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  1. 28 minutes ago, Eli said:

    DOES NOT WORK. DO NOT ATTEMPT. You need to WAIT until you get an email from Nate Mason with a pin before you can reset your account. I learned the hard way and am now waiting for Nate to straighten out my mess.

    The above site should not have been on the web; until Nate had time to get his emails out.

  2. 14 hours ago, UA1882 said:

    Anderson is absolutely lost and will not play much

    Last year when Anderson tried to play through his injury; he was awful and like you say looked totally LOST. Early this year more of the same, thought he was just trying too hard? Seems like a good kid and has shown a few glimpses. I hope he works it out;  but I have to agree, it looks like he "will not play much." 

  3. 23 hours ago, UA'08 said:

    Is there a link to purchase team gear?

    Just go to ualbanysports.com and hit shop or direct link:


    also barns&noble online bookstore has team gear and often has good sales; even though sometimes the items are not always the most recent logo's and styles. The pricing and service is good and being OLD, do not care about latest "style." If I remember {just said I am OLD}, I'll try to post the link, next time b&n has a sale.

    Anyhow, I think the above link will get you the good stuff.

    ps just got sale email from b&n:


  4. 52 minutes ago, jimbo said:

    After seeing a picture of UA players kneeling during the National Anthem, my interest in UA basketball has gone from low to zero. Glad I saw it before sending in my GDAC money. 

    I did not see the beginning of the game and missed the kneeling. The entire AmEast is having a Martin Luther King tribute weekend. I wonder if the kneeling was in tribute to King or has it been a regular occurrence at UA {I have not seen it previously?}

    Speaking of GDAC, I did make my regular basketball donation this week. Received emails from both Gattuso and Will Brown this week; advertising team gear sales and of course asking for donations. I had made football gdac long ago; but decided to add-in my basketball gdac now. I did not support the "sellout" program, felt it really was a sellout to season ticket holders and long time donors. But after getting assurances that even though the ticket portal and hence "my account" is still LOCKED, all money donated will be properly applied and credited.

    ps.  the donation was handled through UA FOUNDATION and NOT gdac {which I have said for years is how it should be.}

  5. The AmEast would be smart to just play a conference only schedule THIS year. The caa is already doing this; the patriot league likely; and others a strong possibility. The ivy like the article says who knows; but with their earliest possible practice being March 1, will if they play at all probably be conference only.

    With the addition of NJIT, the AmEast has 8 lacrosse playing members; playing each home & away will give a 14 game schedule. It would allow a little later starting time, less early season bad weather and have more flexibility for covid issues. If they do not go conference only, each team would be on their own scheduling 6 or 7 games with a limited participant pool. Also, they would have greater travel costs and risks, and more than likely be forced to schedule more early season bad weather games to fill out their schedules.

  6. Some say Rizzuto is not a D1 player. They may be right. But IMHO he makes the perfect captain. He gives 110%, 110% of the time; whether he plays 2 minutes or 38 minutes he always stays positive; he only cares about winning; he is fearless and not afraid of getting into the face of any of ANY opponent or teammate. Maybe he does not have Levi Levine's skill level; but like Levi, he is the perfect sole captain. 

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  7. A real AD would demand the resources it takes to run a quality program. The current AD only cares about raising money. Maybe if he did his job and ran a quality program FIRST, it would be a lot easier to raise money. I know what comes first the chicken or the egg; but a real AD if he was not given the funding or the support to run a quality program, would say, sorry I cannot run this program like that and leave. If he is satisfied to draw a salary and tread water, you get what you get ---MEDIOCRACY!

    IMHO, even if you threw a ton of money at him, our current AD does not have the where-with-all to run a quality program. Of course you ALL have the right to your own opinions on the matter. But it really seems to me, if an AD is not getting the support and monies he needs to do the job, well man-up or woman-up whatever and get that support or LEAVE.

