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  1. The key to being successful would be a willingness to work with the current team even if it's not affiliated with the University right now. Also, Crew just isn't as costly as people make it out to be. Especially when comparing it to other sports. Let's help to stop furthering this myth! As far as spectating goes - when was the last time you were at the Head of the Charles or the Grand Stands of a big regatta? Huge, huge spectating potential - an entire shoreline. The $$ come in from sponsorships rather than the gates sales of spectators.
  2. I'm normally just an observer but this is a topic I actually know something about. The issue according to the findings it about proportional opportunities. But the languate used in the resolution agreement made it clear that OCR didn't want to see UAlbany eliminating opportunities for men. With that as background, the only way to meaningful resolve this is Crew. There's no other sport that can close that gap. 100+ D1 schools figured this out long ago - if you want anything that resembles "real" D1 football, you had better plan on having Crew. Other background information - I speak to this as a former rower, someone currently coaching the sport, and a former collegiate coach (different college folks.) Dane96 - I understand why you cite those numbers. It's such a common misconception that it's become fact. Seriously, you could fleet out an entire program for those kinds of numbers. It's simple not true that the start up costs for Crew are as big as people let on. And ongoing costs are in line with cross country - you know, those budget killing runners are always sucking up resources. When people cite cost as a barrier, they're inflating the prices because they are trying to kill the idea or otherwise don't find it appealing. When someone thinks it's a good idea, they talk about creative ways to bring that idea to fruition. Both have to address the financial piece but arrive at different outcomes because of different starting points. Dane96 - The only programs that I know that have EVER spent that kind of $$$ for a start up program were in the Big 12 and had to have immediate offsets due to football. But even they weren't spending $50k+ on a boat. If the school wanted Crew they could start it for well under under $20k. Every D1 program in our region (D2 and D3 for that matter) spread start up capital expenses over multiple years and then made incremental improvements (e.g. Buy or rent relatively inexpensive, used pieces of equipment; build roster numbers; sell said equipment and roll $$ into an upgrade; repeat as needed and add donor $$$ as desired.) Want to make sure it's a success and lower the costs even further? Work with the students and the club where those students currently row (not affiliated with university.) It's a small community so I just took the liberty of reaching out to get info from the coach that runs the program (I didn't mention this post but probably should have in retrospect.) They had more than 100+ women interested this season but had to limit it to 40 students because of staff size. And that's with ZERO off-campus recruiting. I have to image that members of the Athletic Department read this stuff. So let me conclude by saying: UAlbany Athletic Department - You truly have a plug and play solution that would quickly solve the current Title IX issue. If you are willing to make it work that is. I'd even be willing to facilitate making the connection although I'm sure you can figure out how to get in contact with the right people. Private message me if that's an option.
  3. Article from the Utica OD about Colgate and their Back. My link
  4. Yes, the game should be free on the AE website.
  5. Awesome job, congraulations. Good luck this weekend.
  6. Kim, Melia and Felicia congrats on winning your last home game. A great game by Kim to help us beat Maine and I believe Julie set the single season rebound mark in the win. Good luck in the tournament.
  7. According to the America East website it looks like the women play Hartford as the last game on friday at roughly 8:15pm. A good chance for anyone arriving the night before the mens game, to see a much improved Womens Squad.
  8. I believe the game was on TW, usually it gets replayed for folks who may have missed the dunk, tho I know Dane Pound was there.
  9. Lost to BIng by 1 at home with a 1pt lead with one minute to go. A tough shooting night all around. Road game at UMBC and then home against Maine to close out the regular season. Good Luck.
  10. Women win today to set a program mark for wins in DI. Keep up the good work.
  11. Albany recruit Sarah Royals is shown on Yahoo.com making a long three and then a foul shot with no time on the clock to win the game. No mention of Albany in the article that I saw. http://rivals.yahoo.com/highschool/blog/prep_rally/post/A-game-winning-4-point-play-complete-with-midco?urn=highschool-321366
  12. I think the cheerleaders need to figure something different out for before the game. They seem to be consistently in the way of the visiting team warming up while they wait for our team to come out. Its great that they are there but I would prefer that they don't get in the way of people warming up. I also thought the Hartford Cheerleaders did a great job in a hostile envoronment. They event stood and cheered (if making noises with your pom poms counts) a little as our players were introduced.
  13. Craig was indeed at the womens game this afternoon against UMBC. It was nice to see her interacting with the team and being on campus. It makes sense to enroll as I believe it is the summer currently in NZ, this should allow her to get time in the weight room and hopefully start next year off strong.
  14. Women beat Maine today to go to 3-0 and face 3-0 Boston University Saturday.
  15. Roads wet, traffic moving at 50-60 mph in southern Saratoga and Albany counties Traffic cams Thank you for the replies, unfortunately the boss found out the game was on TV and benched me.
  16. Can anyone in Albany tell me how the snow/roads are? I have to drive down from Lake George and the wife is acting like a head coach and trying to change my plans. Thank You
  17. Good win that was a nailbiter to listen to down the stretch.
  18. Women were beat up by Hofstra tonight, here is to hoping they rebound with a good game later this week.
  19. Monday game against Hofstra looks to be a good one with Hofstra at #25 in the Mid Major poll. Here is hoping for a decent crowd.
  20. Looking at this the other day I was thinking that he would probably finish 5th. Not bad considering how folks sometimes felt about him. Turnovers or not the man scores the basketball. This year he hasnt turned the ball over much at all.
  21. Syracuse takes over in the second half 69-38 Final.
  22. At the Half Syracuse 23 Albany 17. Syr with 2 foul shots with 1 second on the clock to increase the lead to 6.
  23. Poor shooting from two of Albanys main scorers was tough to overcome but it was a close game until the final seconds.
  24. Odds are they will get thumped by both SU and Duke but it may also still improve our RPI. It is possible that after the Duke game Albany is 7-2, yes against an easier schedule but 7 wins is 7 wins if we have them. I am willing to bet that against the same teams in past seasons our record would have been worse.
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