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  1. My 2 Cents: This has got to be the most frustrating team to root for ever. There's so much promise/ability/potential yet for various reasons they can't put it together to squeak out any W's. Black, Metcalf, and Aronhalt look more and more impressive every game. I'm just not at all impressed with Lindfors, I don't see what CB or anyone else sees in him. CB continues to frustrate me with his inconsistent coaching styles/decisions. Harris' injury has been devastating for Timmy...hopefully this team can pick up some wins in the tourny to prevent this season from being a complete disaster...
  2. I really don't know what to expect from this team anymore, I honestly don't. Our quality of play has nothing but deteriorated since the start of the season. That's not to say the season is lost but this team needs to start taking care of the basics. I feel like our record is directly parallel to our shooting in each game. We can't take care of the ball on offense and our defense is just...I really don't know "confused"? Good teams can win games we don't shoot the lights out. Good teams win the games they are supposed to win. Let's take care of the basics boys. Start from scratch, take care of the ball, play some D, and play with some aggression...seems simple enough
  3. This is gonna be my first non-siena road game that I've attended...wooooooo!!!! we must avenge our football loss...and hopefully by more than a buzzer beat like last year
  4. he shows far too much emotion to be a robot, the lead weights in the toes of his shoes can't be good for his severe arthritis however...
  5. While I'm not CB's biggest fan I will agree that the urgency and "blame" (not exactly sure what this blame is so early in the season) should be put on the players. I feel like a lot of the players over the recent past haven't played up to what CB recruited them to do. Some have been because of injury (which of course isn't anybody's fault) and other's are just lousy play. Losing always makes patience run thin, but the schedule we've played was tough. These games were scheduled for a reason, to provide useful experience against opponents with more talent. I'd like to see a couple of changes in the way the offense is run, but who's really to say this isn't the best our team can play? If the guys on the court don't make plays any coach's "system" is going to look bad. We got blown out by Syracuse. Did anyone happen to see the TEAR 'Cuse is on to start the year??? Coach Brown doesn't turn the ball over 20 times per game. Sometimes I feel like CB could shoot better form behind the arc than the team can haha Bashing CB at this point in the season is pointless. The most important games are still to come. There is essentially no chance CB would be fired mid-season anyways... I'd like to see CB and the team make improvements just like everyone but at this time CB getting canned isn't the answer. (Another quick thought- for all of you that would like the school to buy out CB, where is this money going to come from? It's not gonna make it any easier to get money for a new football stadium, track renovations, or more FB scholarships...)
  6. sorry for the misnomer/typo guys haha
  7. I though I had failed miserably at getting student section tickets this morning...Set the alarm for 9:20 (tickets went on sale at 10) ended up sleeping until 9:46...got to Copies Plus at 10:08 to receive the crushing news that the tickets were GONE. I though this was sketchy so I went back during the afternoon and as it would turn out there are still tickets left...I'm not sure why I (and the the other 6-7 people in line) were told they were out of tickets, but for the time being there are still DANEger zone tickets available... Although the Florida trip was a little rough, Siena has tough game of their own tomorrow (Georgia Tech) as I'm sure you all know...this could be a good or bad thing for us depending on how tomorrow plays out...
  8. Why is the Siena game "creeping closer and closer" as if it means so much more than any of our other up coming non-conf games? If that isn't what you meant sorry for the misinterpretation, but it just seems that way. That game doesn't define the UA team and nor should it. The game itself doesn't help us get any closer to winning the AE Championship and getting into the NCAA tourney...unless it does and I missed something? It allows our team to play a basketball program that has gone to the NCAA two years in a row, and helps us grow. It won't be an easy game, but again, I personally don't think that game's outcome defines the UA program. I both agree and disagree. This one game shouldn't define the season and it doesn't help us get back to the NCAA's. It is technically just another out of conference game and yes its a great building experience for the team. At the same time it is Rivalry game. While we as more dedicated fans may put less emphasis on the game, the casual fans treat it as the most important game of the year. Winning this game could have serious benefits while a loss isn't necessarily disaster. Nobody expects us to win so if we lose it's not a huge loss...but if we win that would be a great mental boost for the team. Student interest/attendance would also probably increase. What I'm trying to say is that while it shouldn't matter as much as it does, the reality is it is a special game. The atmosphere is much more intense than any game will have until march. I don't think it will, but I hope this doesn't distract the team from the two games previous.
  9. Exactly...100%! okay, okay I agree that the D1 athlete part was an overstatement. I tried to amend my point with my next post however. ... Much better performance as team tonight! MetCalf stuck out in my mind as a breakout performance, him and Giff were a great tandem tonight. Some much needed time off before another set of tough games down in Florida and of course December 5th is creeping closer and closer...
