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  1. That should have nothing to do with it. You can walk from just about any part of Durham to Ludholm. In fact, I would gather students are going to get piss drunk...and have nothing else to do so they could have a crowd. Most professors live within walking distance as well.


    I know you can walk...I grew up there. Walking in the cold is no fun and people don't usually do it, especially if it's snowing. And you overestimate students' and professors' interest in UNH basketball.


    Attendance: 345

  2. a loss by BU tonight will jumble things up nicely in the middle of the pack


    Agreed, but don't get your hopes up. Binghamton has been TERRIBLE lately. (I assume that by BU, you mean Boston University. Some people from NY (i.e. my roommate) think/say that BU stands for Binghamton University.)

  3. Agreed on Ambrose, his energy on the glass for second chance bounce sparked the run that put us up early. No agreement on Iati though. He didn't do anything bad... but the problem with this game wasn't doing things bad, it was an inability to make progress- which is what Jake brought to the table. Watts played very well in limited time in first half (fouls) even though his shot wasn't dropping, against penetrating lane. Actually also some very nice looks inside to Puk from Ambrose. A couple Puk made nice cuts but just couldn't deal with the little people in traffic. Work in progress, but it'd be nice to see some more progress in the last ten minutes not just the first thirty.


    True that Iati will never be an offensive threat, but I don't think Watts is much of one either at this point as he has a bad shot. Also, I'd rather have Iati's good defense than Watts' crap fouling defense, but we'll have to agree to disagree :) I was just happy for Iati that he went out there for the first real minutes in a long while and accomplished what he did - the kid has heart. And his height makes you want to root for him!

  4. I'm not sure how anyone played for the first 3 quarters, but I saw nothing out of Ambrose.

    Maybe somebody needs to remind him this is his senior year, that the team needs a strong leader,

    and it's his last chance to go to the dance.


    Think you needed to see the whole game since Ambrose had 15 points and 14 rebounds

  5. Funny how I forgot it was a 5pm start, turned on with 10 minutes left in the game, and

    they score 1 point. I wish I had watched the first 3 quarters, and maybe I'd have some positives

    to balance out that garbage I just witnessed.


    Do we even have revelance on the local stage???


    Doc, too funny about the 'take a knee at the 10 minute mark' remark!


    I'm not sure how anyone played for the first 3 quarters, but I saw nothing out of Ambrose.

    Maybe somebody needs to remind him this is his senior year, that the team needs a strong leader,

    and it's his last chance to go to the dance.


    Replay will be available on espn.com (ESPN3)...likely not until tomorrow though.

  6. We need to put a good defensive player on John Holland - someone who can keep up with him on the perimeter and in the paint. When he doesn't score, BU struggles. I'm afraid that a match-up zone will leave Holland open to knock down threes.


    Any ideas on who should guard Holland?


    The million dollar question is why didn't we adjust against it? Clearly UNH adjusted we didn't and got blown out.

    UNH fell behind because of 15 turnovers in the first half. They 'adjusted' by hitting six straight threes in 5 1/2 minutes and shooting 67% in the second half. Conley had 33 for the game, 25 in the 2nd.


    CB said Monday that while we did OK vs. UVM they had a 'flat' 1-3-1 with Accoui out front, Hart had 6'9" Sabia up top and 6'8" Maciel in the middle stopping the drives, and both of them making it hard to pass over or thru.


    I was at the UNH-Hartford game. As soon as I saw Hartford's zone, I understood why Albany couldn't score. It was unbelievable - no way to get shots that weren't NBA threes (clearly not UNH's strong suit).


    In the second half, Hartford did go to man-to-man occasionally, but UNH went on a 20-2 run by hitting like 9 threes on their next possessions. They would set a screen to get Conley open in the corner and he could not miss. It was amazing, and he was the only reason that UNH won.


    Considering Albany had a bad shooting night, there was no way that they could beat Hartford with its zone. So I guess my observation is that, as much as I don't want to admit it, UNH got really, really lucky in that they couldn't miss from the perimeter - and that's the only reason they won. (Also thanks to two missed Hartford FTs at the end.) So I think the Albany-Hartford game said more about Hartford as a great defensive team than it did about Albany as a team in general. (Note: I did not watch or listen to the Hartford/UA game, so I could definitely be wrong.)


    Edit: UNH-Hartford Highlights - see how UNH beat Hartford's zone:


  8. I'm surprised any coach would let his player look like that!

    If I were coaching, dude would have a crew cut by now.


    Great story 96 and thanks for the AA info... thanks to 72 and 91 as well.


    Dslyank - I contacted channelsurfing a few hours ago. Haven't heard anything as of yet.


    He did it to raise money for cancer, which I think is what his mom died of earlier this year. But now I think he keeps it for the attention:


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