDB on web now but they don't have every game.
  10. We went from 25th in the last Mid-Major Poll to not even receiving a single vote in this weeks poll even with Coach Brown on the panel. www.collegeinsider.com/mmpoll/
  11. That line is very scary. Looks like Iati's line for this season, lol.
  12. Good job by the danes tonight even though it was a bit sloppy in the second half. What can you say about Jamar. Amazing as usual. But what I liked was Siggers again with 17. It looks like we now have 2 legitimate scorers who can score over 15 a game EVERY night and we did not have that last season. By the way, Stony Brook beat Penn St. tonight. Another AE big win.
  13. Last week FOX980 did not work for streaming audio but WCDB did fortunately. Does anyone know if Fox 980 solved their problem because WCDB does not have the game tonight?
  14. In case anyone wanted to know, UCONN barely beat Quinnipiac 53-46. they shot 30% for game with 21 turnovers. Thats what you get with freshman. Stonybrook handled Colgate 65-59 and Boston College blew apart New Hampshire 86-47. BU lost to George Washington 70-59.
  15. Just watched the Vermont/Maryland game on ESPN2 that is part of the Coaches vs. Cancer tourney. Maryland won 81-63 and it was worse than that. The first 14 minutes of the game, Vermont hung in there well only down a bucket or two but then turovers killed them (14 in 1st half, over 20 total). It got worse in second half when they couldn't score at all (1 for 13 from 3-point). Kinda remined me of the AE Championship game. Ciepliki, Holm, and Klimes looked as lost on the court tonight as they did against the Danes that day. Trimboli was not bad at all tonight with 15 points. McCrory was good in 1st half and then disappeared and their touted freshman Trapani was invisible. Overall, as long as we keep Trimboli under wraps (Jamar and Lillis can do that), no one on their team can beat us single handlily.
  16. Thanks guys for the report for last nights game. Just looked at the boxscore, did Bauman really have 4 turnovers in 3 minutes and missed both foul shots? Not gonna get many minutes with those numbers even though he is not in the regular rotation anyway.
  17. The Street & Smith College Basketball issue is on newstands now. Under their coverage of the America East on page 132, (of course they picked the Danes to win the conference, Jamar as POY, the Wilsons on all-conference team) they have Carl Ross as Best Newcomer to the conference. Either they have been listening to the glowing remarks from Coach Brown or someone on their staff saw him play at that Jr. college or Fresno St. and feel he is an impact player.
  18. Hello all. With the start of the season just 17 days away, I have my personal thoughts on how the team will do in the first 12 games prior to the AE schedule. I would be satisfied with an 8-4 record after the 12 non-conference games. I am givings us wins against Delaware, Sacred Heart, Brown, Harvard, St. Bonaventure, Cornell, Utah Valley St.. Losses to Bucknell, UConn, and Utah. The 2 toss-ups are VCU and Siena and I went with a split making us 8-4. Anybody with thoughts on this?. Am I too conservative or too optimistic? I know last years start was horrible but I doubt Will Brown will let that happen again. Appreciate your thoughts from this great group of UA fans.
  19. The America East Conference will announce the coaches poll and the preseason all-conference teams for both men and women next Wed., November 1st via a conference call as stated on its website
  20. Was up in the Albany area (from LI) with the family and on Saturday night at the Macaroni Grill on Wolf Rd. when Lillis, Iati, Baumann,, Connelly and Jamar walked in for dinner. Looks like they just finished practice. Gave them a wave but did not go over to their table. They all walked normal so no injuries after the first 2 practices (knock on wood).
  21. I watched it and did not see it and I forgot to record it. Was it his 3-pointer from the corner or another play? Thanks.
  22. Jim Nantz was on Mike and Mad Dog Monday afternoon talking about the past weekends games and the UA/UConn game was brought up. Nantz said God Bless Will Brown and the Great Danes for their effort and how he was hoping history would be made. He said he wished that Albany could go back and replay that last 11 minutes and have the answers to the UConn onslaught. Go to WFAN.COM, click on MIke and Mad Dog and click on the Nantz interview for March 20. His UA comments are at the 11 minute mark on the timer.
  23. That FOX piece was outstanding!!! When the real shining moment plays after the championship game, do you think we will see a key play from from the game such as a Zoellner dunk or a Jamar drive? I would bet on it.
  24. I know the season just ended but I am so excited about next season already and I wish it was November. We pretty much know the roster next season unless someone leaves unexpectingly and of course we need to be lead by Will Brown. Here is my thought on a lineup and key subs. Jamar and Lillis should start in the backcourt again with Iati first sub in and Knight and Anderson backing up unless Coach feels Bauman is ready to play some. Up front, Brent starts of course and have Siggers with him. He has the potential to replace Lu as a swingman with a good shot and athleticism. Backing them up would be Connelly, Anderson as a swingman and Yocum. Finally at center, I will assume Gifford will be ready for D1 ball and can start. If not, I am not comfortable with Covington at center with what I saw this year from him. If Gifford can get us 8-10 points and 7 boards, that will be similiar to what K did for most of this season with hopefully less foul trouble (of course K was a monster Friday night). Does anyone agree with this or have thoughts? Thanks to all on the board for their insights the past few weeks in what was an incredible season.
  25. As a long time Great Dane fan (Class of '83), I am very proud of their effort tonight and the great season they had. This game was a far cry from the old days at University Gym with Doc Sauers roaming the sidelines and Potsdam the big opponent. We have come a long way to Division 1 and hopefully we will be a team to contend with against the "power" teams in the future.
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