  10. Really-- were we watching the same game? Jake had 8 pts. and 7 reboundds (team high)...as a freshman. Huh...really not worth being out on the court. Is this Big Dog using another IP address. BTW...he shot 3-7...that's not a great number...but on par with the rest of the team. And he had 3 fouls against a huge and talented front line. Care to rethink your statement? From the TU blog.."Among the freshmen, Brown singled out redshirt freshman forward Jake Lindfors, whom Brown said had his best game as a collegian. Lindfors finished with eight points and seven rebounds." YO DAMIEN/BigDog/DDS/Jeff just likes to complain..and it's not going to be about Ambrose..regardless of his 5 TOs..because he leads the team in offense..the fact is Lindfors did a pretty darn good job last night. The frosh have already done a pretty good job so far this season..Black, Tartt, Aronhalt, Lindfors and Metcalf could all be at the court at the same time..while that wouldn't win the AE at this point..that's already not a bad five-some! I'm not this other guy "jeff" you like to hate on...I'm just somebody who you all apparently have a problem with because I like to share my opinion and it just so happens this opinion isn't yours. The reality is nobody on this blog has an opinion that actually matters or is going to affect the team in anyway. So why do people get so fired up when somebody has some criticism? I was not attacking anyone else on this board or trying to offend anybody...So i'm not quite sure how I ended up being the bad guy... With that said back to basketball... Last night was obviously a very poor performance from everybody. Ambrose- many TO's, 2 charges that he clearly committed because he was trying to do too much, and overall just not a good night for him. Black/Tartt- I thought they both played great in the second half, not much to mention since they were limited to only one half of play. Aronhalt- I thought he played alright, he didn't quite have his shot like the night before but in comparison to the rest of the team I nothing really struck me as bad or great. Harris- 7pts in 23 mins. This offense needs him on the court and to do that he needs to sty out of foul trouble early. MJ- he obviously didn't have his best night. I'm not sure if it was fatigue from playing the entire first half or something else...Off nights happen. Gif- I'd say a pretty typical night from him except he played only 19 mins. He plays decent D and at 6'11" hes at least some size on offense. Metcalf- I like what I've seen from him thus far this year. I realize he had no numbers in 11 mins last night but I think he shows promise for the future. McRae- I like the aggression he brings and he has shot the 3 decent before last night. Finally... Lindfors- I personally find him the most frustrating player on the team to watch. While he did have a "career night" last night he was still 3-7 and 1-4. But what gets me is what you don't see in the box score. When he misses, he misses big (2 air balls last night alone). He's probably a lot better player than he's playing right now and I probably am being too hard on him. But my point is right now we have 4 other guys (Harris, Ambrose, McRae, Aronhalt) that have proven they can shoot the 3 with some consistent success yet Lindfors takes more looks than them. On defense he brings a combo of speed and size that is great, but he often bails out the other team by commiting silly fouls (and yes I know this problem isn't just limited to him, but I think him and ambrose are the main culprits when it comes to this category). Yes there is A LOT of complaining in this post, but after a loss like that I'm not sure what else you can say. Shooting 36% and 20 TO's is just not gonna cut it. I was very pleased with friday's effort but I didn't get time to post before last nights game. I'm not BigDog/Jeff and I'm not trying to start problems.
  11. Jake Lindfors is not a D1 athlete, that simple. This team would be exponentially better if Lindfors didn't play. He ruins the offense by taking shots which he has clearly demonstrated he can NOT make and he kills any defensive momentum by committing terrible fouls.
  12. all the problems I've seen so far are typical for any team this early...the key is to take care of these issues sooner than later. I agree with what most have said so far about the young guys: looks like we have a ton potential, whether or not this develops this year or next will have to be seen. The D is clearly better (minus the stupid fouls that the team seems compelled to commit in key possessions) and the I'd rate the offense as roughly on the same level as the last week of last season. This is better than where the team was at this point last year but still some progress to be made...
  13. I'm really pumped for this weekend's games...in my opinion these are 3 decent teams that are very winnable none-the-less...I'd be happy if the guys took 2/3. I'm thinking they'll get w's friday and sunday night. From my first (and brief) look at detroit it looks like they are pretty solid and we might be over-matched. With this said I'd be happy to just see us play at the same level as a superior team. (great prep for siena in my opinion). anyone else get a chance to scout these teams? what are looking at realistically for wins this weekend? 0/3, 1/3, 2/3, 3/3?
  14. Sounds like an ugly win...but as everyone has said: a win is a win. It will be interesting to see if the team can build on this with the trio of games this weekend. The Detroit game will be tough but definitely winnable and obviously a huge non conference win to snag before Siena and league play. From the stats it looks like we got the unconventional UA win in that ambrose/harris didn't account for all of our points, it's good to see Scotty have a big game. If he can contribute 14 points per game this offense really shouldn't have problems since we don't expect poor nights from ambrose/harris all that often...keep in mind it was MJ's first night back...I'd say at this point in the season everyone should try to stay optimistic, there's plenty of time for things to fall into place...
  15. I don't wanna sound redundant if this is on another topic but I'd really like to see us run more. Coach Brown mentioned this in the off/pre-season and after what I saw Friday I think the team is definitely built to do this. Our roster just doesn't have the shooters for 40 mins of half-court basketball. I feel like coach brown is running an offense like Duke but obviously without the talent to execute successfully. Another frustrating thing I've noticed...why does Lindfors take soooo many 3's? He plays above average on the boards and on D but in my opinion he's always way to far from the basket on offense. I'm not sure what Coach brown sees in letting him take all these 3's but what I see is: 0-7 from outside and 3-15 overall in the first two games. I'm thinking a guy of his size should be looking for some better shots? Maybe the O will look different with MJ back to work tomorrow?
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