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  1. My predictions/observations: UAlbany wins. However, Dane DiLiegro is a beast who will wipe the floor with Puk, Devlin, and Metcalf if he gets going. That's a big "if" given his last few performances. Albany has the clear advantage in the backcourt. Ferg Myrick is UNH's break-out star, but he still doesn't make the offensive impact of Aronhalt, Ambrose, or Black, let alone the three combined. Tyrone Conley often scores in double digits, but his play isn't memorable. Chandler Rhoads is an awful shooter, especially from the perimeter. Think Scotty McRae bad. Like in the teens, percentage-wise.
  2. Fun fact: Saw Dane DiLiegro walk into the bar I was at on New Years and started loudly saying, "Dane!!!" Then I realized I didn't actually know him and was being creepy. Luckily for both of us, he didn't even stay. Wish I could have talked his ear off about the upcoming game, though!
  3. As we all know, last year was a low point for UAlbany, and a lot of criticism was directed towards Tim Ambrose, who provided the disappointing statistic of 100 total turnovers for the season. We seemed farther than ever from the glory days of Jamar Wilson and NCAA bids. Today, I found some very interesting statistics whilst browsing statsheet.com: JAMAR WILSON - SEASON TOTALS Season GP MPG PPG FG% 3FG% FT% APG RPG SPG TO/G TotTO 2006-07 33 36.3 18.8 45.4 39.3 74.6 4.8 6.2 1.2 3.6 119 2005-06 32 34.9 17.7 45.4 36.3 85.0 3.9 4.9 1.3 3.7 117 2004-05 27 37.1 16.9 43.4 39.8 82.8 4.1 3.1 1.3 4.4 119 2003-04 1 33.0 13.0 28.6 0.0 83.3 2.0 1.0 0.0 5.0 5 2002-03 27 37.2 18.9 48.8 35.9 81.5 3.3 3.8 0.8 3.6 98 ________________________________________ Career 120 36.3 18.0 45.6 37.4 80.8 4.1 4.6 0.2 3.82 458 So it seems that even all-stars can be prone to turnovers. With that said, who do you think will be the next UAlbany All-Star (a.k.a. the next Jamar Wilson)? Relevant stats can be found here: http://greatdanenation.com/
  4. When I said "pretty darn good," I was referring to the top six teams in the conference. If the overall record is 27-32, then eliminating UMBC takes away at least 11 losses (I didn't check how current your number was), and makes it a winning record. Do I think UMBC, Hartford, and Binghamton are terrible? Yes. But I am very encouraged that the conference seems to have talent and potential, with the conference championship arguably wide open (to those six teams). Last year's teams could not have done with this year's teams have done, IMO (i.e. beat Siena, rattle UConn). But maybe I'm just overly impressed because last year was so bad. Or because I'm clearly biased America East won't produce the next Butler, but if we can shake the confidence of Jim Calhoun, I'm impressed!
  5. Why does everyone keep saying that the America East is awful? Yes, there have been some hiccups (see yesterday's UNH game), but our league has hung with the best of them. UNH almost beat UConn, which is #5 in the nation and has the nation's leading scorer. Maine just beat Penn State. Vermont is 8-3. Boston and Stony Brook may be struggling, and UMBC may be laughable, but I think our league is pretty darn good!
  6. 12/18/10 vs. Mount St. Mary's: 19 points = 1,258 --> #16 (same)
  7. ...Other Post-Game Thoughts: It seems like Watts has replaced Iati as back-up PG. One thing I've noticed about him is that is very hesitant to drive to the basket, unlike Black and Ambrose. Also, his shot is kind of ugly, but he did make a nice FG towards the end of the game. Another thing I noticed in this game is that on multiple occasions, Logan drove into the paint, picked up his dribble, and then looked desperately to pass it out instead of trying to create a shot. Not a great habit to pick up - there's no where to go! Speaking of paint players, I thought Blake Metcalf did a great job down low. He had a couple of really nice post moves against his defender. His defender, coincidentally, played the weirdest man defense I have ever seen. He was rocking on his hips and jutting his midsection into the back of Blake while leaning away with his upper body. It was very, very strange looking! Great performances by Ambrose and Black! I liked their intensity and how they pushed the ball up the floor quickly. Tim's energy got the best of him a few times when he made some passing mistakes, but the rest of his game was great so all is forgiven. Speaking of passing, MSM were very good passers. Their passes were crisp, on-target, and really fooled our defense at the beginning. Also a good job by Devlin. I'm always surprised to see that he doesn't have more points because he seems like he is contributing a lot during the game. The match-up zone worked well again. In the second half, MSM got quite a few dunks on offense, but that might have been after we switched to man defense. Also, great to note that the starting five went 11 of 12 from the line (Devlin, Logan, and Mike Black shot 100%). Unfortunately, the bench was 0 for 4, including Billy Allen's two misses. I thought he was the best free throw shooter?!
  8. Tartt looked a little rusty, but still played well. It made me think how keeping kids on the bench kind of hurts their ability to develop as players. It's too bad the reserve members of the squad can't act as a JV-type team and scrimmage players from other teams. I got really nervous when I saw Iati check in during the media time-out when we were up 13-3. Not sure it's a coincidence that the lead shrunk after that.
