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  1. So is UA going to do anything or just let its peers move ahead? They can intend to open a new law-school but they will face a hurricane of opposition. SBU got all the money they wanted for their law school ($45 million). I would love UA to get a Med School, Dental School and Law School. But the Union already has Albany Law, Med and pharmacy, would we be the public alternative? University at Albany Medical Center does have a ring to it!
  2. Anyone know how to setup a ustream? AWESOME WIN!!!! I live in NYC, and I have TW. What channel is the on demand?
  3. Does anyone know where we can go and BUY an Albany Replica jersey?
  4. It would be nice if we added a Med or Law school. I dont care much about the rankings but looking at the endowment there is a big difference.... Bing is at $62,563,430, Buff is at a HUGH $410,463,564, SB is N/A but Albany is only at $24,764,327.... we're poor.... =(
  5. Didn't know where i should post this random question. But does anyone know where to pick up UAlbany replica jerseys, for both basketball or football.....
  6. Anyone know if we have players with NFL interest in the draft? Is Barksdale still in the League?
  7. Barazza would have cured alot of UA's ills the past 2 seasons. His health did him in both years he was here not his shooting ability. I would only hope Moore can shoot as well as Barazza. It is unfortunate i never saw Barazza healthy, he always looked slow and often got beat on defense when i saw him. I agree his shot could of helped us alot, but not when we had a subpar inside offense to open it up and terrible rebounding that eliminated the second chance shots. Do you know any more about Moore? Can he find his own shots? or is he pure spot up shooter? Coach Brown said we will be much improved next year! i have faith in him!!
  8. Another BARAZZA?? AWESOME! lock it in folks, we're gonna go dancing.....
  9. Seriously? Wow...i shake my head at the basketball awarness of some. Kirsten Z. did so much for the Danes that Brett didnt even have a speck of ability to do. He had back to the basket moves...was mean as all hell when he needed to be...was much quicker than Brett defensively...and was big and strong. Totally different ballplayers...and I really cant believe this is an argument. Agree. Kirsten was more athletic than Giff, played better D and had some low post moves of which the Giff had none. i want to concur! Zoellner was good, enough so to play a few years of pro ball. I highly doubt Giff will be playing anything else after UA, maybe a little YMCA league
  10. I busting out laughing after reading that but then i got sad real fast.....SINCE THEY FREAKING BEAT US! wth is going on? I thought Timmy and W Harris was going to dominate this year! I will never dare compare Ambrose to Wilson again!!
  11. Agree. Great post. Conference play is what matters. Yes, it sucks to lose games but this is what happens in non-conference play when you have an 8 or 9 game road trip and freshman playing significant minutes. Not saying we are a young team since I know several people on here don't like that but we still do have several freshman playing significant minutes. To me the OOC is very important, it's very difficult to build a fan base and continued support/interest when you enter conference play 4-10....a record like that can create perception that this team sucks...why bother going. Yes, the ultimate goal of OOC is to get ready for conference play as the only way for a team from the AE to make the big dance is to win the tournament but OOC DOES matter! Getting a seed higher then 15 or 16 greatly helps when the brackets are slotted and announced. We've been to the tournament and lost, you can't get a more manageable game going 4-10. If we get in this year (hypothetical) we are without a doubt PIG bound with the absolute best case scenario 16 seed....16 seeds are a combined 0-INFINITY against the #1 seeds. Every game is important....in my mind there are important games and must win games...nothing less. I agree that I dont want a 4 - 10 OOC record, but if we sneak in as a 16, maybe the number 1 will sleep on us like Uconn did... sigh.... sucks to lose
  12. Being fairly new to the board, i dont know all the members' history. but I will say i miss Zoellner and his decent offensive game. I think Giff plays really hard and is a great teammate, but it doesnt seem like he has a back to the basket offensive game, neither does Harris (but since i dont have season tix, my sample size is small) Btw, ppl who watch the majority of the games, what is our team style? I couldnt gather enough from the Organade game, too many T/Os, MJ missing. from Brown saying he wanted to go inside more, it sounded like we are a swing it around till we get it to the inside Bigs team. But then when i watch games, we take mostly outside shots..... With Timmy's speed, we should just go with tim slash and kick....
  13. NOOOO not BARAZZA Why not...we need a consistent outside shooter...granted, he hasn't proven it yet in the one year he's played here but people keep saying he can really shoot. Let him get healthy and either keep himself in the rotation with the shooting or shoot himself out of it....one game at Cuse isn't enough. No doubt he can shoot, he has a great stroke. but from what i saw last year and cuse game, he is responsible for negative points. He might score 6 pts from 2 threes in 4 mins, but our opp will score 8-9 during that span, from either his poor defense or T/Os. When he is on the court, his game consists of standing at 3 pt line, throwing up both hands and asking for the ball, not moving around. Then the other players try to get the ball to him but bc he is not moving, the defender cheats, waits then jumps the passing lane. But bc Barazza does play with hustle he then throws himself at the defender which will have both of them triped up around the half court line. On the defensive end, he is so slow, he always gives the other team easy buckets. But you are right, last year he was hurt and Orangade is far superior, so we will have to wait and see...... Btw, I dont hate him, he has a lot of heart and hustle, but i am just saying he looks really slow out there......
  14. Same here. All morning singing that song. My wife thinks I'm nuts. Revvin' up your engine Listen to her howlin' roar Metal under tension Beggin' you to touch and go Highway to the Danger Zone Ride into the Danger Zone Headin' into twilight Spreadin' out her wings tonight She got you jumpin' off the track And shovin' into overdrive Highway to the Danger Zone I'll take you Right into the Danger Zone You'll never say hello to you Until you get it on the red line overload You'll never know what you can do Until you get it up as high as you can go Out along the edges Always where I burn to be The further on the edge The hotter the intensity Highway to the Danger Zone Gonna take you Right into the Danger Zone Highway to the Danger Zone
  15. Go DANES! Too bad i cant watch it on tv..... is their streaming? how much is it?
  16. Why are we looking for another PG? I thought we have Mike Black
  17. I saw Ambrose pass into the middle a few times but seems like our bigs couldnt handle the passes. Should of gotten at least 4 catch and put in baskets from those nice passes. Barazza reinforced my belief that he only wants to launch. He will stand in place throw this hands up and ask for the ball to chuck. He does not play defense, or he is so slow it seems like there is no defense from him. But because he does try to hustle he always end up on the floor, but only because he either lost the handle or poor defense. Agree with everyone, Metcalf looks good. Black looked scared, orange gave him a lot of room to shoot, but never took a shot (at least i dont remember) i DVR'd maybe i will watch again. I really hope you guys are right and once MJ comes back we'll be better. Side note, very glad they gave a few mins to Doc Sauers!
  18. I truly admire these student athletes. It is wonderful to read about these awards, makes me proud to be an Albany alum. Safety school? Well at least our athletes go to school, unlike other SUNY on the I88....
  19. Albany 79 - Orange Julius 78 Tim Ambrose 42 pts, 8 Asts, 3 Rbs
  20. Sorry guys this is off topic, does anyone remember a PG named Irv Opong? I remember he was in some And 1 Mixed tapes. anyone watch him play when he was in Albany, was he any good?
  21. Maybe we can keep signing on to play FBS schools like Cincy next year and get paid! eventually we will have enough money. maybe its up to us as Alumni to strike it rich, and then be super BOOSTERS!!
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