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  1. Ive been soooo excited to see this team this year i stayed off the forum!!!!!!! I am done watching this embarassing program! Any other O coordinater would be FIRED at any other program. Drew Smith is a good player but Coach Ford is to worried about making him the FACE of the program and its costing us wins! why play 5 running backs when you have Dillon Roamaine he is by Far the best we have! Dillela are you kidding me! we dont have a chance with him The coaching staff is too comfortable because they dont have to worry about their jobs. they wont get any off my money for the stadium
  2. Anybody getting the fever? I am looking forward to a peek at the new offense!
  3. Although a small class i am very excited about the results! Seems like we spent the money we had wisely> Great improvement at center in my opinion and some very good O-line prospects. Cover corner looks like he may play right away as well. I am glad that we didn't waste money on the kids from Troy, seems like we always waste a little every year on that. Hopefully we also got some solid Preferred walk on's as well because alot of our main guy's were just that, they always seem to do do well ie Kirchner , Leathley , Delaney ect.... I'm really looking forward to this season and next!
  4. WOW well worth the wait! check out the website I am very impressed
  6. Yeah, that sucks...I really thought we had some holes to plug. Probably could have used some warm bodies. I heard we signed a QB and WR from Troy and a center transfer JUCO from Iowa. Also a wide out from Rochester Rush Henrietta i believe
  7. Without letting the cat out of the bag that's what they are doing! You only get that type of athletic kids togather at once very seldom! Plus they are all fairly young must be Fordie is letting his coaches do there thing. I'm very excited to see what come's of this. I was concearned about Buddy the few fumbles he had during the year untill i found out he ruptured a Tendon in his right hand when he fumbled in OT at the CCSU game! My understanding is thst he had surgery and all is well! I'm also hearing that Drew, Dillon and Booker are in the best shape ever. The Defense is also improving, Wilks will be back and Leon Saddler is working hard
  8. I would'nt go that far! you do a great job keepin us up to date on alot of things thanks
  9. Hope everyone had a great holiday! from what i'm hearing we have little money this year for recruiting. They spent some on young kids thst performed this year and we may have five or so rides left. I think cover corners and O lineman are their main focus! The Canzeri kid looks tempting but i somewhat agree we are solid at th RB position. Rumors are the that the offense is being re vamped to a more spread type offense to take advantage of the skilled players we have! If what im hearing is true it could be a fun year.
  10. Took a minute to look at Dillion's stats and notice a few things . 100% of our rushing yardage this year is from under classman , 90 % of recieving yards are from under classman and 73% of our total offense is from under classman . I am some what concearned if this will effect our recruiting this year for the players that think they can play right away! Encouraged that we should have some good years ahead of us!
  11. Yes, it's in Live Stats NCAA selection show tonight at 8:00 GREAT JOB LADIES !!!!!!!!!
  12. 2nd time this year for Romain and the 3rd time we've had a RoW award from Albany. Cograts to Dillon well done . Lets hope these young guys keep learning and playing hard!
  13. You are so right about the offensive line ! They seem to be out of shape and it shows as the game proggresses . We have two very gifted running backs that should be way more productive ! They are getting no help up front at all.With the talent we have in the back field and a QB that can also run we should have well over 200 yards on the ground each game.Turn overs seem to be a problem with Leathley at this point, watching him in the game and on the sidelines i love what i see. He seems to be very competitve and tough , i think he is just trying to make plays and many times he does . Im sure the coaching staff will settle him down as he proggresses without taking away his aggresive nature! Defensively I think we have been banged up most of the year last game we were without both staring inside line backers and our starting safety.We had to move our best outside backer to the inside . Our corners are just not getting it done period. Lets hope that we have a good game this week and the last two home games
  14. Looks like we have all given up on this team! Hopefully it's a learning process and next year should be some what better. We need to start looking at the positives and build on them . GO DANE!
  15. danefan that is a good observation but the numbers are somewhat miss leading . In the first quarter we moved the ball well i think Leathley hit his first seven passes all out of the shotgun. Then we started to go under center and they all out blitzed and we could not pick the blitz up! We have what should be one of the best tandem running backs that we have had in a long time and they can't average more than 2 point something yards a carry! That tells me that our offensive line is not doing the job period!!! They look out of shape and are not able to be effective for more than a quarter or two! One of the picks was Buddy's fault all the way the other was in our guys hand. We can not win if our QB is the leading rusher. The completion percentage was caused by having to throw the ball away and hurried throws late in the game. I want to see Dillon carry the ball more Andrew also seems to be somewhat out of shape as well. Now to the play calling TERRIBLE!!!! we can not as much as it's important run off tackle with any sucess , we need to get to the outside first then the middle will open . This has been going on all year . We were missing are starting two inside linebackers and our safety and it showed . All that having been said we are young and hopefully growing in a positive way and should be improving in the next few years
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