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  1. From FootballScoop Albany (FCS – NY): Fordham (FCS – NY) co-offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach Joe Davis is joining the Albany staff in the same role, sources tell FootballScoop. We understand that Davis had a number of other FCS opportunities as well. Coach Davis previously served as offensive coordinator at Shippensburg (D-II – PA), Wheaton (D-III – IL), North Park (D-III – Chicago, IL), and also helped led Northern Iowa (FCS) to the FCS quarterfinals as offensive coordinator in 2015.
  2. I think it's a good move. Dudzinski was a DC at Maryland and at UMass - I think he lost the job at Maryland when the new coach came in a couple of years ago. Not sure about naming Sanchez an assistant DC - not that it's a bad move, i just wasn't aware that there were many assistant DC's. Maybe they're grooming him...
  3. If Dudzinski is wiling to stay after his son graduates then he would be a great choice. Otherwise, you have to get someone from the outside. I say move Joe Bernard to LB coach (or move people around and he can coach a different position).
  4. I agree about Watson - i think he had an FBS offer that went away at the last minute. Not sure about Klutsey - he's done a good job on Special teams but don't recall him ever playing LB in a game. Also, not sure about Thompson - the only game time he really had last year was when Hatalsky was hurt - that said, he was coming off an ACL and Hatalsky had a great year... I also think Zack Bernard might be in the mix - i believe he played LB in prep school and Coach Gattuso saying he could play several positions. Last thought on Cox leaving - i'm sure it was hard for him to leave. i remember an interview when he said that he didn't have any other offers coming out of HS and how he thanked UA gave him a chance.
  5. Hate to see him leave but I understand. He had that great RS freshman season, struggled as a sophomore, was a key reserve last year and looking at a similar role this year with Mencer and Walker both returning as starters and Metheny looking to get a lot more playing time as a reserve.
  6. Just a guess but some kids are hoping to go to FBS schools so they may be taking a chance on getting an offer before the February siging period. If they don't get an FCS offer, maybe they sign with us or another FCS school
  7. Undercuffler, the next great HOPE! i think Undercuffler plays baseball too so he probably hasn't focused on football in the offseason - i'd guess he has some pretty good upside.
  8. Agreed - I do wonder if he’ll want to be in Albany after his son graduates (I think he’ll be a senior).
  9. Congratulations to Coach Clark. This gives Coach Gattuso a good opportunity to protect his relationships and help the team - make Dudzinski the Defensive Coordinator and slide Coach Bernard into a defensive position coach - maybe give him a special title.
  10. Coach Marr quote from the article: "I think it's couple of years before Fallon will be done,'' he said. My knowledge of turf is limited to when my son was in HS and his school replaced the grass field with turf - that was all done over a summer. Not sure why a turf replacement would take a couple of years.
  11. I posted the message below on the AGS board about their AD. They've been getting into the playoffs for the last 4 or 5 years over teams that have better resumes. It's a total joke. UNH makes 14th straight appearance. Is Marty Scarano the most valuable AD in the FCS? How valuable is it for him to be on the selection committee? Not making a judgement - just an observation.
  12. The St. Joseph's videoboard is the same size as our main videoboard and they have the game video framed by player stats with the score on the bottom.
  13. So over the last few years, they've improved the lighting, sound system, added the video scorers tables and scoreboard. Without making any structural changes, what can they do next?
  14. 1. Additional info on EB not coming back? 2. I remember a quote after the New Hampshire win last year where Coach Gattuso said Brunson didn't have an issue arm strength but that he threw a very catchable ball. When you watch enough games, i'm not sure how anyone can conclude that it's not arm strength - maybe an injury but he clearly has an issue with velocity.
  15. Certainly a disappointing season. Lost a lot of close games and at times, looked really good. Defense played well overall but it's tough to keep it up with such little help from the offense. That said, i don't think we're far off from being a playoff contender. 1. At OL, Desir will be back (hopefully), Verdi and Solt will both be RS freshmen and i'd guess all three will be capable of starting 2.QB has at least two new competitors in Testaverde and incoming freshman Undercuffler. 3. Will be tough for Coach Gattuso to bring in a new coordinator as that would mean losing at least one of his buddies and probably more as a new OC would probably bring in his own staff including a new OL coach. That said, i don't see how he has a choice. Maybe the stupulation is that he keep Sweeney?? 4. I think they were trying to get another year for Diggs - would be great if that worked out. He and McDonald are the best playmakers we've had since i can remember. 5. We lose Hoskins, Hatalsky and Robinson on defense but there will be some very good young players available - Metheny is getting a lot of minutes at LB the last few weeks and has looked good, Isaiah Watson was a top recruit last year will be coming off a redshirt year... 6. Will be interesting to see what happens at RB with Mofor and Hanks - i think Mofor has run well when he's had holes... I also think we have the easiest CAA schedule next year so we have that going for us.
