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  1. Got two tickets - finally! Only got them at 11:30, which was my first chance i could. Still some available....Section 250, row W.....but in the arena!!
  2. AWESOME win! Have they announced when tickets will be available yet?
  3. AWESOME crowd today....nice preview for the tournament, hopefully.
  4. Wow, just wow. Tim Ambrose - ONE point in 29 minutes. Will Harris - THREE Points in 16 minutes. Way to show some heart.
  5. And you know these idiot announcers think every night, "I can be the next Sportscenter anchor"
  6. Im watching the game from www.atdhe.com for free. I like listening to the announcers who dont turn their microphones off when the game is in commercial. Funny stuff.
  7. Am i the only one that laughed everytime he was announced as "Emanuel Mayben"??? I mean, come on....no more Tiki?? I actually felt badly for him--he had as many points in front of the home crowd as he has eyebrows (1).
  8. Ok- who brought the sign saying "Broome county jail-suny binghamton annex"? Classic.
  9. I was thinking the same thing, regarding the cold. Might be the first time I pony up the 5 bucks and park near the RACC, although i might just jog from the Dutch lot (where I park) to the door.
  10. Wow---lots of VT fans on the AE board calling out the refs..... Gotta love it.
  11. Haha--- Id just like some new paint in the place to spruce it up a bit. Those scoreboards cost as much as the RACC did when it was built.
  12. I bet those are the same clowns Ive had the misfortune of sitting near a few times. Last year, they were calling him "Big Bird" all game, not to mention some other unsavory words. I said what i needed to, and moved to another section. Idiots.
  13. You can try there, also try www.myp2p.eu It is a great resource for streaming games and such. Ive been able to find a good deal more on there than on channelsurfing.net.
  14. SIX points from the starters tonight so far? I know hes happy with the depth, but this is unreal. Seems like tryouts are still going on.
  15. I get the feeling Will has NO idea what he has as far as talent or a good feel for lineup. In, out, in, out...
  16. Wow...nice shot at Binghamton and Stony Brook. How much better would it have been if he just came out and said what he and everyone else have been thinking... "Maybe if that thug coach didnt recruit players with such questionable behavior, none of this would be happening..."
  17. And in a related story, Binghamton coach Kevin Broadus pulled up in his Chrysler 300, stepped out in his purple oversized suit, and with Lil Wayne blasting from the stereo, said "Hell no".
  18. Wow...i know this point is a bit belabored, but unreal... EIGHT straight Iorizzo posts without an Albany post? So I suppose there's NO news?? Meanwhile, Iorizzo has posted articles about recruiting, tickets, etc. Nothing??
  19. They couldn't find a spot for Steve Albany?? I mean, come on...the guy got a D-I basketball shot for having the same last name as the school...but no job?
  20. Theres tons of upgrades they could do that wouldnt cost a ton of money. 1. Some paint...we have bright colors...use them! WAY too much gray around. 2. Get some new pictures on the walkways....all those old black and whits shots are nice, but with the improvements the last few years, there should be more pictures of guys like Jamar, Brent, Levi, Luscious, etc. I think the old pictures are nice, but seeing some random player with 30 people in the crowd is less than inspiring. 3. Concessions are a joke. There needs to be more than the one stand, and with better food (although something about those chicken sandwiches are addictive...) 4. A little off topic, but they need to be careful with the halftime/timeout entertainment. Theres a fine line between "cute, fun and family-friendly" and "small-town, high-school-ish". Im glad they dont do the game where they toss the paper towels into a laundry basket tied to someone's back.
  21. You know what's funny (not ha-ha funny, but coincidental funny) is that I was thinking to myself that I hope Al was hitting the weights a bit this summer. I was liking his progression the end of last year...thought he could have been a beast.
  22. Oh Im sure I am reading too much into it...thats just the way I am.... :-) However, that combined with his comments last week about our "America East rival" showing up at Martin Brothers AAU games.... Cut me some slack. Im jonesing for some Albany news....cant wait for the season. Plus, a little controversy is always fun...
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