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  1. I'm going to wait on my vote. His OOC play would place him in contention for POY if it was conference play. We all know how conference play is just plain different from ooc play. I've always been a huge Ambrose fan and I'd love to see him win this award, but it's too early for me to call. I hate to even say it..but god forbid we go on a losing spell, does negativity creep in and bring back the old Tim? My gut tells me "no this is a new, more mature player," but my head can't ignore the possibility. Again, that is all hypothetical and I think Tim and the team as a whole will keep up its positive play and improvement.
  2. Well there's not much to be said about the specifics that hasn't already been said. In order to keep this one close we had to play well and they had to play poorly, I thought this would happen...neither did. Xavier played poorly in the first half and we couldn't capitalize on those mistakes (not that it really would have mattered). Xavier made adjustments at the half (as good teams do) and we had essentially no answer beyond Tim. It didn't feel like a 24 point loss to me and I'm not all that concerned with what I saw. The defense is getting better, but at a snail's pace, hopefully it gets good enough earlier than later in conference play. 2 of the little were non-existant. Obviously it's a bit much to expect them to each have MSM kind of nights every time out but I wouldn't expect something like tonight to happen more than a couple times all year. Good news is there's isn't a team this complete, or frankly, good, in the AE. Quick turnaround against a good Wagner team Thursday, keep working.
  3. not a terrible loss, though it may mean we see some Iati which I know you all are not fond of
  4. We really let some opportunities go as Xavier played sloppy over the last 10 minutes of the half. Logic says Xavier can't keep up the 3 point shooting, lets hope not and lets hope they don't start eating us up inside, because I have a feeling they can if they choose to go that route. I thought our bench play was great and the reason we are still in this, but if we are going to get any closer we need Mike and/or Logan to get into a scoring groove, and it would be nice if Blake and Puk can snag some boards, though that is a tall task. Hopefully CB can repeat during halftime whatever he did during his first timeout.
  5. I'll trade 3's with Xavier all day
  6. If anyone is watching it at home (not on Directv either), what feed are you using? Is it worth it?
  7. As deflating of win as Colgate was, I still like our chances against the Musketeers. We have our size to depth ratio is considerably better than Xavier, and if CB plays this card right could be huge. Who really knows how hurt or healthy Logan's back is, he seems like the kind of player that is going to be out there physically ready or not-I hope he is because this would be a bad time for him to have a 3-18 shooting night. Hopefully Mike and Timmy can pick up the slack by keeping it clean and up tempo. I am bit concerned about what we can do offensively without our main perimeter threat, but I think the other guards will try to keep it more more of an up tempo game so we can't be exposed in our half court sets. Bottom line... If Logan has a terrible shooting night or our bigs are completely non-existant...we lose by 15-20 But... If we see the Danes we saw against MSM...it will be close and if Tim has the ball with a chance to win at the end, I like our chances
  8. ah thats right, 2008 as well. Regardless I think if you continued the chart across all the mid major conferences you would find we rank among a large group of conferences that are of the same caliber, low-mid, mid major.
  9. exactly, a league's rank is based on both their skill at the top and their depth. Our league's bottom feeders won't beat many teams in D1 in any given year, no matter who it is based on the year. At the same time you could take the worst team in the big east and they would win the majority of the mid major conferences. Is the AE the worst D1 league or close to it? No. Are we an "emerging" mid major or a conference that will ever receive more than one bid? No. RPI tries to rank every league year in and year out but its realistically too hard to look at by the numbers when looking at leagues that aren't among the elite. Each year we may "rank" differently among our peer leagues. I don't care what anyone wants to feed me, the MAAC and NEC are both peer leagues to the AE, hence why we always get a good chunk of our OOC games against them (football has to do with it too obviously). Outsiders can knock a league all they'd like but usually it doesn't matter anyways. If some delusional MAAC fan really wants to believe that league is better, let them, because it doesn't matter they aren't going to be getting a microsecond of time in minds of the committee when they are making the brackets (FF or Iona is my maac pick btw), just as nobody from the AE will relevant after our conference tourny...unless of course you spring the upset... By comparison the seedings of the AE and maac: 2005-13 (UVM) (W)/ 14 (Niagra) 2006-16 (Albany)/13 (Iona) 2007-13 (Albany)/16 (Niagra) 2008- 15 (UMBC)/ 13 (Siena) 2009- 15 (Bingo)/ 9 (Siena) (W) 2010-16 (UVM)/ 13 (Siena) Average seeding: 14.66 to 13, with one win for each conference
  10. Can anyone tell me what happened with us committing so many fouls with the lead and less than 90 seconds to play? I was at work so watching and listening wasn't an option, but I kept checking espn on my phone (which was absolutely terrible tonight anyways). It seemed like we were in a pattern of: go to the line, make one of two, foul them on their possession, let them get offensive board(s), and foul again. Were any of the fouls at least questionable calls? Or were we really playing that sloppy?
