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  1. 1. I'm only guessing, but Thatcher probably isn't playing because he's new to the team (JUCO transfer) as opposed to a health issue. I didn't listen to the game but the stats say he only played one minute at Fairleigh Dickinson (which was a slaughter by UA). Maybe he will work his way into the rotation later in the season or he could sit on the bench until next year. Either way, my guess is that the not playing is related to performance and/or rotation issues, not health.
  2. 2. "With forward Fran Urli likely lost for the season after left hip surgery -- he can't even begin running until after the new year -- Tim Ambrose is the only senior who will suit up." -- Mark McGuire, 11/9/10: http://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/The-team-UAlbany-cannot-be-804300.php Haven't heard anything about the redshirt possibility, but don't they have to decide and declare that they are exercising this option by a certain point (i.e. early in the season)?
  3. 11/28/10 vs. Bowling Green (@ Detroit): 13 points = 1,176 --> #17 (same)
  4. 11/27/10 vs. Niagara (@ Detroit): 14 points = 1,163 --> #17
  5. 1. Jamar Wilson 2002-07 - 2,164 2. Gary Holway 1955-59 - 1,851 3. Jason Graber 1990-94 - 1,608 4. Morrison Teague 1985-89 - 1,526 5. Don Cohen 1957-61 - 1,466 6. Andre Duncan 1994-98 - 1,453 7. Barry Cavanaugh 1975-79 - 1,414 8. Rich Margison 1966-69 - 1,409 9. Will Brand 1998-02 - 1,405 10. Adam Ursprung 1983-87 - 1,404 11. Todd Cetnar 1996-00 - 1,345 12. John Dieckelman 1980-83 - 1,274 13. Jim Oppedisano 1960-63 - 1,271 14. Levi Levine 2002-06 - 1,270 15. Dan Croutier 1981-85 - 1,269 16. Brent Wilson 2004-08 - 1,178 17. Antione Johnson 1999-03 - 1,157 18. Jon Iati 2003-08 - 1,142 19. Tom McGoldrick 1995-98 - 1,135 20. Ted Hotaling 1991-95 - 1,125 21. Dick Crossett 1962-65 - 1,103 22. Matthew Haggarty 1996-00 - 1,096 23. Byron Miller 1971-74 - 1,090 24. Mike Suprunowicz 1973-77 - 1,069 25. Darrin Jahnel 1994-98 - 1,065 26. Michael Shene 1987-91 - 1,056 BEFORE THE CURRENT SEASON: 27. Tim Ambrose 2007-Present - 1,051 Points by Season: 2007-2008: 210 points (29 games played) 2008-2009: 443 points (31 games played) 2009-2010: 398 points (32 games played)
  6. I'm sure his foot was exacerbated from playing three games in a row. I think Puk has to play (and play well) in order for UA to have a chance at beating Siena. The situation poses the question of whether it is worth it to keep playing Puk and get wins/close games now or sit him and hope the injury resolves itself quickly and completely. I'm not sure which is better. The deciding issue for me is whether continued playing could cause long-term injury, which Coach Brown has denied. Hope he's right! The other issue this brings up is how would Puk be playing if he was completely better? I can't wait to see the results because the kid shows a lot of potential!
  7. Wow, they are really pulling out all of the stops to get students to come (which is great). I know I didn't go last year because I didn't know where to park, among other reasons. Hopefully there will be a good turnout! Also, most students will be on campus because we have classes into next week. I really wish I could go this year but I have a previous commmitment.
