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  1. So what's the over-under on a timeframe for this board having the same basic thread but replacing the words "Will Brown" with "Scott Marr"?
  2. Bonaventure is an absolute hole. He would be a fool to take that job. If you think you can successfully recruit city kids to come to school an hour's drive on a two-lane highway from the nearest airport, best of luck to you. The only thing that Bona has going for it is that the league has traditionally been decent, although that's debatable the past couple of years as they had down years.
  3. I know it's been talked about before, but not for a while ... but I found this tidbit online and wanted to see what you thought about it? "Word seeping out of the America East Conference is that Quinnipiac could be a league member as soon as 2008-09, either as the league's 10th member or as a replacement for a school on the way out." Not sure who would be leaving necessarily, but QU has definitely upgraded their facilities with their new basketball/hockey arena.
  4. The plan was to have the current football field location become a "center" of campus where it would be flattened to one level (instead of the bowl it is now), where students could play frisbee, cook out, etc. A prime time tailgating area. ;-) Also, with the football field going into the RACC parking lot, you can then connect that to the RACC, and have some offices where the current RACC parking lot doors are now. This would allow for expansion of office and locker room facilities into that space, right next to the stadium. The stadium will also be the jewel of that part of campu
  5. NICE photo caption Head Football Coach Bob Ford speaks to the press as members of the SUNYA football team walk on to the practice field Thursday. (Skip Dickstein / Times Union)
  6. Have been away for a while, out of the country but watching from afar. Funny stuff. Honestly, if he doesn't get released and must sit out a year and pay his own way ... I would not be surprised to see him jam it up Siena's ass and transfer to UAlbany. The in-state tuition is affordable, he already lives in the Albany area so he wouldn't have to move and incur too much cost. He could just go about his business taking classes, jamming the ball in intramurals, getting into open runs around the city, biding his time.
  7. I believe you can't lock the kid in for life ... he would just have to sit for two years instead of one if you don't give him the release. I could be wrong. Trust me, Duquesne is not a "higher level" than Siena, though. The competition they play probably is, in some respects (their league), but he'd be walking into a great black hole in Pittsburgh. They'd be tied with St. Bonaventure if and when the A-10 school presidents got some balls and voted 2-4 teams out of that over-sized, bloated league.
  8. First I'll say that 96's post was well-written and well-thought out. However, then I'll come right back and say I'm sorry, but you're a "homer" and I disagree with you. You're an older male who loves UAlbany. All of those things (older, male, UAlbany grad) cloud your judgment here. You're talking about 17- and 18-year-old girls here. Girls, women, whatever you want to call them. In some cases, they really are 'girls' and not women. If you think back to some of the impressionable freshmen that you probably encountered during freshman year, you'll know why any type of these "
  9. Gered Burns makes the eight-man final, therefore an All-American. Different from our I-AA football All-Americans, as well as Blair Buchanan and in lacrosse ... those are all voter-based All-American teams. In track, it's all purely results-based. Also, this makes him (I believe) the first to ever compete for a national championship tomorrow. PS - yes I still read the board from time to time, and no, I don't post any more because I'm way out of touch (usually out of touch with the entire internet for long stretches).
  10. He was offered the director of basketball operations job - which is the non-coaching, non-traveling position. He chose UAlbany to be the top assistant and be able to recruit and travel.
  11. If you root for Siena, you are actually doing any supposedly rivalry a disservice. Do Duke fans root for the Tar Heels? No, they do not. Do Xavier fans root for Cincinnati? Only if the competition is racking up DUI's by a coaching staff ... I think you get my drift. That is like saying you can root for the Mets and the Yankees ... they're not in the same league, but you can't do that. It's just not right. If you root for Siena, you're making UAlbany look soft and basically admitting that Siena has been the big dog in town for X number of years. Whether true or not, the attitud
  12. Well although I'm sure you'd like to prove it on the court, Kansas is better at 15-14 than UAlbany is at 28-4. It's their big wins. It's all about who you play. The America East it too weak to draw two teams, that's the bottom line. Kelly would have to play all top 25 schools and have success, then combine that with a good league record to earn an at-large berth. Kansas is ranked 51st overall in the fake RPI, which attempts to mirror the real RPI but isn't exact. The Jayhawks had 8 "top" wins over Alabama (39), Michigan State (69), Temple (74), Texas A&M (49), Baylor (105)
  13. There is no chance for an at-large bid if you are not a top 25 team or receiving votes in volleyball. I would put the chances at 1%. Entire conferences out west make it, meaning that only one has the auto and the rest are all at-large.
  14. I'm not sure how you can discount the fact that the players were not recruited by her, especially when combined with the fact she hasn't recruited players near that level in the time since. You can say 'ok Mari recruited them but Trina made them good', and that carries some weight. But then if Trina is such a good X's and O's coach and can turn all this talent around, why haven't the current recruits (under her watch) turned it around and become the types of players that Mari's crew became? I feel like she inherited a team with much more talent and potential than Will inherited, but
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