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  1. based off the gamecast it looks like mike was the only one who came to play so far, too many turnovers. A lot of missed 3's too, but tough to comment on since I can't actually see the game...
  2. Upset with outcome, but loved the effort. This team showed some fight that I thought was absent until last night. Puk clearly played his best game yet, though I was a little puzzled that he got so many minutes given his injury and this being game 1 of back-to back-to back. You'd have to think we see little to no action from him today. Black played efficiently I thought given that his only action was 13 mins in the opener which was a couple weeks ago. He is clearly still hurting though and was limping towards the end of the game, a tough effort, but again you'd think he's resting up today and seeing reduced time tomorrow. I sure hope logan can find some sort of consistency too, because him alternating 28 points with 5-23 shooting is really going to hold this team back offensively. I'm not saying he should stop being aggressive, just at some point when you're on your way to 5-23 you should realize we now have 3 legitimate scoring threats. I see no team in conference that can stop all of the "little 3" (I forgot who used this term yesterday, but I like it), so as long as we don't shoot ourselves in the foot by letting one of them miss 18 shots, this theoretically could be a potent 3 pronged attack. Enough negativity, good effort guys, keep working!
  3. we won't even take wins when they are served to us on a platter is seems I stand corrected...
  4. Is there really nobody else that can play while Puk heals and/or learns D1 ball? I see no benefit to having him out there right now. I'm no doctor but I'm guessing not playing is gonna help the healing faster than playing through it. And the minutes he's getting aren't exactly productive. If the chief stat he's racking up in his 13 or so mins a game is fouls, I don't see how it helps him progress or the team win. I mean he can't even stay in for more than a few minutes at a time because as soon as he picks up a foul CB has got to yank him. I personally don't think I would be so bothered if those 13 mins came off the bench rather than starting. I'll be honest I don't know who would be the best option to replace him, I'd like to see more of our CAPTAIN Blake, but I understand the hesitation at giving any more minutes to either him or Lindfors at this juncture.
  5. Even an extreme pessimist such as myself, can't complain too much about this one. Iona is good, very good. They shot the lights out (not those annoying press lights though). They were flat out a better team than us, so this loss is slightly easier to stomach than the first two. What can't be excused is our lack of overall toughness, perimeter D, and wavering effort. The more I see of Iati, the more I love this guy. I know I was critical of him after cornell, but since then I've been really impressed with his play. Love the hustle. Love the fight. Every second he's on the court you can tell he's going 110%. If only we had 4-7 more guys with this kind of attitude. If Tim could dial up the energy just a bit defensively we could say the same about him. Smyth couldn't miss, but it doesn't help that Logan wouldn't come closer than 6 feet to him. Unfortunately, it looks like Logan is taking after Tim defensively...I'm going to lump all of the bigs together and simply say get tougher and play harder. It's sad the toughest and most aggressive guy on the court is 5'9". If the bigs start playing some tough blue collar ball, this team can go places. The guards seem to be progressing and getting better each game, without black too. Keep building boys...
  6. I thought the same thing when I cracked open the paper this morning. (I've mysteriously been getting weekend delivery for the past month?). I mean who doesn't call an 18-2 second half run "hanging on"??? As for the game itself...clearly a W is good, anyway we can take it. I was pleased with the obvious performances (Logan, Blake, and Tim). I was pleasantly suprised with Iati, The reality is he's small, but he played "big" last night and it showed, hopefully he's able to play at that level against better teams. The offense looked...better, hopefully not just because we played an inferior team. I saw flashes of what we've all been screaming for more than a year now, ATTACKING the hoop. Logan, Tim, and even Ralph showed some offensive aggression. Does this have anything to do with Blake having his best game so far this year?? We shall see... I am still VERY concerned about Puk and Devlin however. In my opinion Puk looks lost at all times, looks like he's just playing not to mess up. No aggression, no awareness, he gets a hand on a lot of boards....only to fumble it out of play or into an opponents hands, he gets beat on D constantly not because he lacks the physical abilities, but because he's so damn hesitant it seems. His minutes have been trending downward so perhaps CB see's this too? Devlin's concerns me too because he looks confused and overwhelmed. I believe he's got the physical tools to be good, but I think he really needs to some work honing them in. I mean I saw the guy working the three point line like it was the lane last night. You don't bump with a big man and have your back to the hoop beyond the arc when you're on offense. He does silly things like this constantly. Maybe it's just an adjustment process. I remember he admitted that playing here was a lot tougher because he's not the biggest guy on the court like he was down under. Maybe it's a reason to be optimistic? I mean pulling a near double-double against cornell while still looking clueless...WOW imagine if/when this kid figures it out. My only worry is that in the mean time, he's going to get exploited too much on D by better opponents or become one of our growing "big men liabilities" on O.
