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  1. Mike Black may well prove to be the team MVP, but in my mind Tim Ambrose may be the most important player we have. So far he is leading the team in FG% and I believe ASS/TO ratio both with pretty solid numbers. If you would have told me that before the season started... If Tim plays the way he has been Albany will stay competitive, if he starts throwing up shots and turning the ball over life gets tougher. Good Tim is Good.
  2. My bet is that somehow the Times Union will cover the after game antics. If in any way it can put Albany in a negative light on a otherwise positive weekend, that is the part the Times Union will grab and harp on.
  3. I noticed that too. I am sure they were discussing how to defend against the 3. They could have had that conversation in silence for all the good it did them.
  4. I wouldn't say excited rather I'm optimistic.
  5. Ladies go to 3-0 on season beating Manhattan by one at Manhattan. Manhattan Falls to 1-2.
  6. Congratulations to Coach Abe on her first win at Albany.
  7. Is it just me or did Volleyball have two setters get hurt this season? I recall someone other than Abby being the setter for a while after Brook was hurt.
  8. Thats ok its also safe to expect almost nothing out of our seniors based on tis year.
  9. Anyone know how to get your hands on the lower level tickets they allocate for UA? Maybe you could use a sign requesting the tickets in one hand and a sign requesting Coach Brown gets fired in the other?
  10. Is it just me or are a few players that finished the season with eligibility left not listed on the roster? I am thinking of McGee and Aiken. I hadnt heard of either leaving and was fairly certain both had eligibility.
  11. The weight room looks great. Does anyone have a picture they can post of what it looked like before as a frame of reference?
  12. Are any of those athletes currently injured? Schoen I think has been of for several weeks if I recall correctly.
  13. I am not at all implying that a coaching change isnt needed. I do feel it is, however I believe that she will be allowed to finish out her contract. I for one prefer to talk of these things out of season. Wether the reults are what we would like or not I am sure that all folks associated with the team are more disapointed with the outcomes than we are.
  14. Talk of a new Coach is in my opinion premature. With that said I can not see Danielle as the replacement when and if a coaching change is made. Maybe in the future but certainly not anytime soon.
  15. If you look at Coach Brunellis roster it seems Kirstin Peterson is playing for him this year.
  16. Albany goalkeeper is ranked on espn.coms list of senior goalies for the MLS draft. http://soccernet.espn.go.com/columns/story...mls&cc=5901
  17. I was recruited to UB for another sport...and I watched the Collegiate Club Championships for Volleyball the year they hosted (1991). Alumni Hall is not much nicer than the RACC. The lockerooms are meh...and the only difference is the sheer dungeon feel to it. It is a bigger version of "THE BOB". I do like the indoor track in Alumni Arena that is on the second (I think) level. Kinda different, I suppose. I remember taking a 1 credit running class while in school at Buffalo and having to wake up early in the morning after long nights out at PJ Bottoms and/or Third Base and trot around that track in Alumni Arena -- rough!! If only we could have gotten funded like Buffalo gets funded...in retrospect I should have gone there since Buffalo at least has proactive politicians and the Bulls at least beat their MAAC rivals on the hardwood and don't fold to them. I wish I could swap my UA degree for a UB degree...now there's a real school rather than a school who is hated by politicians... One day top two contenders for stupid post of the year. Actually Scrabble we wish you could trade you degree as well.
  18. Coach Brown and U albany as well as coach Mac and Siena were all mentioned briefly on ESPN radio today as one of the ESPN personalities is MC for the event. Always nice to get a national mention for anything positive.
  19. According to the America East prospectus both coach Johnson and coach M. Patterson have left as well. It shows Danielle Hutcheson as an assistant, Does anyone know if this info is indeed correct?
  20. Will any else be attending all or part of the tournament? My wife and I took our vacation around it and will be there Friday and Saturday, possibly Sunday.
  21. Im going to make the Hartford game for sure and currently plan on driving to Bing from albany.
  22. Dear Sir, You chose to act like a fool in the closing moments of a hard fought loss. Yelling that you were going to kill the ref and break his f'ing legs is not acceptable. Cursing and screaming with young children very near to you also is unacceptable. I was seven rows in front of you and could hear you clear as day. Please refrain from such behavior in the future. You are a lucky that our fine AD did not have you removed from the game. On several occasions I looked over and saw him looking at you and shaking his head. Kicking the stairs on your way out also was a bad move. Again you got the head shake. In fact Dr. M stood up shook his head after looking at you and decided to sit back down. Regards, Section 650
  23. BTW pretty sure my wife is letting me take the road trip to watch the women in BING in a few weeks, assuming the wweather is good. Id be happy to drive anyone who wanted to attend.
  24. Brians reverse dunk from the Vermont game was play of the day #6 on Sportscenter tonight. On a side note USA Today had a article on Dagastino from St. rose today. Good media coverage for the area.
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