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  1. From Joe Henricksen City/Suburban Hoop Report April 2010 Let's hope the staff can keep him since I'm sure there will be schools from better conferences bashing the AE and telling him not to go to UA. Agreed. UA's selling point is that he'll have a chance to get real minutes from day 1.
  2. What did you guys think of Brown's post game interview? I'm not trying to start an anti-Brown campaign, but just wanted to hear opinions. To me, it seemed like he really can't explain what's going on. He kind of pinned the loss on toughness and rebounds, but that seems off to me (though I only listened to the game, didn't watch it). The rebounds looked(sounded) OK except for the few 3-point kick-out conversions and we seem to be playing tougher ball. I understand Harris was injured. But looking the minutes of who played during the past 2 to 6 games it seems like we still can't fi
  3. Yep, I couldn't agree more. Brown gets a lot of heat, and some of it is not well deserved. However, the lapses on the recruiting trail - in which I include players leaving the program for whatever reason - has a left us with gaps in leadership and inconsistent styles of play. The occasional JUCO or transfer (Harris) is fine, but I think we've had too many in a short period of time...too many guys have to learn Brown's system at the same time.
  4. How many years of eligibility does Urli have? That's awesome if he's a freshman with 3 more, but I heard that he transferred only has 1 year left. Watching him I think he has a lot of potential - in the post and shooting from the outside.
  5. I agree with this. Plus since Ambrose and Harris haven't been on together, it's possible they might have only combined about 25 pts and 5 TOs (obviously speculating here) ... the score might have been closer, but the outcome might not have been different... What's going on with Tartt? Its been a few games since he's had real minutes.
  6. Ouch. Looks like he'll have to earn it for his last few years
  7. Good info Bosi. I agree with you - time to build the younger guys, though I think Harris can still have a solid role this year. Gif and Johnson should sit...
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