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  1. On 8/1/2021 at 1:11 PM, dslyank said:

    Article about TITLE IX front page of TU today. Interviewed people at St Rose and lcc. Article mostly about covid and financial loses to Athletic departments and especially how that effected woman sports. Interesting comment from lcc:  "At her former school, Siena also said it has no plans to ax teams. Athletic director John D’Argenio said sports help drive enrollment with so many athletes outside of the basketball programs paying at least some of their own way."  Curious lcc currently running an add on TV claiming lcc guarantees all applicants a $57,000 scholarship. Then their athletic director claims most student athletes pay at least some of their way. Don't think that computes; but I never really believe any of the garbage that come out of the school. The article goes on to say how St.Rose and especially lcc & D'Argenio have built up their opportunities for women over the years; but fails to reveal their current TITLE IX statuses??

    But I digress; what is most interesting, UA the largest school in the area is NOT mentioned or interviewed at all. Probably a very good thing UA not interviewed????????????


    Thinking it's a business decision by the Times Union.  UA athletics has been pouring advertising dollars towards the TU over the last few years.  That kind of coverage kills the golden goose.   UAlbany  has many former TU staffers working for them now.  Piss off the school with your coverage, sport reporters won't get access to the locker room or and beat reporters will get less access to on campus people.  That's how the game is played and both sides know it.

  2. On 7/10/2021 at 11:56 AM, dslyank said:

    A fine IMHO is the least of UA's problems. Typically, the men's program will be forced to reduce the # of scholarships they can offer to bring it inline with the women's number of scholies. Could also be a penalty faze where the men may be required to have a LESS scholarship ratio for a period of time This means cutting programs OR playing handicapped with less scholar athletes for men. The alternative is of course adding women's programs; but $,$$$,$$$,$$$ you can guess how likely of that happening. 

    I am sorry to sound like a doom sayer. This is all speculation on my part; but I'm guessing the NCAA was waiting or hoping the courts would bale them out. Now they HAVE to do something?? They cannot simply IGNORE a TTTLE IX violation indefinitely.

    Anyone like to add anything or disagree. PLEASE DO SO! Loved to be wrong about all of this.

    It's interesting that the court made clear that they are NOT saying the University is in compliance with Title IX  (seemingly acknowledging they are not.)  The optics aren't good when trying to recruit.  Female high school athletes think 2x about coming to Albany just making the problem worse.
    I also looked at the reported enrollment numbers. Looks to be nearly 500 more women now than men. It's been a few years but the last time I looked those numbers the school was nearly even and sometimes even had more males enrolled.  That's a big shift in a short period.  
    If enrollment is changing that dramatically, how does the school get into compliance?!! 
    EDIT:  520 more women than men as of June 30, 2020 report.
  3. Reading the article and the trying to get through the ruling.  Basis of the dismissal appears to be because the school has current agreement with the Office of Civil Rights. And court doesn't want to step in while in effect? Am I reading that correctly?

    What happens if school doesn't meet the deadline?

    Note:  Notwithstanding my love for rowing and previous advocacy for the addition of Women's Crew, I recognize that ship sailed (or rowed) long ago. Bummer but reality sets in at some point.

  4. 14 minutes ago, GreatDanes06 said:

    I mean I remember when I worked for the AD for a year as a student facilities person, I remember that thing was seldom used. I knew they had some kid classes there, but most of the time I never saw it being used to a high level.

    I'm definitely older than you!  Probably dating myself to some degree but there used to be a ton of PE classes including swimming classes (I took one. Great 1 credit class.)  There was a swimming (and diving?) team too.  I don't know if there is a local market for pool rentals though. 

  5. 3 hours ago, Clickclack said:

    Like you, I believe the same but realistically we are probably another 3-5 years out which is sad. 


    2 hours ago, B9j2j6s said:

    Based on the size of the PE building reno I would say 3 to 5 years is about right.  We will get there.


    Did I read correctly that they are getting rid of the pool? Or are renovations in the works for it too?

  6. 17 hours ago, DanesRGood said:

    I don't think it was feasible and still don't.  We don't have the money, support from the alumni, support from the university or support from the state to make it work. It's sad really. 

    I agreed insomuch as it only works when it's a budget priority.  It does not appear to be.

