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  1. Can someone explain why the Times Union hates UA basketball? FIVE articles on the Siena game and none on Albany's double overtime game? I know they are three-time MAAC champs, but still...
  2. Do you think Black was the reason they played so well or were they just on? Player stats are up here: http://detroittitans.cstv.com/gametracker/launch/gt_mbaskbl.html?event=961106&school=detm&sport=mbaskbl&camefrom=&startschool=&
  3. How did Black look out there? In pain? Did he make the difference in the game? Side note: I think the kid is great but he won't solve the turnover problem. He had five! And he had a lot last year as well.
  4. For those of you who (like me) missed most of the game, the play-by-play is here: http://detroittitans.cstv.com/gametracker/launch/gt_mbaskbl.html?event=961106&school=detm&sport=mbaskbl&camefrom=&startschool=&
  5. I take back everything bad I said about Billy Allen!
  6. Achilles problem or not, Puk seems to have a problem with his basketball IQ. He fouled out of the American game after playing 13 minutes (and at least two of the fouls were on offense). He got 4 fouls against Iona playing - again - only 13 minutes. To be fair, I did not watch the Iona game (I'm home on break), so I don't know whether the fouls were committed on offense or defense, but Puk needs to figure out how to play without fouling, period. I'm disappointed in his results, to say the least. He seemed like he had potential.
  7. Allen let El-Amin score the game winner so maybe that's why he's sitting?!
  8. Put up a preview on PAGN. This GTech squad is shaky and they don't have an offensive identity, but they have a few guys who can light it up... and in front of a home crowd and post Kenn St. loss, I expect they will. It seemed like Kennesaw state as 3-4 real offensive weapons and they were all firing). Also, wanted to thank Ilko for the highlights vids he's putting up on PAGN, they look great- here's to hoping the team gives him some more material to work with as we move forward! And watching Detroit holding their own against 'Cuse now. They are a good team, we are really going to struggle with their talent. Just read your preview. I'll bet $20 that Ambrose doesn't start. Last year, Brown was criticized for a constantly changing player rotation (and starting line-up). This year, he seems reluctant to make any changes, even necessary ones. (Only based on the first two games, but I've got a bad feeling.) I doubt Tartt will see playing time either. He had limited minutes last year as well - is it a confidence thing? He seems hesitant, nervous, but still takes care of the ball. Overall, I see Coach Brown sticking with the same starting five and the nine-man rotation; maybe Metcalf replaces Puk because of the Achilles injury. What about Theo Hatcher? Wasn't he supposed to be a scoring machine? Any theories on why Billy Allen hasn't played at all? I've seen the comments about his poor shooting stats, but for a guy who Brown considered promoting to captain last year AND who was tasked with guarding Stony Brook's El-Amin, it's a little surprising! (I don't have an opinion on whether he should play, FYI.)
  9. First of all...welcome to the board. Always great to have a new poster on board. This place is intense in our passion for our Danes, you seem like you'll fit right in. The refs kept calling elbowing, a few were on Puk the others were on Devlin. It was stupid, I didn't see a single one. Thanks, clickclack! That makes sense now. And I'm so happy I found this place...none of my friends at UA know (or care about) basketball so I'm glad to find like-minded fans!
  10. Something in Andrew Santillo's blog just reminded me of a question I had about the American game: Why did the refs keep calling fouls on UAlbany while the Danes were on offense? I seem to remember at least four or five but I couldn't see what happened from my seat. Illegal screens, maybe? It was always called by the same referee, too! Does anyone know/remember?
  11. Yes I understand Tim will get 30 min a game, but why not start with your best lineup on the floor. Why wait to put him in when your down almost double digits. Agree 100%. far and away the most talent on our squad, should be on the floor most of the game. Is it me, or does anyone else think Aronhalt takes too many shots for a guy with his FG % ? Tim stopped starting mid-way through last season, if memory serves. Coach Brown would take him out as soon as he made a mistake, which likely made Ambrose even more jittery. Coach Brown's attitude seemed to be, "If you aren't going to deliver for me consistently, I'm going to put you on the bench." Definitely demeaning for the captain. It's unclear whether his absence from the starting line-up is a carry over from last season, a result of a groin injury earlier this school year, or some other reason (or a combination). Brown seems to have calmed down a bit concerning Ambrose, though; he hasn't pulled Tim out for little mistakes in the past two games, at least not as far as I noticed. It will be interesting to see whether this leeway will impact Ambrose's decision making, which is inconsistent, to put it nicely. (If the last shot in the Cornell game is any indication, it isn't doing much.) As for Aronhalt, I think he takes shots for a few reasons: 1) He's one of a few that isn't afraid to, especially from the outside (Watts, Moore, and Iati are more hesitant). 2) He was/is constantly being touted as a brilliant shooter, so he likely believes it. I don't think it's the same situation as Scotty McRae circa last season, who threw up any shot he had and bombed most of them. I remember watching Logan's debut game last year and remarking on his nice shooting touch. Now, his shot seems awkward - perhaps a consequence of his foot problems? Either way, it's too inconsistent. Just watch his shot and then compare to someone like Ambrose - it's weird! Did anyone else notice this as well? Bottom line: Aronhalt needs to figure out which shots he can make consistently and take those - and only those!
  12. Hello all, Just happened across this site and I feel so at home - finally some fellow fans to discuss UA basketball with! I've noticed on this and other blogs (especially Times Union's blog) that many people are dissatisfied with Will Brown's coaching. I was wondering: What role do his assistants play (Pat Filien, Chad O'Donnell, Jeremy Friel) - both day-to-day and during games? Does your dissatisfaction extend to the assistants as well? Would you prefer to see Coach Brown replaced with one of them? I don't know a whole lot about the role of coaches at the college level so any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated!
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