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  1. Good point. I remember all the press before the Montana State game - there were interviews with his mentor from HS and a lot of discussions around his growth as a college QB. I think he was also the second rated FCS freshman - forget what the award is called but the top rated freshman was from North Dakota State and ended up being drafted.
  2. I thought he was an equipment manager. I don’t know anything about him possibly becoming a coach but I’d be shocked. But, Coach Gattuso did hire Coach Bernard as OC (his only OC experience was 1 year at the high school level).
  3. New Haven is a good D2 program. It’s not FCS but he’ll get a chance to play at a competitive level and probably has a scholarship so good for him. I’m happy for him. At this level, very few kids are going to the pros so if you have a chance to be a starter, contribute and play on a competitive level, I say go for it.
  4. Yes, the team is really struggling - especially on offense but the coach just started in March. Sure, I’d like to see them shoot better and win some games but he’ll need some time. Not sure what you mean by the grand experiment continues. We haven’t been above .500 in conference play since the 2017-18 season so it’s not like the cupboard was full when he got here.
  5. Another disappointing loss. I had to run out at halftime and missed most of the second half but in the first half, Parker dropped an easy touchdown pass, Oedekoven just missed a touchdown pass (it was a little overthrown but it appeared to be catchable). The punter dropped a snap - it was raining but it was waist high. Disappointing because he had similar issues in the spring. We’re not good enough for drops and fumbles. Also, on the last couple of drives when Undercuffler kept throwing the fade or corner routes reminded me how consistently Juwan Green made those catches in 2019 (Parker did make the one catch late in the game). A lot of them are jump balls but we’re not making many of those catches. Anyway, I’m going out on a limb and predicting a win next week against Maine.
  6. The good news was the defense played well. A lot of new faces getting involved on both the defensive line and the secondary. The not so good news: Undercuffler had happy feet a lot. Most of the time there was pressure but a few times it looked like he was just anticipating the pressure before it actually got to him. In my opinion, the offensive line continues to struggle - no holes for Mofor and no time for Undercuffler. I did notice Parris Heath was out of uniform so he’s probably injured, I also don’t see that Kevin Singer played so he might be injured as well - they were both talked about as starters coming into the season. Special Teams struggled again. Two bad field goal attempts - couldn’t tell if the issues were bad snaps or issues with the hold but we’re not good enough to have mistakes like that. We also can’t give up punt returns for touchdowns. Lastly, we have no return threat - our strategy is to just fair catch the ball. The punter, Ralls, struggled in the spring but he’s had a very good first few games - so that’s the one special teams bright spot. So, on to Syracuse.
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