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  1. So what's the over-under on a timeframe for this board having the same basic thread but replacing the words "Will Brown" with "Scott Marr"?
  2. Bonaventure is an absolute hole. He would be a fool to take that job. If you think you can successfully recruit city kids to come to school an hour's drive on a two-lane highway from the nearest airport, best of luck to you. The only thing that Bona has going for it is that the league has traditionally been decent, although that's debatable the past couple of years as they had down years.
  3. I know it's been talked about before, but not for a while ... but I found this tidbit online and wanted to see what you thought about it? "Word seeping out of the America East Conference is that Quinnipiac could be a league member as soon as 2008-09, either as the league's 10th member or as a replacement for a school on the way out." Not sure who would be leaving necessarily, but QU has definitely upgraded their facilities with their new basketball/hockey arena.
  4. The plan was to have the current football field location become a "center" of campus where it would be flattened to one level (instead of the bowl it is now), where students could play frisbee, cook out, etc. A prime time tailgating area. ;-) Also, with the football field going into the RACC parking lot, you can then connect that to the RACC, and have some offices where the current RACC parking lot doors are now. This would allow for expansion of office and locker room facilities into that space, right next to the stadium. The stadium will also be the jewel of that part of campu
  5. The problem with a lot of the bigger schools is that you have multiple fan boards for different teams. I know a few ACC schools have a rivals board, maybe another private board and sometimes a third board as well.
  6. Cha-ching. I think that was the sound of about $1 million for UVM (and the sound of more money per America East school, if I'm not mistaken).
  7. I am guessing that pool man is ... Rick Neuheisel. Welcome to the board!
  8. If that becomes a trend, then you can assume it will eventually be factored in at the beginning of each fiscal year and affect budget sizes. The article said they missed undergraduate enrollment by only 75, times the athletic fee ($153), that is $11,475. But then they said they missed on graduate students and continuing ed, so if you split those 575 down the middle that is 288 x 9-11 credits (grad/part-time) ($114.75) plus 287 x 6-8 credit ($76.50), which comes out to another $33,048 + $21,955 ... ... All told, you're looking at a shortfall of $66,478.50 for just athletics if this
  9. Better hope he doesn't draw him in the tournament ... better to keep that stuff private and work through the league, IMO. Let Vitale and Co. do your dirty work for you on-air.
  10. Second year in a row they draw a tough opponent. Last year, UConn gave them fits because they tried to draw Okafor out away from the hoop with Coppenrath playing on the outside, and they ended up having no interior defense and giving the Huskies uncontested layups. Barea should have been ejected. And then, its my understanding, the refs reviewed the play on monitors and still allowed play to continue. Awful.
  11. Fine. But flip this around on yourself - what if he didn't? What is McElroy really just wanted to fire him, either for his own personal reasons, or for something petty, or, as the letter implied, to get at Will Brown and send a message? By not giving any type of explanation, it's left totally up to interpretation by the fans. As is the Will Brown contract situation. Assistant coaching candidates and head coaching candidates will take note of the current atmosphere at UAlbany. They will wonder why Driscoll was fired, and why Will Brown hasn't been extended, despite working hard f
  12. I agree about what you just posted. But look at where we are now - beyond March 1, and it's no better up North, weather-wise. Teams still can't get their games. At some point you are going to just have to head South. February 4 or March 1, you're still not going to be outside. I think it just creates more problems for teams that can afford it or have the weather to play February 4 and beyond. Maybe we need an exception for Northern schools on the number of games, and a corresponding RPI adjustment so that they are not penalized for playing less games.
  13. I'll post this and then let it be (since Jeff and I disagree about what a March 1 start would do and I dont see that being resolved any time soon). http://www.boydsworld.com/breadcrumbs/trav...vel_survey.html I'm sure you are familiar with that site, Boyd's World, which does pseudo-RPI for baseball. (Albany 270, Maine 178 through 3/6). It is an interesting little article about how far teams have to travel to get good games. To me, this article is precisely why you can't do March 1 without pushing the CWS back 2-3 weeks or cutting competition dates.
  14. UA would actually benefit from Pete Gillen getting fired, either way. a.) He gets fired, Siena courts him and gets rejected, that's a UA win. b.) He gets fired, Siena hires him, it generates a lot of publicity for the Albany area and rachets the rivalry up a few notches. (Assuming Albany stays "good" and keeps their positive forward momentum). c.) He gets fired, McElroy does the unthinkable and gets him to come to UAlbany (hahahahaha).
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