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  1. Another season like last will be is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE! Like you, I expect this team to be improved and double digit wins. Slowly but surely coming around out of the darkness and into the light.
  2. Link??? The guy has just lost a lot more than he's won and that's the bottom line. I think we all want a winner, some of us are just tired of waiting this sinking ship out and want a change for the better.
  3. It's tough but I'd agree w/ the 13-15. 13 if they look better at the end of the season and maybe win a tourney game. 15, sign me up today. I'm a realist, or so I think. Hey I'm a Mets fan so you have to keep expectations reasonable. Talk radio can ruin sports if you listen too much. "Bad season if you don't win the World Series, or Super Bowl, conference championship" etc. Sometimes it's as if people think the other teams aren't trying to win too. I'm a realist too and in reality Brown has over stayed his welcome, 7 losing seasons in 9 years isn't exactly improvement or showing he's leading the program in the right direction. Especially after back to back NCAA runs, he put the program in the gutter with bad recruiting and talent after those runs. The level of play should have went up, not gone down and down and down. Like you said your a Mets fan, me too, I'm also a Bills fan, and a fan of UA ball, so I'm used to supporting a loser, but I don't like it. Losing is a product of a few things, lack of talent, poor coaching and a bad front office. Brown brings in the talent, he is the coach so the buck stops with him. I think he's a great defensive coach and tough hard nosed on the boards, but lacks the offensive knowledge to bring the program back up. Maybe Dr. Lee could pony up a few more bucks for a top notch offensive assistant. Don't get me all twisted, it's not like I have a vendetta against CB, I root for anyone to succeed, especially the underdogs and with pompous a$$es at LCC it makes it easy to root for UA. I think we just all want a winner, and you can only lose so much before a change is needed. Will Brown is the coach and the one responsible, just the nature of the beast.
  4. So in your world, UA could go 18-11 in the regular season , win 3 straight in the AE tournament to go to the ncaa's, win a first round game in the ncaa for the first time in school history and lose in the second round to finish at 22-12 and you would say he should be gone. That would be way above what any reasonable fan would expect this season, yet you would still fire the coach. Truly amazing Not at all if UA wins the AE title or finishes with a winning record that is respectable not 1 win over .500 at least 5 wins. I was talking more along the lines of a season like last year where the record could be 4-12,2-12, something like that.
  5. Why not (not that I'm looking forward to it)? Contrary to popular belief he has this and one more year under contract. UA isn't exactly flush with funds especially trying to build the football stadium. I thought this was his last year of his deal?
  6. Happy times are back, Jeff is in da house! Woot! Woot! Ready for another season fellas. Hopefully CB and the Danes can turn it around and have a successful year.
  7. Bummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmp. The Hot seat is as hot as ever coming into this season, CB doesn't have the luxury this season to lose and not be bought out. I'm putting the When Will Brown Get Fired line at 12 Losses. If UA gets to 12 losses Brown is gone and should be!
  8. Won't make a difference with Clown on the bench leading the charge...
  9. CB doesn't do local, he likes traveling the world on the recruiting trail. I think the only local player he's ever had was Lucious Jordan from Colonie. He refuses to give local players a scholarship and trys to make them all walk on.
  10. What was our record the 2 years before back to back NCAA appearances? Things can turn around fast in this league. 03-04 (5-23) 04-05 (13-15 05-06 (21-11) 06-07 (23-9) 07-08 (15-15) 08-09 (15-16) 09-10 (7-25)
  11. Isn't Al Davis on your hot seat too? No playoffs for the Raider in eight years. I'm a Bills fan, but it's just a great motto by Al. Need to improve big time next season. Must finish with a winning record or I think Dr. Lee says Adios to CB.
  12. "sniff sniff" What's that burning smell? The Hot Seat for CB is on FIRE!!
  13. So who is UA playing OOC and where are the games being played or does not not matter to you in projecting the OOC record. Does not matter who, when, where...In the famous words of Al Davis, "Just Win Baby!!!" Commitment to Excellence.
  14. Well hitting the lottery is def. up there. It's not like I'm asking to go undefeated here, I think those are reasonable expectations.
  15. Actually....quite not the case. But...then again, what do some of us know. Dont you have a St. Rose team to break down. Nope just the upcoming season for UA hoops.
  16. My expectations for next season would include: Averaging over 70ppg while keeping opponents under 65ppg Shorten rotation to 7-9 players unless in blowouts. No more quick hook for simple mistakes that are going to happen in a basketball game 18+ wins Top 3 in AE Win over LCC Winning OOC record
  17. I knew you'd miss me. I think CB sees the writing on the wall and he was looking for a way out. Because if he doesn't deliever a winning season next year or show significant signs of improvement he is going to be run out of UA and probably D1 all together. I'm glad your back hopefully this time you'll adhere to some sort of rules and not make a mockery of this board. Differing opinions are fun, as long as you don't hijack every single thread. I will adhere and post where the comments belong haha. It's been far too long.
  18. Now after an awful season last year, 7-25, the program is obviously on the decline with CB at the helm. Unfortunately UA cannot afford the buyout this year but this is CB make or break year. The Hot Seat is on FIRE!!!Hopefully the Great Danes can turn it around but as history tells us the chances are slim.
  19. I knew you'd miss me. I think CB sees the writing on the wall and he was looking for a way out. Because if he doesn't deliever a winning season next year or show significant signs of improvement he is going to be run out of UA and probably D1 all together.
  20. I voted For it. It would finally be nice to drink a beer and watch a UA game at the same time.
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