  8. 18 hours ago, Eli said:

    Nail. Meet head. Especially the bold part. Ask anyone who knows me...prior to last year or this year, I'd skip things just to make sure I caught the game or attended a game. I honestly watched like 5 minutes of this game and said, "Nah, I'm going to go fire up my XBox and play some Madden". I honestly watched more of the Bills/Colts game than I did the UA game (and I'm a Jets fan!).

    Our brand of basketball is bland/boring.

    Maybe it's the lack of attending games in person due to COVID, but I have almost zero desire these days. Much of the board agrees as our game threads are generally pretty stagnant as well.

    It really is sad...

    Damn it Eli, I am trying NOT to like your posts; trying to keep my slim LIKES lead; but you are 100% right on. As are the many who are describing how boring this team is and has been for a number of years now. I am a lot older than most on this blog and have bled purple and gold for over 50 years. I was at a UA basketball game 2/1/1975 and 1/28/1980 and a thousand others. These two days stand out, because two of my sons were born on those days. Yes I was at a basketball game hours after my wife gave birth. The only reason I was not at a game on my third son's birthday, was there was not a game scheduled 12/4/1986. Two years ago, I was at a UA basketball game less than a week after having a kidney removed.

    Several years ago I started losing interest in football. Kept my season tickets and attended regularly but did not need much of an excuse to miss a game; and certainly would not pay to see tv or streamed games. Starting to feel the same way about basketball. The only sport that I still bleed for is lacrosse; and if UA does not do something soon, that sport will suffer the same mediocracy that football and basketball have reached. I know and rightfully so, everyone has their favorite sport and allegiances. 

    IMHO, the problem lies at the top; aka the athletic director. People can call for coaching changes; {head or otherwise}, new  offensive or defensive strategies, better recruits, better facilities . And they may indeed be right on!  When so many programs indeed ALL (except perhaps track) are spiraling into mediocracy or worse, who do you blame??????? 

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  9. I understand Healy and Luka are injured and may be for a while. But what the heck is the matter with Hutch. Showed a lot  of promise last year {a little inconsistent @ times, but for a freshman, I really thought we had something may be even a star in the making??} Shafer reported as the "BEST" player in practice. Is it nerves, he like Hutch seems totally lost when on the floor. And JoJo played only 8 minutes yesterday. Counting Healy & Luka that is what many predicted could be UA's starting five this year???????  Also, for a team that has only played 4 games, WHY are we SO beat up. Brown must be killing (just kidding) these guys in practice.

    Anyhow, looking for thoughts and opinions:  Will any of the 2019-2020 roster come around?? Or is what we saw yesterday all there is???

    re-printed from vermont entry. Still looking for thoughts/opinions. Is this team what we saw in the second half Saturday and the first half Sunday? Is there any HELP on the way?

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  10. 3 hours ago, jimbo said:

    What was with the technical fouls? Were things chippy or did the UA players lose their cool?

    Saw the replay  several times. Seemed to me a NO CALL. Even the homie announcers "sort of" indicated they thought it would be NO CALL. What I saw was a scramble for the ball; Duncan flat on his back on the floor kicked his feet out, did not really look like any intent, just trying to maintain equilibrium I think, but the kick did get CJ. When Duncan started to get up it looked like CJ pumped Duncan causing him to fall back down. Probably was with purpose, but definitely not overly aggressive. Just letting Duncan KNOW he got kicked, IMHO do not think CJ was out of control or trying to knock Duncan down or escalate ?

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  11. 14 hours ago, jimbo said:

    Still, 56 of 63 points came from new players.

    I understand Healy and Luka are injured and may be for a while. But what the heck is the matter with Hutch. Showed a lot  of promise last year {a little inconsistent @ times, but for a freshman, I really thought we had something may be even a star in the making??} Shafer reported as the "BEST" player in practice. Is it nerves, he like Hutch seems totally lost when on the floor. And JoJo played only 8 minutes yesterday. Counting Healy & Luka that is what many predicted could be UA's starting five this year???????  Also, for a team that has only played 4 games, WHY are we SO beat up. Brown must be killing (just kidding) these guys in practice.