  7. On 2/8/2019 at 9:15 AM, dslyank said:

    I just saw on UAlbanysports.com that MJ Engstrom is no longer the Volleyball coach.  Josh Pickard was named head coach 2/5/2019. It was announced 12/20/2018 that MJ would NOT be back (I never saw the posting @ the time). From what I could tell neither posting was in the standard five scrolled listings. It was almost like they were NOT trying to publicize the situation. I saw a small listing in the TU "transaction" section on the scoreboard page this AM; and had to go hunt for the both UA stories.

    I WAS/AM TOTALLY SHOCKED THAT MJ was let go with no explanation and no fanfare. I guess it is consistent with Benson being more secretive than Robert Mueller. Did anyone out there on this blog hear about this or see the UA postings?????  Anyone know what's going on and WHY??????



    Heard recently that MJ had/has some Title IX concerns too (not related directly to tennis or the previous OCR investigation) and they were in writing.  If Benson fired her for speaking out about it things are going to go to hell pretty quickly. Good god, could it get any worse?


  8. 5 hours ago, dslyank said:

    Has UA made any progress at all in leveling the playing field and living up to their voluntary agreement?????? Also, as I recall, the agreement specified 3 years to comply; seems to me 3 years has expired?

    I haven't seen any announcements but maybe someone else has.

  9. 13 minutes ago, Clickclack said:

    Listen, he's gonna either get this fixed or he won't and then he'll probably get fired. Tick tock goes the clock but I wonder how much your push for crew is clouding your vision or ability to be objective on this matter. If I can be so frank...You are referencing matters such as emails and voice recordings that no one has seen or at least isn't publicly available. If it were me I'd be careful but hey...let's see what happens. 

    I thought about that very question. It's part of the reason I stopped advocating for crew outside of it being the only sport that I know of that can hit the numbers needed (I think the current team is solid but that's more being a fan than anything else.) 

    I came to this conclusion by looking at the issue differently. If my daughter was on the club team (she's not in college yet), and she said "Dad, they're offering to make the team varsity ...", I'd advise her against it so long as Benson was at the helm.

    That was a tough pill to swallow given some of my previous posts. But that's where I'm at. 

    Summary: I agree with you almost 100%




  10. 2 hours ago, Clickclack said:

    I understand your outrage but I'd personally pump the breaks. Title IX is not STRICTLY scholarship counts, that's one aspect yes. But it really is a matter of equity of opportunity. In that regard, we don't know what has been agreed to as remediation to correct what was undoubtedly flagged as an unequal treatment of genders. 

    You're right, it is about equity of opportunity.  OCR already decided on this though. School was 97 roster spots short. This past year it was 86 slots short (which is more than last year ).  

    I can't wrap my head around Benson lying though. It was unnecessary.

    Quick note - We do know what was already agreed to.   They agreed to "substantial proportionality" within the agreed upon time frame.  OCR doesn't tell anyone how to get there.  Only that they have to.  

    But the court/jury can order a specific remedy.  And that's what concerns me.  I'm a crew guy and think it's the right fit because of numbers. The club team had good success directly with D1 schools, huge alumni support in terms of $$, and has had a solid coach for years.  But that doesn't mean it's the only solution or even the best solution. That should be for the school to decide.  So if it's taken  out of the Department's hands - that's on Benson and no one else.  

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  11. 15 minutes ago, godanesgo99 said:

    Want to make real change on the title ix or on anything else? Speak with the larger corporate sponsors/partners that support the program. Their pressure would be the fastest way to make change. 

    Want to make a real change? Don't allow anyone to make excuses for violating the law.  

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  12. 8 hours ago, uofalbany said:

    Sounds like a load of $iena.

    I was asked a question. I answered the question. Fortunately, it matters not what you or I or anyone else thinks of the question or answer. However, excrement it is not. Those email(s) exist. Unless you were specifically referring to the audio. In which case, I have already indicated that was not played for me (I assume the person didn't have it on them.)  

    Here's what I'm hoping for - jury trial.  I thought about this long and hard.  My former preference was to have the school fix the problem and make it go away.  It's become more clear that the people involved are the problem and it can only be resolved with a change in leadership (or a come to religion moment).  A jury trial seems to be the only way that ALL of this stuff comes out.  



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  13. 3 hours ago, Dane96 said:

    Do you have proof. If not, I’d suggest not making statements. No saying you are wrong.  Just better have proof. 

    Perfectly reasonable question. I was shown a copy of an email thread that he had with a 3rd party (meaning not me.)  Which was a follow up to an in person meeting(s?) that he had. I'm told there is an audio recording of that meeting though I have NOT listened to it. 

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