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  1. Just a quick stop to say good luck tonight, me thinks you’re going to need it- Looking forward to a good game where everyone stays healthy. I’ll be in my Center court chair back seat hopefully cheering Saints on to victory
  2. Patsos can flap his gums all he wants...alternate or scrap the series. Enough already with always being at their gym. No other D1 team would put up with this...neither should we. Give them an ultimatum and they can bounce and get someone else to come in and fill their arena to the tune of 11k. We'll see how quickly they run back...beat it! The days of a small liberal arts school struggling financially dictating terms to a flagship campus of the largest state university system in the country are over! If they had any alternative, they wouldn't have agreed to come this year, call their bluff. Hahaha typical delushional post- it was Patsos who wanted the game at Sefcu- Darg didn’t want it, but in the end relented. Darg is taking a lot of heat for this game- win lose or draw tonight you will not see Siena back at sefcu. If that’s the end of the series so be it
  3. Me and Boob87 go way back -- you cant talk about delusional fans bases and leave good ole Bob out. I dont even know who that name calling whack job Eli is- I'm not responsible for every post on Siena anymore than you are responsible for every off the wall posts on this board .. But I do get what you are saying DP- you run a good board and I respect that.. Tony Out... Sorry for interruption boys..see you a few days before the game for some good ole fashioned smack talk
  4. Who you calling a stooge? I didn’t complain about freezing anyone out—it’s called a comment Eli- no need to get “testy” Nor am I interested in your “history “ lesson or comments on delusional Siena fans- please read some posts on this board and get back to me about delusional. I wasn’t here complaining about game at Sefcu—or whether Siena should play at Sefcu at all. If you want to get into that discussion, I’d be more than happy to school you. And I’m glad you are OK with playing game at TUC.. when you are in charge of negotiations it will mean something to me- until then care less what a know nothing UA fan thinks -- fans from small conference teams that draw flies don’t normally get to set the terms..LOL.. enjoy the game at Sefcu this year—save the insults and dumb comments
  5. Sorry Booby not disappointed at all—I have my center court chair back season tickets. And yeah I’m glad UA got the new screen—bout time they put some improvements into the old "gym"--- and BTW it will be much more than me and my 4 Siena friends at game..question will be how many more? What do you guys think? 500--- 1000—1500 how many Siena fans will get into game? And how many UA fans will be frozen out? Any opinions. Personally I think about 1,000 Siena fans get in.. Another 200 to 500 dignitary seats.. Which leaves what about 3K for UA students and fans—pretty much looks like if you don’t have season tickets or empire package you will not get into game. But I’ll defer to you guys- you know the ins and outs better than me. All I know for sure is I’ll be there.
  6. I'm all for taking Siena fans money, but to charge UA GDAC members/season ticket holders $40/60 to get additional seats is a bit ridiculous. So based on my current $125 plan, 32% of it is going towards that one game. So you expect a discount for hot seats just because you already own other seats somewhere else in the arena? I don't think that's fair either. Due to the demand for this game, the prices are higher. You're paying the same $40-60 that a fan off the street who's going to their first ever UA game would pay. You just get first stab at them...which is nice perk. I don't think it's unfair, honestly. But then again, I only own one seat as of today. It's not so much wanting a discount for season ticket holders. Its more the price being set too high in general. Giving season ticket holders first crack for individual tix is def a nice perk no doubt, but is the demand really there for them to charge $40 and $60 to go see this game? This is a Sunday game at 7pm on Thabksgiving weekend. It's going to be interesting to see how this plays out.Guess we will find out.I wouldn't pay that price for a game against a lowly maac team if it wasn't part of my season ticket package and I haven't asked friends who join me for a few games and year if they are interested at that price. Then again there are more than 340 division 1 teams that I think are worth more money than lcc That’s great news Bob—I bet you make all UA fans proud..LOL. I have my UA season tickets and will buy 2 more seats for Siena game when available. That’s good News Bob you don’t want to buy the extra Siena seats, just leaves more seats for another Siena fan to gobble up.. You keep fighting the good fight Bob..LOL
  7. Congrats guys on a great college basketball game last night. I shouldn’t butt in…but can’t help myself I don’t get the ragging on Peter Hooley? As a Siena fan he was player I feared the most ( maybe because I’m a big Peter Hooley fan- he is by far my favorite Dane) kid is an absolute warrior, was trying to make things happen out there and was only Dane that could consistently get inside without getting his shot swatted back at him. We want our players to be error free, but remember these kids are college kids, Peter played his heart out. And just my 2 cents -Without Peter Hooley last night UA loses that game by 15 to 20 points I was very happy game wasn’t a 1 point loss for Joe Cremo- kid is a good looking freshmen and will be a great players for Danes down the road- he was beside himself after that ball went into hoop. Was impressed the way Brown and Basset consoled him after play Anyway for those of you that attended the game, you got to see a very competitive fun college basketball game. UA has a very solid team and will win a lot of games this year. Good luck and see you next year at Sefcu!!