  11. After re-checking how they played the AE at home this season, this may turn out to be much less of a cupcake that I originally thought. I feel like I've said this a lot so far this year, but this is another chance at a statement win. What kind of statement does one make by beating an 0-9 opponent you may ask? I say it really shows the maturity of a team to avoid a let down/hangover after a good win and escape trap games of our own. Although the circumstances were a little different given injury and short turn around time, yale was a let down. Yale is a good team, but we had no business letting the wheels fall off that bad. We are in a redemption situation (sort of anyways) against a different team. 5 of 6 is good, but 6 of 7 is better, gotta keep stringing W's together to really get some respect and swagger going into conference play. Let's keep it balanced on O, focused/clean on D, and we'll be fine.
  12. I know it's never good to look ahead of opponents, that is after all how trap games are "created", but I just couldn't resist posting about Xavier... Let's take care of business against Colgate and GET ABOVE .500!
  13. Now that the optimism is building...I'll put it out there, I think we can beat Xavier. I'm not necessarily saying we will (that's why they play the games), but we CAN. It'll be tough on the road (last I checked X's home win streak was at 28 games), but our little three creates a match up problem for a majority of teams we play. If Puk and/or Blake step-up it up I see no reason why this can't be a competitive game. With the exception of their 7 footer (who's numbers are pretty underwhelming) we actually have a size advantage. I think we've got plenty of depth and interchangeability of our bigs, that even though I doubt CB will go this route, we could go for an all our hack D in zone and make their bigs beat us at the line. They apparently can't shoot the 3 (27%) so if our guards can keep their guys in front of them should we go to man we should be alright. It is early and I do realize we have Colgate before Xavier, but I'd like to think we can/should roll over an 0-9 patriot league team. Everything I've said is all speculative and based on a cursory look at their roster and schedule, but I felt it was an appropriate time to comment coming off an impressive win.
  14. I think a clear difference between our offense this year and the debacle that was our offense last year is the level of confidence CB has in the guys on the court. I loved hearing CB yell "Push it" after a defensive board and watching the big three take turns having their way with the defense. I'd like to see more of blake, but at the same time I'm not sure its a good idea. He plays with great energy that really compliments our quick guards, just not sure if anyone can maintain that kind of intensity for much more than he does currently. I'm gonna say it again, I couldn't be happier for Tim, he's playing great, and feeling great too. He fires the team up at the right times and calms everyone down when things get crazy. That's not to say Logan and Blake were bad selections for captains, but Tim is playing and acting like he got snubbed, like he's got something to prove, and its great. Someone mentioned it already but one of the most underrated minute moments of the season was when Tim gave it up to mike for that easy 2 on 1 transition basket. (He had another nice outlet pass to logan that ultimately should have been either a slam or intentional foul). Last year everyone played their age or younger it seemed. I don't mean to call out the upperclassmen of the past, but there clearly was no leadership. Now we've got a senior who's turning in a career year, 2 soph's who are captains (deservedly so), and our freshmen/sophs are improving game to game instead of year over year. Luke devlin does NOT play like a freshmen. Iati (black too obviously) plays more mature, more smart basketball than any point I've seen in my short time following UA...and they have YEARS to build upon. Keep working.