  7. There's a difference between "giving up" on an 0-3 start and holding those involved accountable for 4-27 dating back to last year. I see no effort out of the players (tim aside), and I see literally nothing from the coaches. CB reminds me of Wade Phillips more and more with each twitter post, interview and disgraceful performance by "his" team. I'm starting to think his comments aren't his ego talking but a desperate man trying to say "I have no clue, I've tried all I got, fire me if you want". And at some point you'd think these kids would give a little better effort considering they are supposedly good at this game they love to play.
  8. And the team had the "talent" to be a bit better than 7-25 last year, and the team has the "talent" to beat both cornell and American...but you need the coaching, player intangibles, and maybe even a little bit of good fortune to bridge the gap between talent and success. My problem with CB isn't always the talent he recruits, it's what he does with it...nothing.
  9. I think the feelings going into this game are very similar to what was being felt going into the UNC game last year even though UNC was perceived to be a lot better than GT is this year. Looking at the kind of team GT is and the way this game is likely to play out, I don't see them beating us by 60, doubling us up or anything crazy like that. I expect anything between a 15-25 point loss.
  10. I won't address this game specifically because we all know what happened and what's been said just about covers it. After the ridicule I got last year and after cornell, I think I deserve at least a small "I told you so" (again with the disclaimer that I realize it's only 0-2 right now and I hope I'm ultimately wrong). I'm sick of being fed hype about our next great "shooter" who goes on to shoot thirty-something percent in college and ultimately finds the bench by their junior year. I'm sick of being told about CB's system, it must look awesome at practice! Let's face it, this season and last the team is poor. Then the purple and gold game gave us all a glimmer of optimism because well who doesn't look good against our defense? Reality set in last year. The season ended and we were 7-25. Does anyone realize how detrimental a repeat of something even close to that would be? It's a snowball effect: You think the crowds are bad now? One more bad year would mean that 90% of the students have only seen the worst years of Ualbany ball. Real incentive to come to the games. You're then recruiting kids who have absolutely no memory of Ualbany ever being relevant. And that out of conference schedule just gets weaker and weaker, which of course further hurts recruiting and our program as a whole. I understand the construct of the league, I understand the cyclical nature, but what we're seeing is a program that's really done nothing but deteriorate. The lone bright spot of program, the only guy playing basketball that any of us wouldn't be embarrassed to watch, Tim Ambrose, for some reason is (or maybe hypocritically WAS) hated by the majority of this forum. I never understood why, but that's an entirely separate issue. From time to time people speak their disapproval of CB only to be personally attacked by a group of members. Like Click and Haggy said, I'm sure some will think I'm "wrong" for wanting better that we've been subjected to. Every game last year was a step in the wrong direction and we're running backwards again so far this year. This 0-2 feels like 0-10 we look so pathetic and helpless. I'm not sure how much more I can take of the offense that looks more like a passing drill, or defense that's worse than a YMCA pick-up game. And then you look at our bench and you see a dumbfounded CB stomping the floor with his right foot or his arms crossed and blank stare on his face. You look at the 1000 people in the stands (about 700 by the time there's 10:00 left) half of which are lifeless in disbelief that they are watching D1 basketball that is THAT bad, the other half booing or screaming at our own team. Something's got to be done and by the sounds of things around here and at the games, there's an increasing number of people who feel the same way...
  11. I hear you completely. I let out my frustrations after the cornell game... It would be a waste to repeat myself. It would be a shame, but we could very well end up winless until the yale game.
  12. 52%-I agree, very good 33.3%- Much improved, but still not good enough IMO E- I personally wouldn't say even rebounding is "very good" As for your next point about last night being a winnable game that got away, that was part of the point I was trying to make. Is this going to to be a team that continues to seemingly will itself to defeat? I mean 2 of the 3 things you mentioned (I agree on all 3 by the way), are completely in our control. The bottom line to me is, based on last night's performance I couldn't help but be reminded of last years team. I guess the true indicator will be if we see game to game improvement that was absent last season. I'll keep this short as I didn't realize how long my last post was until I actually submitted it...As a fan I hope I'm completely wrong about the team again this year. Last year I had too much hope, even as the early season losses started piling up, and it ultimately lead to one of the most frustrating season's I've ever had as a fan of any team. I hope I'm wrong in thinking the opposite this year. And yes, I was at the game last night, I've been to almost every home game in the past 2+ seasons.