  8. Sounds to me like game is a tossup- too bad AE teams dont get Vegas lines, love to know how the betting public would see this game This is a toss up I'd agree. I've seen Siena several times and it's a good team this year. My biggest concern is more centered on UA... Will the Yale, Marist, Colgate UA show up or bu, usf UA show up. Can't afford the long scoring droughts we get into. OK I lied back again.. Have some time to kill.. Ilko please my friend don’t put words into my mouth, first of all I almost never talk about Olympic sports, women’s basketball Lacrosse or any other sport since I don’t follow them, I have nothing against them, just don’t follow them and seldom comment on them one way or another- if your reading something about them on my board, it’s not from me. A few years ago when football stadium opened I actually PM’d several members of this board and commented how much I liked stadium and how much fun I had at the game, in fact I’m quite sure I made those comments on Siena board. I think it’s quite obvious Albany has a great athletic department, sorry if I don’t say that enough for your liking I go to the games at sefcu because I like college basketball since I already go to a few games and I want to go to Siena UA game, I’ll buy UA season tickets next year, allows me to cherry pick UA games- and when I’m there I’ll root for Danes, and BTW I won’t be alone, I expect several hundred Siena fans will do same. It will be ironic when some members of this board don’t get into game because it’s at sefcu I don’t really get the I hate UA or all UA fans hate Siena attitude, most of you guys (not all) are as bad as some Siena posters hating the other school, not all, but rest assured the over the top talk goes both ways – ( read some of Bobs posts with unbiased view and get back to me..LOL) just as much "over the top" on this board as Siena board.. and hey that’s OK, as long as everyone remembers it’s just a game have fun talk a little smack.. and don’t get carried away Enjoy!!
  9. And for full disclosure for some of you guys ( and or gals) I really have no problem with UA at all. I go to a few UA football games a year a few UA Men’s basketball games. In fact I’m quite sure I’ll buy chair back season tickets next year. Ta ta for now I’ll check back in tomorrow win or lose tonight!!
  10. Hi Patch-- how are you? - and agree-- been a tough 5 years!!
  11. Sounds to me like game is a tossup- too bad AE teams don’t get Vegas lines, love to know how the betting public would see this game
  12. You have a CC team that has to go back to last century for a team good enough to make the ncaa tournament in a year they did not purchase the conference tournament and THEY want to put an asterisk on another teams accomplishments. Yeah OK. It is not like they ever earned a right to play a conference tournament game at home like teams in other conferences like the AE have. Yes those Siena teams that won 44 out of 47 MAAC games and 2 NCAA games should really have an asterisk..LOL.. is Bob your best and brightest poster? LOL
  13. Olddave is seriously delusional... I've been on that board a long time. Tony is the guy that for years insisted SIENA would never play at sefcu. Guy is taking his medicine right now. Fell flat on his face with that one. Come at me bro... I would love to see old Tony denied a seat at SEFCU next year, or do you think finding him a far corned would be punishment enough? Finally, after six years LCC will have to enter our house! Sorry Boys I'll be there next year ( I already go to a few UA games every year) - Don't be haters...as for insisting Siena would never play at Sefcu-- that was when Fran was coach( maybe early in Mitch's term not really sure) --Times change. I obviously don't make the schedule for Siena, all I can do is give my opinion. As for Siena dictating terms to UA-- never said that either. Siena owes UA nothing, UA owes Siena nothing- if the game makes sense for both schools you do it, otherwise skip it. For some reason you guys think you are entitled to something from Siena. Siena doesn't owe UA a home game or anything else for that matter. Anyway thought I’d swing by and say Good luck tonight, hope we have a good college game where everyone leaves healthy!! And fellas it’s only a game—no reason for the hate ..Carry on boys!!
  14. Overall athletics no question UA all the way —men’s and women’s basketball not even close. UA had a better team the last few years but Siena has a far superior program( I know that hurts you UA fans but its the truth dont be bitter From tradition ,Facilities ( Siena practice and locker facilities are far superior to UA’s right now and they are about to get better with 20 million practice facility) Media attention , budget , Fan support it’s not even close— from a few of the clowns on this board ( Bob) I would expect that.. but I know you know better than that Patch-Hope and pray for a win tonight- UA is the favorite..Siena is playing a bunch of freshmen..according to clack nobody on Siena would start for UA-- So UA in a route eh? If not will it be the coaching, the talent ? get your excuses ready now
  15. Good luck tonight boys-- one thing though , if you are going to quote me, please do so correctly- never said our guards will cause havoc. Jimmy’s press is designed more to speed up opponent than to turn you over. Might see a bit more trapping tonight to see how UA’s unproven backcourt handles it. As you guys will see tonight Siena has much more overall team speed than UA- So Siena will try and push the pace. UA has more experience and size and will try to control the tempo and make it a half court slug it out game ( favors UA) . Had Maurice White been healthy Siena might have started 4 freshmen tonight- as it is starting 3 freshmen- normally not a recipe for success, but these are talented kids, so UA better get them this year, might be your last chance for a while .. Nice to see so many UA fans coming in from all over the country for this game. Do you think you get more people at this game than any other regular season game in Albany? I have many UA friends and they love this game at the TUC- gives UA a taste of playing in front of a big crowd in your home city- has to be great experience for the UA players. I always wondered why UA Doesn’t get more fan support, do you think Brown’s half court style plays into that ? or maybe his career record? And please note this is not a shot—honest question on why UA doesn’t draw better You have had some decent teams, but UA lags far behind Siena basketball, but probably also RPI and Union hockey ( don’t know that for sure)
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