  15. Stacked, yes. Smart, probably not. Realistically, thats like scheduling 7 losses. That schedule is too much for the OU Sooners, let alone the OU golden grizzlies. I would be opposed to UA doing anything close to this. OOC games shouldn't be about making the most money possible, but scheduling useful games
  16. With exams over I can turn my attention back to where it rightfully belongs...basketball. I will be at game, but I'm guessing I will be one of perhaps a dozen students there given the fact that the dorms are closed and winter break has officially begun. Anywho...Looking for a solid performance against an inferior opponent (IMO). I'd like to see the guard play cleaned up a bit. As a unit they have got to cut down on the TOs. Hopefully the bigs play well so defenses will show us some respect and open things back up for our guards. CCSU switched to that 1-3-1 zone and pushed/trapped out guards near mid court for the majority of each possession in the second half. If we can establish something down low, teams will be forced to play closer to the hoop defensively, I'm looking to see the team make adjustments on this today. Maybe we see a healthy (or healthier at least) Puk/Black???
  17. Coming off a good win, the danes get another IVY test tomorrow. Yale looks solid on paper having lost to PC by 3 and UVM by 4. The also have an 8 point win over BC. Never seen him play but Austin Morgan looks pretty good... 18ppg and 56% from 3. This would be a quality road win in my opinion. You'd have to wonder how much we see of Black and Puk. I'm not too concerned yet, but these injuries seem to be lingering, we'd all hate for them to carry over into Jan because they're playing too much too soon. (5 December games remaining after Yale compared to 9 Games in January (all conference games from new years on too)). I'd love to see Moore, Iati, and Lindfors get some more burn until Puk and Black get much closer to 100%.
  18. This team is getting better and better each game. I love it. We're not there yet-far from it actually, but progress is very nice to see as this team and program had been stagnant it seems for the past 2 years. They have become a completely different team in a matter of weeks. I saw no heart in the American, Iona, and Cornell loses. There was no effort, there was no coaching, and there was no leadership. I have no problem owning up to my rash criticism of the younger guys. I could not be any happier for Tim either. He couldn't stop smiling in the closing seconds of the game, Coach brown was visibly happy/emotional during the game too, something we're not accustomed to. If this kind of play and improvement continues, we will be a lot better than 8th in the AE. CB used his noggin big time yesterday too kudos to him (never thought I would utter those words), loved how he turned the table by going with the press early, loved that he went with the experience of Allen down the stretch rather than a guy like Lindfors. We actually are starting to develop some semblance of an offense too, we were cold from 3 but it didn't matter because we didn't chuck up 30 of them and we got to the line 37 times. If we can string together a bunch of W's over winter, the students will be there for the second semester games and we may see the sefcu packed once again. Another good win guys, keep working!
  19. What part of this don’t you understand... I don’t care how many tickets UA's gets... if you want to call giving UA the same amount of tickets as they average in fans a ‘small allotment “ what are you saying about UA’s average attendance? If the powers that be at UA don’t like the deal- they can easily not renew it .. What part is hard to understand here? ...Siena doesn’t owe UA anything. Personally I don’t care one way or another- the game is a no win situation for Siena and to be quite frank Siena wins every year anyway- UA's portion of the crowd has been steadily declining so its no big deal to me if the contract doesn’t get renewed, I'm a firm believer that UA gets more out of this game than Siena does. If you want to say telling you the truth is arrogant so be it.. But it doesn’t change the facts Again you chose to ignore some facts and things I said. Although our attendance is much, much smaller yours, it doesn't speak to the fact that this game is an outlier in terms of attendance...for BOTH teams. I conceded in my post that I couldn't say much about the current deal, as we made our bed, now we must lay in it. The arrogance is from people like yourself honestly believing that this deal is in any way equitable. I hope something can be worked out going forward as long as it isn't anywhere near the level of highway robbery we're engaged in now. No win situation??? It is your biggest draw all year! And on top of it you've gotten a W out of it the vast majority of years. You get even more press the week before and after (hard to believe). Not sure what more you could ask for from an OOC opponent? As said before, if siena makes so little, both financially and otherwise, off this game (which you can NOT dispute is the biggest draw of the year), than I would love to see what kind of "hits" you guys take when you play somebody like UVM, NJIT or even Niagra?