  13. 7-25 That's what I see. We were overmatched by a BAD cornell team. I know I'm going to be bashed to no-end for saying this but I see little to happy about after last night. I see nothing different from last year. I mean really guys come on, how many tough losses are we going to write off because "the team is young and loaded with talent"? At some point winning needs to start happening and improvement needs to be made. The offense was inefficient, the defense was putrid, and coach looked clueless. First off-mike black. I like him running the O, I do, and losing him is going to hurt. 10 points, great. 0 assists and 4 turnovers, not so great. Those that want to claim he was stopping the perimete attack, Cornell shot only 1.1% better from 3 in the second half (made/took less overall too). Putting the loss on the injury is not acceptable or logical, he may be our future, but he is not our present. Second-Coach Brown. I thought he completely mis-managed the game, especially given the loss of black mid way. Clearly this is a different, slower offense without black, so why were we trying to play as if he was not missing?? I also thought he didn't use his timeouts well in the second half, letting Cornell build by not calling them at certain points, and killing ours by calling one at other times. I really hope he cuts down on the size of the rotation once Black comes back, more on that later. Third- Tim Ambrose. Everyone here pretty much hates him for anything he does, so again I'll probably get bashed for saying this as well, but he will be any/all success this team has this year. Lead the team with 20 points (next closest was logan with 13 in 3 more minutes than tim). Lead the team in assists (Black played on 13 minutes true, but I'd expect him to have at least something). Turnovers, yes he lead the team with 6, but that's only 2 more than Black had and Tim played more than double the minutes. Maybe instead of portraying him as the anti-christ, we should in fact praise him since once again he demonstrated he's the only one who can legitamately score (and maybe the only one with a fiber of talent on the roster). Fourth- Everyone else. Puk, Moore, Lati, Metcalf, Watts, Lindfors- 8 points, 9 rebounds, 2 steals, 4 assists. THAT'S TERRIBLE. You can't rely on Tim and Mike to do it all. Logan and Luke had acceptable games in my opinion. But a rotation this big that puts up numbers that bad, is just a waste of minutes to those who actually have a chance to get it done. Our defense was awful. Zero blocks? Really? Thank goodness Cornell had 10 unforced turnovers, or this game would have been out of hand. You guys can continue to sugarcoat this team all you'd like, but I won't, not after last year. What happened last year? Tough loss after tough loss and after everyone we wrote it off because the team "is young and loaded with talent". At some point that's gotta start translating into win's and tangible evidence for optimism. By no means am I declaring the season done after 0-1, but I refuse to show any optimism until we start seeing actual victories, not just moral ones. Let the bashing begin...
  14. great writeup! Like you said this article actually left me feeling sorry for Tim and dare I say...coach brown.
  15. I think the issue here is what people "should expect" and what they "can expect". I, like the rest of us, wish we could be a perennial team top team in the league, but the reality is (like previously stated) that this kind of thing does not happen in a league like the AE. UVM has RECENTLY enjoyed a little bit more success, but aside from that the AE is league of teams that come and go. I'd be willing to bet these kind of frustrations arise around the league when a school has a good couple year run but cannot build on it. You think BU is happy? I'm sure they are thinking they should be further than they are and building off of the talent they already have. (I'm not trying to say they are a bust or "they're done" at all btw...). This isn't the big east or acc where you can have a coach's head after 4 years of poor performance. Just the same you can't really look too much into things like not having national TV games...because how "valuable" was it to have that game last year where we got absolutely walked on by a poor UNC team? We play at the garden this year...I like it, I'd like to see more stuff like this, maybe try and get an addition TUC game? (don't know if this is actually contractually possible to be honest?) Anywho... I voted 13-15. I wanted to go 16+, but if we get 13-15 wins and included in them are quality ones (Siena? a lot of people on the boards like to downplay the signifigance in the game, but I think it would be HUGE, especially for a young team, and especially for a student fan base with nothing to watch for since essentially everyone who was around for the dance years has graduated.). I think we can all agree the ultimate goal for this team year in and year out should be winning the league/getting to the dance. The program could use some buzz, some excitement, some kind of defining moment too however. It's a dream, I know, but imagine a win...or even close call with GT? That's just my 2 cents for now. Very excited for the season!
  16. The way I see it is that all of the other programs have suffered due to the fortune the lax team came into with the donation they received. That donation essentially forced the school to spent a large chunk of money it may or may not have other wise spent to turn the donation into the field we have now. While it is nice having that field it is not enough, and by no means lets the school off the hook for what our other facilities lack. Everyone can understand the desire to keep the JFF field lax only, but considering what the other teams who could theoretically use it have to use instead, it just seems foolish, stubborn and selfish to deny them access. To me the mere possibility of other teams eventually getting access to JFF is just buying the school time to ignore what really needs to be done...a true D1 facility for our now decade old D1 programs. Another thought I'm having is that any project with the term "modular" attached to really scares me. The school has dragged its feet so much to get anything done so whats to say they don't complete "phase 1" (which includes maybe nothing more than a turf field and some temporary bleachers, which may not be any better than what we have now) and then drag its feet for another 5-10 years before "phase 2" even materializes? It really is pathetic how the school keeps jerking us around and thinks it can buy itself time by making some unofficial "plans" that are murky at best. The athletes, students, alumni, and community deserve much, much more than even our best current facility (JFF). The school seems to think that an above average lax field can offset our downright embarrassing facilities for pretty much every other sport? I don't expect it anytime soon, but I really, really hope the school snaps back to reality and gives us all what we deserve an 8-12k BASE capacity, multi-sport facility that we as a school/community can be proud of for many years to come. That would REALLY buy them some time....