  8. My take Rossiter is a beast. He is a great post player and knows how to make shots. He’s practically averaging a double-double per game. Against the national runner-up (Butler), he had 26 points and 15 rebounds. UA should not underestimate him, especially because Albany does not have a similarly situated point-producing post player. In order to contain Rossiter, Albany’s bigs (Puk, Devlin, and Metcalf) need to keep their fouls under control. Additionally, if UA can put Rossiter in foul trouble, that would be excellent, but this will only be accomplished by attacking the hoop. From what I’ve seen, Rossiter rarely encounters foul trouble. Other Siena Players: Wignot is supposedly a good defender but he picks up fouls quickly. I think Anosike is a strong post player but the stats don’t always bear that out. Brookins has replaced Griffin at the point and stays in for long periods. He’s quick and isn’t afraid to drive, but he makes sloppy, “freshman” passes that are easy to pick off. He turned the ball over at least five times against Butler (although the official stats differ). Good defense and ball pressure should exploit this weakness. Clarence Jackson is a question mark. Only eight points against Butler – plus five turnovers. When he’s on, he’s on. UA needs to keep him cold with good D. Siena doesn’t really have a 3-point threat, unless Clarence Jackson has a good night. In addition, the Saints don’t have a lot of bench minutes. Rossiter, Brookins, Jackson, Wignot, Anosike, and Martens play most of the minutes, with a couple of other players filling in the gaps. UA should make the most of their fresh legs and outrun the Saints. Finally, keys for UAlbany: -Contain Rossiter -Shoot the ball well, ESPECIALLY free throws -Limit turnovers, especially against a press. Keep in mind, my impressions are based on the two home games I saw on TV – versus Vermont and Butler.
  9. BG would 'go back' to OH..because they were in Detroit..but are from OH. The geography seems to make sense to me? I think the announcers said it was an intentional foul..not a tech foul? I meant to say intentional. In that context if youre not from Detroit why would you be telling someone to go back home. Using that as trash talk would only work if you are home. We were away and telling someone that is just not cleverenough trash talk. I hope our guys would be more clever trash talkers than that. Concerning the elbows: Unintentional elbows above the shoulders (?) = "intentional foul" = 2 free throws and the ball, personal foul against the opposing player. Intentional elbows or dangerous elbow play (not an honest mistake) = "flagrant foul" = 2 free throws and the ball, ejection of the opposing player.
  10. Why did the UA player say that? What caused him to make that statement? Was there any physical contact that preceded the remarks? I'm pretty sure brown said the assistant coach told one of our players to go back to Ohio. If one of ours said that they are pretty bad at trash talking because Detroit is not their home either. We have to go back to new york. I thought that's what Brown said as well, because I remember thinking, "Oh, he must be referring to Logan."
  11. I may be stealing a quote that I saw on here earlier, but teams that press know how to break the press...and it seems like those that do not press cannot break it. Albany tends not to press, if I recall.
  12. Short answer is because the paper and the sports editor suck. Longer answer is as everyone knows the TU paid to put their name on the building that LCC plays in so they are trying to get a "return on their investment" at any expense instead of doing what good newspapers are supposed to which is cover stories as they deserve to be covered. Wow, I didn't even make the connection between the Times Union center and T.U. coverage of basketball! While I'm still feeling stupid, I have to ask: What does LCC stand for? I've seen it used a bunch of times and can't figure it out!
  13. Also, I take back my pessimism about Puk. Forty minutes and only one foul! From what's being said on the board, he really does seem to have potential. Sorry I doubted you, kid!
  14. Were you confused by the question or were you unsure of the answer? If it was the former, a better way for me to put it would be: Who should have sat on the bench because they sucked? (But that wouldn't be very P.C.!) Example answer: Metcalf. Thanks for your answers! Metcalf would be that guy but he played only 5 minutes...not sure how much less he could have played. Why did he play so few minutes? Was he just fouling a lot or was it for some other reason (that you could deduce)?
  15. Were you confused by the question or were you unsure of the answer? If it was the former, a better way for me to put it would be: Who should have sat on the bench because they sucked? (But that wouldn't be very P.C.!) Example answer: Metcalf. Thanks for your answers!
  16. Iati reminds me of a Joey-Accaoui-type back-up point guard. Comes in to relieve the starter, can shoot if needed, good energy...and they are both very short!
  17. Opinion questions: 1. Who had the best game for UA? 2. Who played the worst? 3. Who should have played (more) but didn't? 4. Who should have played less? 5. Most impressive performance - by whom and why? 6. One thing you saw that made you optimistic about the season. (Or more than one thing.) 7. Most important area of improvement needed.
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