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  1. Finally basketball again! Hopefully we can get some good vibes back in Albany: Here's a Q&A with the Cornell Basketball Blog. They seem pretty pessimistic about their similarly banged up squad in this game -- would be a very nice win for Danes.
  2. Put in some investigative legwork on this one and dug up some great stories about the rivalry in the 70s. "Albany-Siena Rivalry in the 70's -- when thumping meant something"
  3. Great article on the grateful suero... Here's our Q&A with the Siena Saints blog. Aside from being outrageously politically correct as always, they seem really downtrodden this year. zero energy about the team.
  4. Post-game reflections- Blake finally getting those bunnies to go! Loved Logan's under control play, but the offense still looked very vulnerable without Suero in there. I did enjoy the "flat lineups" -- a bunch of mostly 6'5 guys.
  5. To turn the page on the rough SBU game....this is an easy game to dismiss because of the record and the shalacking we gave them last year -- but this might be a tough game. Here's a preview with NYCBuckets about FDU: They have JUCO all-american Lonnie Hayes (not to be confused with Lenny) and a Duquense transfer who both scoring 16+ PPG
  6. that sucks. gotta be hard to not be able to play and being that far from home. On the bright side of the Hooley loss, looking forward to seeing more from Tanner (also, this will give hooley more years out of Suero's shadow so who knows, might give him more time to be a star...) Also Unranked Recap: Suero with 11 of the last 12 points, Black is absolutely killing low level competition and things looking up for bigs. Ualbany was well on way to playing an excellent good offensive and defensive game, but the let-up on both ends left them with only an above average offensive rating of 111 and a slightly average defensive rating of 102. Would've been nice to see them lock down a lesser opponent - but I think you'll see this team running away from team better offense much more often then slowing them down on D.
  7. Normally, whenever Logan has an off-game, my 1st thought is we need more Mike Black. But against GMU, black was equally (or more) ineffective. Similar to last year, we need Suero, Black and Logan to each be taking about 10 shots or so to have a balanced attack -- and against GMU it was very balanced.. but everyone was equally off. Some more thoughts over atUnrankedAE
  8. Will Brown wins when he has a superstar. Gerardo Suero is a superstar. Therefore, the Great Danes will win a lot of games this year. Overflowing with Suero intensity. The only problem is I'm getting increasingly worried about our bigs. Both injuries and poor position have yielding big John Puk ineffective and I'm worried we won't see him play up to his potential this year.
  9. These up and around/unders/through Big East big men is pretty mind boggling. Timmy was straight line to the bucket so if defenders anticipated well enough could get charge. Suero's far more mobile in the air. LOVE the FTA/FGA going to be near best in country at this rate
  10. Suero fever! Who knows... Here's aQ&A with the Syracuse blog and 3 reasons to be delusional and think UA can beat 'Cuse (started out at 5 reasons but yeah...)
  11. probably since they didn't miss any against us...
  12. if you want to do some AE scouting: Free, high quality feed of BU - Texas game (and jeff van gundy announcing... probably last time he'll do an AE game) http://espn.go.com/longhornnetwork/ also if you're watching, head over to our open thread as well: http://www.unrankedae.com/2011/11/13/2558488/gameday-11-13-umbc-and-bu-take-on-power-conferences-while-sbu#comments
  13. Unfortunately, much more "silent" than killer. Here's the UnrankedAE recap of the game: http://www.unrankedae.com/2011/11/12/2555969/pittsburgh-panthers-escape-pit-with-w-over-albany-but-gerardo-suero Also, we're doing a morning roundup of all the games around the league.
  14. 10 minutes until tip! Doing Albany/ AE chat on the thread over unrankedAE. Come on over! http://www.unrankedae.com/2011/11/11/2554484/praise-the-america-east-basketball-gods-were-finally-here-tip-off#comments
  15. Thanks DP -- and that's a helluva a factoid about Dixon, Click Clack.
  16. We're here! Here's a preview of Pitt thanks to a Q&A with the Pitt Blog: http://www.unrankedae.com/2011/11/11/2553159/snatched-from-the-jaws-of-the-enemy-a-conversation-with-pittsburgh Amazed how little emphasis they put on top-10 frosh Khem Birch. I'd be delusional about having such a good player come in and yammer constantly about them (oh wait, I already do with Suero).
  17. I see Hooley as key to this class. He's the handcuff for both Black and Suero. The season doesn't automatically crumble if Black get's hurt and we also have offensive firepower on the bench if Suero doesn't catch on as expected. Rowley is the x-factor though I'd say. We can't match other team's toughness (or health) inside with our three bigs from last year -- Rowley is going to have to mix it up with Voelkel and Brenton to balance out what should be a prolific offensive team.
  18. Albany Preview at Unranked: http://www.unrankedae.com/2011/11/1/2528494/albany-great-danes-season-preview Going to be through all the teams until kickoff next week... almost there!!
  19. Will's suero comment makes me feel much less bold for barely putting him in the top 10
  20. Some speculation to hold us over for the next two weeks: Top 25 Players in the League http://www.unrankedae.com/2011/10/28/2519842/the-sauers-watch-list-preseason-top-players-list-25-11#comments Putting out 10-1 on Monday, but we've got two Danes on there so far. I'm unsure whether Luke can recover from back surgery and produce at a level that sets him equal with some of the better, but not elite, AE bigs
  21. That... was a misinformed statement. Still, I'll stand by it! Will's got the confidence going -- hopefully the team steps up.
  22. Good work by will -- Bucknell should let them know just how good they are. http://www.unrankedae.com/2011/10/25/2514463/secret-scrimmages-in-the-america-east
  23. wonder if they're unintentially onto something -- this has a lot of new, explosive offensive pieces and it might take some time to find groove/ rotation, but should have the talent to compete with anyone for a 4 day stretch.
  24. great update -- you know coach loves being in the 4 spot and able to take this team in as an underdog.
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