  9. I was, quite frankly, disgusted with Lindfors. He has sat out two of the three previous games and then he goes in and starts WALKING on defense and offense. Not an ounce of enthusiasm or work ethic. He didn't even box out! He commits a stupid, blatant foul and then whines about it being called. Pretty much the same crappy performance in the second half. He was lucky to see garbage time with the way he was acting. Maybe I'm being too hard on the kid, but his attitude was appauling.
  10. I'll be another student there! I will be interested to see if attendance does drop (and by how much) because most students have gone home. There never seems to be more than 100 students there at any given game anyway, but sometimes it's hard to tell. From the article on Puk, it doesn't look like his Achilles will heal anytime this season. Hopefully the guys will be well rested and ready to play.
  11. 12/11/10 vs. Central Connecticut State: 21 points = 1,239 --> #16 (same)
  12. Looking at the box score jogged a few more memories/comments: Logan's one-handed dunk was awesome. He only had 8 points (again), but those two were amazing. Puk and Devlin did a nice job keeping their fouls down (2 and 3, respectively). Also, neither of them turned the ball over. Something very encouraging: 75% from the line! (9 for 12) Surprisingly, Tim didn't take any foul shots.
  13. no matter what the guy does people still manage to bring out his mistakes. the guy friggin one the game for us. black had 7 TO as well why dont you bring that up. I think you have to put the turnover statistic in perspective. At least two of those were offensive fouls, which is different (IMO) then throwing the ball away. He was trying to score, and at least one of the calls was borderline. I'm not sure how they count turnovers, but Albany hit the ball out of bounds under CCSU's basket, and Ambrose jumped out of bounds and tried to save it, but ended up throwing it to CCSU. Again, I don't know if that counts, but if it does, then his turnovers must be looked at differently. Mike Black, on the other hand, was responsible for his turnovers because he didn't take care of the basketball (not entirely his fault though because of the poor offensive movement all around). He got a five-second call for one, and a jump ball/turnover for another. He was getting too emotional/frustrated, like I said before. Let's not get down on Tim. The only way he contributed to CCSU's comeback was getting his fourth foul, which made him have to tone down his intensity.
  14. i said before the season that devlin looked eerily similar to singler. There is some resemblance, but mirrors don't shatter when Devlin looks in them! Also, calling him "Singler" every single time he touched the ball was a bit much.
  15. Yes, I was thrilled with Watts' free throws, especially since he doesn't have a high percentage from the line! And a great job by Puk, icing the win. It was at the other end of the court, so I didn't see it very well from where I was sitting.
  16. According the Elkin, 22 thought he got an intentional elbow to face from Ambrose on his layup, no call, he kept complaining about it until he got T'd up Wow, what an idiot! He doesn't exactly have a good role model, though - his coach threw a temper tantrum after his player clearly fouled Mike Black on the shot attempt. It was kind of hilarious, though. I wish FoxSports980 archived their shows so I could go back and listen. Thanks for the info, Doc!
  17. I don't think Black went down to get a play stoppage, but I definitely think his frustration was part of the reason he stayed down and then didn't come back in. After that, he was on the bench next to the coaches, not being looked at by the trainer. He was too emotional and frustrated to go back in, in my opinion.
  18. My thoughts: Wow, that was a little TOO exciting for a game in which we led by double digits for most of it. All hail Tim Ambrose. The kid has skills and was amazing in the first half. A couple of mental mistakes and he’s on the bench, bashing himself in the head with a towel. (I’m not kidding – that really happened.) I feel bad for the guy because he doesn’t seem to respond well to Coach Brown screaming at him in the face (big surprise). Regardless, a couple of borderline offensive fouls made him tone down his aggressiveness, but he did a great job making the shot to put UA up 62-60. I’m not positive, but I think he may have assisted the bucket that tied the game at 60. (Was that the pass to Puk under the basket?) Bottom line: Great job, Tim! Fantastic defense. That 3-2 zone was great. If you took away CCSU’s #24, they would have lost by a lot more. Excellent zone defense; very encouraging. Offense: The players seem lost when they are being closely guarded by man-to-man. Black is the only PG who doesn’t get it stolen from him, but he was getting extremely frustrated because no one was getting open. I think the late injury was partially a mental break needed on his part, because he didn’t seem to be limping when he got up. Hopefully he’s fine. Logan: He was off on his shot, which was too bad. Kind of a non-factor. Also, please work on the foul shots. Free points after the technical and he was 1 for 2. ARGH! Puk: great blocks. Devlin: So glad that we have a 4 who can shoot from the perimeter. Also, the kid behind me kept calling him “Singler” and I wanted to punch him. (Because Singler is painful to look at.) Watts: Thank God he made those foul shots at the end! Well, that’s all I can remember for now
  19. Did anyone catch what happened between #22 and the ref? I saw him bitching to the ref while on defense (I think about Ambrose, but I didn't see what happened to make him complain). Next thing I know, there is a jump ball/turnover by UA, and a few seconds later the ref gives him a technical. I know he was running his mouth - he didn't stop even after the technical - but does anyone know what it was about?
  20. Me, too. It's like it barely matters because of how awesome Saturday was.
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