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  1. Made it to Binghamton for the tournament - some thoughts:


    1. What was up with Jamar's sneakers?  Looked like suede converse with a silver patch.

    2. I thought Brown did a very good job managing the rotation.  Iati made a couple of quick 3's vs. UNH, Siggers made some shots, I also think Connelly is going to be a pretty good player.

    3. When the game vs. UMBC was almost over, a handful of UA fans walked around the arena and started saying nasty things and giving the finger to some UMBC fans.  Not sure if any of these UA fans are posters, but the behavior was not appropriate.

    4. I'm glad the season is ending - I'm running out of frequent flier miles.  Would be great if they get a tournament game in the Southeast.

    5. The Binghamton fans were ridiculous (IMO) in the game vs. UVM.  There were some bad calls, but they began to expect everything to be a foul.  Three kids in the student section were escorted out of the building.

    6. I am increasingly impressed by Lillis' game - he has learned to go to the basket pretty hard and either convert or get fouled.


    Looking forward to watching the game on ESPN2.



    1) I think they are Jordans

    2) Siggers had a great game.. some key shots!

    3) Those guys did many things that were inappropriate! "RAPIST" blackboard comment, among other things I would like to forget. I was ashamed they were associated with the Danes!

    4) I am spoiled.. I can drive a few hours.

    5) NO JOKE! There was a guy behind me yelling at every call! then after the loss the place emptied like someone yelled fire!

    6) Lillis is Goooooooooood!

  2. Of course prefer a 15, but more importantly I hope it stays on the Eastern seaboard (or maybe Dallas - AA frequent flyer miles).


    Need the win first.



    Exactly my thoughts.



    Anyone know where we can read about the game tomorrow.. predictions/matchups etc.... All I can find is really on this board.


    GO DANES! Someone said they felt like a kid the night before Christmas... I HEAR THAT! Hope ZOE hits those gimmie's tomorrow.. he missed a few in the UNH game that made me a nervous!!! Strong bench is a must tomorrow.. and I hope they learned form Bing's mistake... Vermont will not just quit after they are down....Play hard till the end Danes!!!

  3. I just hope they get the job done on Saturday...anyone know if the game will be on ESPN 2 HD because...







    Have a



    I already have the sign made, assuming I can secure tickets for the game I will see you all on Saturday!!!


    I don't think there IS an ESPN2HD.


    espn.com lists us just on ESPN2.






    2 dance



    thats sick!!! i was trying to think of one all day, but couldn't. great thinking. i need one now.



    Anyone here that Albany might be in the Play in game even if we win the Conf? Rumor to be in the daily news, although I can not find anything about that.

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