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  1. I like your theory UA1882 ... not unreasonable ... but, not surprisingly, remains all about our athletic budget (state $, fundraising + faculty/administration support) ... we can all keep looking for credible news + leaks
  2. Thank You! - to all who have provided info/facts/details/commentary ... so, very excited to see ... next step forward / making strides ... I'll sleep well tonight ... Go Danes!
  3. keep doing what you are doing ... was speaking of UA institutionally (SUNY, UA) ... plus, alumni/donors/season ticket holders/students/fans ... you're checking all the boxes ... "what VT does, VT does" ... hopefully, the current staff can ramp up to the pace they have been setting in recent seasons
  4. I hope that UVM, as mentioned above, gets a 13 or 12 seed ... great for the America East ... "a rising tide lifts all (conference) boats" ... will make the chase next year and beyond even more fun
  5. "Getting back to UAlbany and the AE MBB ....no matter how how many positive occurrences of important and interesting events for UAlbany MBB, unless there is dramatic shift or negative event at UVM ....like Coach John Becker leaving .... UVM will be a force to deal with... yes, there are only seven players returning however UVM is very good at recruitment". - cwdickens to steal the line and to pay a compliment - "they (VT) don't rebuild, they reload" ... tip of the cap ... the bar is high for Coach Killings, his staff, and our athletic dept. ... let's do our part ... it should be fun going forward
  6. Congratulations to the UA women ... on the road / hostile environment ... played their best at the right time of year / got it done ... looking forward to the selection show
  7. McFan ... all is well here (as good as life can be with the pandemic) ... I will sleep well, thanks to that 'w' ... expect to see you in SEFCU at some point in the near future - stop by / get my attention ... springboard win tonight
  8. McFan ... you know, sometimes it is "quality not quantity" ... a.ok with me ... hope you're well
  9. congratulations to the players and coaching staff ... nice win - on the road vs. ACC ... fun to watch from my couch ... couldn't make it to eastern Massachusetts tonight ... onward and upward ... Go Danes !!!!
  10. Congratulations to Coach Killings +assistants / staff + players on their first win of the season ... keep it rolling
  11. "8 new faces" ... looks as though our athleticism has improved significantly ... nice to see
  12. I heard that the special blue ribbon committee that was convened to make the jersey selection was made up of John D'Argenio (lcc Director of Athletics), the mother.in.law of an unnamed assistant coach, and Mike Trimboli ... seriously, I'm not much into fashion, but who made this call???? ... state university/bureaucratic decision making at its best... guessing that the supplier had an overstock of this product from a few years back sitting on a warehouse shelf ... 75% off ... "Come on man!"
  13. https://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/UAlbany-benches-athletic-related-activities-over-15526096.php?utm_campaign=socialflow&cmpid=fbsocialflow&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=facebook.com#photo-15648772
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