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  1. this team is a thug team and that is their game! look at who they are recruiting as their prize for next year. Tiki Mayben....enough said. They only care about W's and not the quality or character in the program.
  2. agreed but our "O" needs to figure it out consistently. Jamar's is going to come off the bench with 4 minutes left in games!
  3. no...not happy at all. I hope for his family's christmas he leaves it at work! I would be upset too with a loss like Saturday's. I am sure the Danes will figure it out as the season moves forward. p.s. Ambrose? PLAY him more!!!
  4. going back to Duke fans.... after Lillis had airball of first shot...everytime he touched the ball you heard AIRBALL. after a foul by Albany player the pointing and the YOU..YOU..YOU chant....OMG! when on the side inbounds the pointing 6-12 inches from them..... I guess I was being a sore loser but I wanted to reach through the TV and give it back to the fans. It also appeared a lot of students were not there due to break and exams as I saw alot of 40+ duke crazies in student section. I guess they all were crossing off going to Duke game of their life lists. Nothing worse than a middle age man balding painting his face wearing a duke jersey. And yes I am in my 30's but don't think I would ever paint my face.....that is for the kids. I will be upset about the Loss I guess till Saturday and move on. thank you for sharing your duke experiences!
  5. I was glad to watch the game last night on DVR and fast forward through all the Duke fan crowd shots...... I thought the team played well at times but the turnovers were ridiculous. I can understand some as many have said it is Duke but at times we looked like CYO telegraphing our passes and not moving to the ball. Maybe it was athleticism or shell shock at times but still it hurt to keep seeing perimeter passes jumped for fast break layups. On another note I can't wait to here from the Albany fans who made the trip to the game. I am glad I was not there as the Duke fans are the MOST obnoxious fans I have seen. I have a new #1 hated team in college basketball and will be pulling for Pitt to smack them around. Duke is weak inside and sooner or later those 3's won't come as easy leading to a 3rd round exit from the NCAA's. A tough perimeter defense will shut them down in my opinion. The bright spots for the game are Connelly are Ambrose. Ambrose looks like the next Jamar for the Danes and dare I say be better. He belongs in the GAME!!!! Nice job staff getting him to UALBANY and I can't wait to be dancing in March again as we will continue to get better!
  6. Wyalnd with Brown is every Monday....maybe 10:30 but time may vary
  7. McElroy seems to be very Dolanesque when it comes to the Women's Program. If it isn't working.....Well....you know...... It hurts and pains my eyes to read they lost again and to a winless team!! I have faith in McElroy doing what is right for the current team and the future team. I wish them all well but a change is needed if this does not improve.
  8. Unfortunately (I dont think anyone here WANTS someone to be fired), her record, recruiting, etc. will cause UA to cut ties with her at the end of the year. Fact is, as much as some want to defend her, SHE WON WITH MARI's TEAM. Her recruits have been serviceable, but not of the quality to win basketball games at a level where the team can contend for an AE Title. We have a solid all-around women's athletic program, however the marquis sport at most school--basketball-- has not produced for the Danes. Mari's team? that is not saying much considering she is coaching high school in the Burgh and not very successfull there either!
  9. --> QUOTE(Zalman B @ Dec 6 2007, 09:26 PM) 28899[/snapback] A tough road loss at Delaware makes us an "underdog" in a 4th game - 41% at UNH. New Projections (Albany) 18-10, 12-4 in conference. Other updates UMBC lost to Wichita St. on the road on 12/4, 77-68. Old Projection - 22-7, 13-3 New Projection - 21-8, 12-4 UNH, no games played since 12/4, but a change. Old Projection - 17-11, 10-6 New Projection - 18-10, 11-5 BU defeated Harvard at home on 12/4, 79-72. Old Projection - 9-19, 7-9 New Projection - 11-17, 9-7 Hartford, no games played since 12/4, no change. Projection - 14-7, 8-8 Maine, no games played since 12/4, no change. Projection - 13-16, 7-9 Vermont, no games played since 12/4, no change. Projection - 10-18, 6-10 Stony Brook fell to Lehigh on the road on 12/5, 76-61. Old Projection - 9-19, 5-11 New Projection - 7-21, 4-12 Binghamton lost to Colgate at home on 12/5, 73-55. Old Projection - 6-22, 4-12 New Projection - 5-23, 3-13 The battle between Binghamton and Stony Brook on 1/15 is still the only game where Bingo is favored, and following the loss of both Stony Brook and Bingo, Bingo's chance of winning has gone up to 57%. Don't we have to play the games to see who wins? should I book my ticket to march madness as we breeze by UMBC? I like the Bulls....like the term 3 peat !
  10. If this was the men's team we would be screaming from the rooftops of the towers we need to replace the coach. I am sure the AD will look at the coaching, recruiting, players academics, and competitiveness of the team. I will continue to pull for the Lady Danes! I hope the next game I see for them is a Victory!
  11. freshman at the point? Makes me nervous but I guess I would rather him get the seasoning now and get ready for another title run come tourney time!
  12. Yes, I went to the game as well. They got down early from some lights out shooting from UB. They battled back and never gave up. I like the personality and hard work ethic of the team. Is UB always that good of a shooting team as it seems we were giving them the open looks early and often in the game. that being said I hope the staff and teams continue to improve. It is a shame on the turnout for the game with attendance. It would be nice if the school and boosters could help promote the women's team more. As a father of a son and daughter who both play hoops the inequity is EVIDENT! As far as the men's game....the charity stripe was crazy !!!! did our team get lazy on defense? way too many fouls!
  13. 11,390 of which will containg 6000 insane U Albany fans and 5390 Siena fans of which half will be asleep by halftime.
  14. Why ? because a threepeat is coming in 2007-08! thats why! did anyone notice Coach went 3rd person in the early part of the interview..... uh oh
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