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  1. Tickets don't seem to be available yet. Is anyone considering/planning on making the trip to Belfast for these games? Direct flight between Newburgh, NY (SWF) to Dublin (DUB) for ~$300 round trip. Train from Dublin to Belfast for ~$65 round trip. Lots of options on where to stay (hotel, hostel, airbnb) at a range of prices.
  2. "The process took about a week Abrahamson-Henderson said. Assistant coach Tahnee Balerio will make the move with Coach Abe to Central Florida." http://www.troyrecord.com/sports/20160401/abrahamson-henderson-leaving-ualbany-for-ucf http://www.saratogian.com/sports/20160401/abrahamson-henderson-leaving-ualbany-for-ucf David Johnson - the author of that - seems to be the only one reporting it, so maybe it isn't really a done deal yet? I agree with sarge on this one - make the offer and make it fast. It's tougher for Tahnee to go and then get pulled back than it is to just keep her
  3. More of a comment to the differences in weather, but still an upgrade either way. Larger market, will be going up against UCONN every year. It's an easy decision. Orlando as a city isn't any upgrade; quite the opposite. Job-wise though, I can understand the desire to make the leap and wish her the best of luck.
  4. A bit dated now (from yesterday) but I haven't seen it posted before. Some love from the bleacherreport. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2397856-ncaa-tournament-bracket-2015-predictions-odds-printable-bracket-and-more Albany, Cinderella Skip Peterson/Associated Press Look out for the Albany Great Danes. Sam Rowley (14.0 points, 7.7 rebounds per game) and Peter Hooley(13.7 points) lead the way for an explosive team out of the American East conference hot on a six-game tear. The Great Danes are no fluke, either, clutching a 3-4 mark against theRPI Top 150 with a narrow 6
  5. $359 to Columbus if you are wiling to bus/drive to Newark first.
  6. Interesting. Not sure I knew that Richard Peters was originally an OU commit (see thread). They haven't forgotten, as it has already been brought up.
  7. OU forum Albany threads A look at Albany's Schedule/Results Selection Show Thread
  8. I was fortunate to catch the women's first two games of the AE Tourney (one in person, one streamed at ATSP), and they've been playing exceptionally well, especially on defense. Hartford will be a tougher matchup because they might at least handle the press a bit better, but if we are willing and able to take and make the mid-range open jump shot, I still really like our chances. For many of us, the Hartford win was a blessing, because we get to host the championship instead of going to Maine. I'm taking a half day and getting on a bus from NYC to get me there for the game, and I reall
  9. There is no reason or need for us to be looking at the TU center as a venue for any home games right now. At 5,000 or 8,000 or 11,000 people it still isn't a good venue for a basketball game. Maybe if it was actually sold out and rocking it might get a good atmosphere, but I honestly doubt it even then. Can and should there be improvements or expansions eyed long term for SEFCU? Absolutely. But focus on that and turning it into a real home court advantage and atmosphere before you start thinking about the crap basketball venue that is the TU center.
  10. After not getting tickets the right way for the Siena game, I'd like to do better for Yale. So can anyone provide info (a link?) on how to buy tickets for Saturday - other than via Yale? Thanks!
  11. From a money perspective, I want to see real numbers - both at the Knick and SEFCU - but I don't think those of us outside of UAlbany/Siena Athletic Departments will ever see those. That said, I'm pretty confident it is far more involved than people think. Playing games off campus is - by its very nature - more involved and will almost always involve more parties getting a piece of the overall pie. Playing at SEFCU would have fewer, but don't assume that the Athletic Department just gets to pocket everything there also - somehow I doubt Sodexo's contract is especially favorable to the dep
  12. "Albany Law School’s board of trustees will decide next month whether to move forward with a proposal to affiliate with the University at Albany. The Nov. 21 vote..." Given this, I was a bit curious to see the makeup of the Board of Trustees that will be voting. In particular, I was interested to see whether any members had ties to both UAlbany and Albany Law School (and so - at least potentially - might have louder voices with respect to the proposals and/or might be "champions" seeking to approve or defeat the proposal depending on what they think is best). The bios linked from Alba
  13. An interesting article on the final step - the 2004 name change - in the Michigan State University affiliation (identified as the model in the article from The National Law Journal above). From http://msutoday.msu.edu/news/2004/msu-law-school-name-change-reflects-integration-and-collaboration/. Published: April 16, 2004 MSU LAW SCHOOL NAME CHANGE REFLECTS INTEGRATION AND COLLABORATION Contact: Janet Harvey-Clark, College of Law, (517) 432-6959; or Russ White, University Relations, (517) 432-0923, whiterus@msu.edu 4/16/2004 EAST LANSING, Mich. – The law school at Michigan State Uni
  14. Albany Law School Announces Realignment of Institutional Leadership Albany Law School today announced that President Penelope (Penny) Andrews intends to step down at the conclusion of the 2014-15 academic year. Until that time, she will oversee an ambitious agenda of strategic initiatives that will help to position the school for the future. The Board of Trustees has appointed Professor Alicia Ouellette, previously Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Intellectual Life, to serve as Acting Dean. She will have responsibility for daily administration of the school, including implementa
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