  17. I'll admit I know next to nothing about lax and I only make it to maybe one or two games a year, but I know enough about sports to know that what went on today was just sad...the weather was much nicer this year than last year for the spring stomp so the crowd was nice to see, wish the could have been said for the game...We were just out-played, out-hustled, out-done in every aspect of the game...not the kind of performance you want to see on "big stage" where you're trying to expand the fan base
  18. my understanding of the article makes me think it really isn't all that big of deal to that community...I guess it seems crazy to us since we can't get that many to fill any kind of arena for any sport in the capital district, but down there it isn't out of the ordinary at all. As they say high school football is life in texas...plus the size of the entire budget for that district is HUGE. I'm not so sure its as simple as they make it sound in the article but it mentioned the split created in the budget that wouldn't allow that money to be used for "general education purposes"...if only the Suny System had provisions like that it its budget, our facilities might actually get addressed haha
  19. my thoughts exactly I feel as if it could be pulled off once or twice a year since it would be treated as a special event an allow for maximum attendance. I think having all home games downtown could be disastrous. Although student attendance has surely lacked the past couple years, I'd be willing to bet it would be almost non-existent if students didn't have the convenience of walking to the games. I consider myself a pretty dedicated fan, but as the season progressed it became harder and harder to get myself to the games despite it being only a 3 minute walk...pretty much i think it would only snowball the attendance issue to bring the games to the TUC, but... it may be an unrealistic fantasy but hey I can dream right? Somehow get a significant team to come to the TU early in the year (when fan interest/patience is highest), get maybe 8-10k in there...pull off an upset to put us on the map (rather than the almost/shoulda/coulda/near upset of uconn)...like I said its a big wish based on nothing material but this could be a great opportunity because lets face it a BCS school will never come to the SEFCU...
  20. I didn't mean to say that our crowd hasn't ever been a good crowd. I did mention in my post that I realize the past 2 years were down years for the program so naturally the crowd wasn't at its best...I get that. I wasn't trying to say the Siena crowd is consistently good or great or whatever because I honestly wouldn't know...I only went to 2 Siena games this year (our game with them and the MAAC championship game) and those 2 games probably produced their top 2 crowds...You're right I haven't been here long enough to speak too much about the issue but last year's tourney game against UVM is my favorite game as a Albany fan. Thanks for the video though, that was cool, makes me excited for the NCAA's this week and our season next year!
  21. It's been a while since I've last posted but here are my final thoughts for this season and first thoughts going into the off season: I'm actually a bit sad to see Harris go...although he was maybe the most frustrating guy to watch over the past couple years because he never reached his incredible talent potential, but I look at it as just that- we are losing a talent guy who couldn't get it together I pretty much agree with everyone else in saying that Black has me really excited for what he can do as gets older/stronger/more experienced...Hopefully he pans out better than Tim or Will did with their talent...Let's hope he can handle being the "pride and joy" of the team better than they did, because as we all know potential=pressure. I've said it before and I'll say it again...I'm not sure what anyone see's in Jake's game as we saw it this year. If he really can shoot he's yet to prove it to me. IMO he needs to get bigger, get tougher, and re-tool his game to fit physical gifts (tall, quick, lanky). Maybe if we get some one else who can shoot from the arc he will stop feeling compelled to? Some leadership next year please? Somebody has got to emerge as a leader next year. It was pretty evident that there was no leadership this year. Since this young group played so much last year I see no reason why a soph can't fill this role (for some reason Blake seems fiery enough to fill this role?) Another thing that came to mind was the issue of attendance and fan support. I'm not sure who else made it to the MAAC championship game but that crowd was absolutely incredible...and it wasn't even sold out. Me and the guys I went with to the game couldn't help but say "damn, I'm jealous of this" At the same time we all agreed that even if we were in the AE championship game we couldn't produce nearly as lively of a crowd. (I know our venue is much smaller but I honestly didn't even see it reach capacity during the AE tourney last year). I know the school would like to get more students and people in general out to the game but there's got to be something it could do to boost attendance. I know the team was bad this year so that discouraged many of the "casual" fans. I also realize I'm talking to the cream of the crop in terms of our fan base but I'm sure you guys could agree with me that have a better fan base would help this program in numerous ways. There's plenty more to say but I feel like the rest is pretty much just repeating what's already been said...so I suppose this is all for now...
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