  20. Do you not realize your arrogance or just not care??? It's actually funny that try to justify UA's small ticket allocation with the "well you guys draw 2500 on average anyways" crap. UA could and would sell more than it's 2500 cap if it was given the opportunity. If this were a true home and home series UA would obviously sell out it's own facility on our Home dates. You conveniently ignore how your attendance manages to increase roughly 4500-5000 for this game. Coincidence? I think not. I can only say so much regarding the idiocracy on our end that allowed this to happen, but please keep your upsurd and irrational rationalizations to your own forrum. You can't fool anyone here into believing that Siena is completely "innocent" in making out like bandits. This is the most profitable home game for you all year, and while it may be true this game may rank ahead of most of our home games, there is PLENTY of money left on the table from our point of view. Good luck drawing 13,500 against NJIT. Better yet good luck drawing 11k once your deduct the 2500 tickets you "Gave us". Do you realize how the economics of this game works? You "give us" the putrid 2500 tickets. most of which you admitted were low value anyways, and UA fans are forced to buy at minimum another 4k, where does that money go? I'm sure you can figure it out.
  21. Pretty much our university agreed to a ludicrous deal, that is really just putting upsurd amounts of $ into the pockets of Siena. The agreement gives Siena the typical home team privileges each year. This means that Siena is always the home team and we get a ridiculously small ticket allocation. As a result we make nothing, and siena rakes in the dough. As soon as our embarrassingly small allotment of tickets is gone, we as UAlbany fans are forced into buying less desirable seats that are usually mixed in the Siena sections. You'll know exactly what I mean when you see the crowd, its not that Siena has a bigger fanbase its they have much easier access the game that is being played in OUR CITY. It's understandable that it's unrealistic to make this an alternating home and away series since we lack the facilities to house the 12k+ the game draws each year. What should be done is make the series alternating home/away at the TU or treat it more like a college football bowl game and essentially divide the tickets into thirds...1/3 for UA, 1/3 for Siena, 1/3 neutral/GA. Buuuut this is whole seperate issue because then the idiotic agreement between siena and the TUC would then have to be tweaked. My opinion is that we have nobody to blame but ourselves. I feel like Siena offered this as a "hey we have nothing to lose by offering this, we don't expect you to agree to this, there will be no negotiation, because frankly we don't need this so if you don't like it see ya later" ...and of course we accepted. (probably on some stupid moral grounds that the history is worth more than the $ we leave on the table)
  22. While I agree these issues do need to be corrected, I don't think it will keep us from beating Siena. The free throws: Everyone knows you can't teach this. It's something that's got to improve over time. It's not like we're gonna go from 50% to 80% by taking some extra freebies at practice this week. Instead I'd like to see them get to work on GETTING to the line, more opportunities should equal more points no matter how bad our %'s are. Plus, when was the last time we actually put someone in foul trouble? The press: While I agree it is pretty shameful our D1 guards cannot dribble out of a press or our D1 coach can not draw anything up to break the press, realistically how much are we gonna see it for the rest of the year? I don't see how siena has the depth to press for more than a few minutes per half, if that. I feel the same could be said for the AE. I'm usually a downer but I have some optimism for saturday. If, and it's a big "if", Puk can step up big time and shut down or at least manage Rossiter, I think we win. This weekend was big, I think this young team is starting to believe in itself.
  23. I never checked, and I'm guessing not...but no chance Santillo went?
  24. Why did the UA player say that? What caused him to make that statement? Was there any physical contact that preceded the remarks? it seems like it was a physical game, at least late in the game with the apparent elbow to Blake's face, my guess is that had something to do with it
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