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  1. Hey all, There will be a "Welcome back students BBQ" on Thursday September 27th at 6 pm at Washington Tavern. Despite the name all are encouraged to attend. There will be a $5 entry fee and a $5 dollar plate fee, all proceeds will benefit the athletic department. There will be raffles (5 tickets included with entry fee and more will be available for purchase), beer and liquor samplings, and of course...food. This is the first time we've done this at WT's, so we're hoping with enough success we can make this a repeat event. Please spread the word and feel free shoot me any questions
  2. Wow. I realize it's a highlight video, but the kid can ball. I'm not calling him a shooter, but his mid range almost reminds me of jimmer with the crazy elevation and mid-air body control on each and every shot. Regardless of the level of competition he's facing, looks like he't got some tools that should translate well against bigger defenses (decent hop-step, natural fade away to every shot for example). Sign 'em up!
  3. woops, I counted wrong, the second NCAA year falls under the current CB contract, but the point I'm trying to make remains the same...
  4. another question begging to be asked...what happens with Will Brown? Realistically I think it would be prudent to wait until the 2010-2011 season is over before making a signing decision, but the school is so enamored with him I wouldn't be surprised to see McElroy "negotiate" another 5+ year deal before the season. Hate him or love him, the program does not need to shackle itself to him for the next 5 years like it did back in 06, nor does it need to can him (unless of course we saw a repeat of 2009-2010). If it were my call I'd make CB coach through next season, and give him a 2-3 year pr
  5. logan aronhalt, please make yourself comfortable on the pine
  6. Tim Ambrose is the man. He is a wrecking ball that goes where he wants, when he wants. He's really a special player and it's a shame he doesn't get the recognition he deserves. I really hope he turns it on for the rest of the season and ends up #3 all-time for points. Billy Allen, Jacob Iati and Blake Metcalf are the three most under rated guys and the kind of players you build a team around. Who doesn't love the kind of effort these guys give every second they are in uniform? If our talent loaded guys (*cough* logan *cough*) played with the heart/intensity that these guys do the team
  7. our homeland is most definitely safe now. I think we can all rest easier now.
  8. Imo an upgrade from where we were this time last year. Program will have to take the next step next year. A finish around 14/15 would be a great step forward. 14 or 15 next year would he a huge problem. I second this notion. We can gripe about missed opportunities and how exactly we ended where we are (which is dependent upon how optimistic one is feeling at the moment), but none of that is gonna change squat. Although I myself would like to air out some of the personnel, I'm going to try my best to keep positive and revel in the fact that the team is still relevant, which isn't
  9. maybe so, but the fact that a division 1 basketball team can shoot 2-15 from three is just upsurd to me. o and not that it matters, but there goes attendance.........again.
  10. just noticed the america east scoreboard...Bingo is WORKING Maine right now, though it is only 10 mins into that game as well
  11. Thursday night was also the first party night of the semester for the students. As whole our students haven't been devoted to basketball for a while now, so I would expect it to come second to partying/going downtown the majority of the time, especially the first party night of the semester. I'm also guessing most students didn't even know there was a game. Aside from the the diehard fans or even those with just some sort of interest in the team, the students have to be told (via email, advertising, etc) when the games are. The school hardly advertises the games at all anymore. It's l
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