  16. In my opinion, the OC is the only one that needs to go. I think Sweeney can coach the offensive line. I just think this line is really young, inexperienced and a few not living up to whatever expectations they had. Probably need to make some changes there in the offseason if they don't think these kids can improve. In my opinion, the OC is the only one that needs to go. I think Sweeney can coach the offensive line. I just think this line is really young, inexperienced and a few not living up to whatever expectations they had. Probably need to make some changes there in the offseason if they don't think these kids can improve. Just curious - what have you seen to make you think Sweeney is doing a good job coaching the offensive line? I'm not saying that he's not but we've never had a good offensive line in the 4 years that this staff has been here. Even last year when we had all the seniors, they struggled. To clarify - they did open holes for Hanks but they had trouble with pass protection.
  17. As am I... I honestly don't know what else to say. I'd feel better if SOMEONE on this team manned up and said we all collectively apologize to our fans, donors etc. A 1-6 team whipped them like rented mules. Can't wait to hear what gg has to say about it, if he's man enough. I mean the guy is blocking fans/donors on Twitter...Wasnt claiming he was. Just stating who was a finalist. KC Keeeler went to Sam Houston, Ryan McCarthy was a finalist who was assistant head coach at the time. Cant remember who else they interviewed. Hate to say it guys but GG aint leaving unless we all want to buy out his contract. We dont have that kind of money as a school. This isnt florida.Agreed - we don't have the money to do a buyout. I just wonder how long he can remain loyal to his friends / coaches. The offensive line (actually, the entire offense) has struggled since the coaching staff started 4 years ago. There was a road game online a year or two ago (maybe Maine?). Their announcer made a point about the transition from coaching in a non scholarship environment (like Duquesne) to a full scholarship environment. To paraphrase, it becomes more about X's and O's and less about getting a few superstar players. For those that don't remember, Duquesne had Leigh Bodden who went on to play about 10 years in the. NFL, they also had Neil Loebig who was a record setting quarterback. When you have that kind of talent in a non scholarship league, the coordinators and position coaching don't have to be great. I think this applies to us as well as Lance Leipold at Buffalo who came from a division 3 power. I'm still optimistic that we can turn things around next year . Just think coach has to make some tough decisions.
  18. Newspaper articles quoted at least one player who said those deep jump balls were planned. They had no defense for it. I do take issue with UA playing it safe all of a sudden when UR kicked the FG to pull within 7. That was some lousy play calling. Why not take another deep ball shot? I agree with the play calling. I felt like the coaches were calling a good came and then had a relapse. Also, Diggs is a special player. Probably the best playmaker we've had in a long time.
  19. It's a loss but there was a lot more diversity to the offense today - jet sweeps, toss sweeps, two backs in the backfield. Sussman passing, Brunson rolling out... That said, the offensive line is just bad. They were bad last week and bad today. Clancy came in to replace Dudzinski but I'd like to think that next year, we'll see Solt, Verdi and the injured Desir starting. I do think Brunson can do the job at QB - I'd just like to see him have more quick passes and work on eluding the rush. On defense, we gave up too many up big plays. Kareem Brown almost had the interception that turned into a touchdown, Josh Wynn couldn't make the tackle against Lauletta and he scores just before halftime, the third down pass on the game tying drive in the 4th quarter... Anyway, bye week coming up then need to win 5 in a row to make the playoffs.
  20. Solomon Simay played a little last week - he's a freshman. Not sure if that burned his redshirt or if he's allowed to play in one game and keep the redshirt. Don't know much about the Richmond defensive line but I hope our Offensive line plays better than last week. I'm optimistic. Even on the road, this is a winnable game if we avoid giving up the big plays and have some decent QB play.
  21. According to the report, there's a three part test - they just had to meet one of the three 1. Are the levels of partipation proportional to enrollment 2. Can the university show a history of expanding programs for the underrepresented group 3. Can the university show that interests and abilities of the underrepresented group have been met. According to the report, all they had to do to support the third poimt was have surveys to support that interests and abilities were met. Benson said he believes that the interests and abilities were being met but there didn't appear to be any data to support that.
  22. The issue isn't Graham, it's a athletics leadership issue. How do you get to the point where you're off by 97 student athletes? You don't even need a proportional number of student athletes - just had to show that you were meeting the demand. Surely there are national or regional title IX conferences or compliance officer meetings where ideas are discussed. I went through most of the other America East and CAA athletic websites and they all have either rowing, swimming or gymnastics that allow the women a chance for increased athletic participation. Someone in athletics administration must have noticed that. It looks like we have a Senior Women's Administrator, a compliance officer, a deputy athletics director... did none of them go to Mark Benson and say there's an issue?
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