    Anyhow, looking for thoughts and opinions:  Will any of the 2019-2020 roster come around?? Or is what we saw yesterday all there is???

  12. 19 hours ago, Dane Pound said:

    I hate to disagree with you but I'm going to. I think that's a little misleading. Both Champion and Jojo Anderson had double-digit scoring season at Loyola and NAU. Champion had two double-digit scoring seasons before getting injured last year.

    One of the encouraging thing I saw from the UMBC games is that we have a least a glimmer of inside scoring. Taylor is a tough match-up for a lot of bigs and Lulka looked more like his freshman year.

    Thanks for the corrections. I did not go back far enough. We shot better yesterday %age wise. Seems we do have some pieces once we get our game legs on and "hopefully" full strength. I am more encouraged today. THANKs

  13. 16 hours ago, godanesgo99 said:

    t's FAR too early to make any comments on what this team will do. UA is basically a team that is playing at the level they would normally be playing at around purple and gold scrimmage time (early November form) playing against a team that has played together enough to be in "Mid-OOC" form. (Early/Mid December).


    AGREE it is too early to say much definitively and basically agree with your overall assessment. My "very early" pessimism comes from seeing the offense {or lack thereof} this weekend; but more from looking at who the staff brought in. I LOVE Brown and I'd give him a life time contract; but if you look at the player profiles of the transfers, every single one {except Horton who was a Juco} was basically a ROLL player at best and not single one ever averaged double figure scoring in their entire D1 careers. In fact, each averaged less than five points per game last year. I am NOT saying they are bad players and you can definitely build a TEAM around a solid group of roll players. But UA IMHO needs offense, and so far I do not see where they are going to get it.

  14. 20 hours ago, Clickclack said:

    Unfortunately many of the same struggles still exist ...I hope I'm wrong but pretty discouraged after the first two. In short spurts they look ok but start to look at the entire game and it's mediocre. Can't shoot ...can't score.

    AGREE 100%  A lot to like about this team; but like Click I see the same old same old. Just CANNOT score enough!! You can say what you want about good hard nose D and rebounding; but the bottom line you have to outscore the other team. And it seems the last few years we simply cannot find enough guys who can CONSISTENTLY put the ball in the hoop.

    ps shot 27% from 3 yesterday, 32% overall. Not much better Saturday. There it iS!

  15. 4 hours ago, cwdickens said:

    Then your missing another source about conference happenings and information ..... I glad that I do not rely on just the bigpurplefan forum....Instagram is great for getting those news flashes.  Further, nearly if not all the UAlbany teams have Instagram accounts and post regularly.   Further, many UAlbany alumni have accounts and keep people updated...the Thompson's, Blaze Riodren, Connor Fields...By the way...not into Facebook....

    CW, I got to agree with Eli and others here. While I am glad you enjoy instagram; you should be more specific with your references please. I do not do Facebook or instagram or tweet. Did not even know what instagram was. I asked my wife and she said it was basically tweeting with pictures. Like tweeting, limited text and hence not much substance there. Of course, I could be totally wrong; like I say I'm a non-user and novice at best. But I will say this, because I respect your input on this blog, I have tried to follow your links; but have been totally unable to find anything. Perhaps summarize things you find interesting or important on instagram; then those with instagram can follow it further if they want to, and those of us without access could at least share partially in your discovery.

  16. The women seem pretty aggressive about playing some real games. They schedule Seton Hall minutes after their game with Hofstra and very quickly after hearing St. Peters canceled. Seems to me important to get some real games started.

    Anyone have thoughts why the men and coach Brown have NOT been similarly looking to play for real???? There are a lot of teams out there looking for games. umbc will have six games under their belt, when we see them next week. Does Will think his team is so DEEP, that they can continue to get better by simply playing against each other???????


  17. lcc quarantined their players at the Desmond Hotel. Not saying UA should be so elaborate; but there are fine hotels and long stay hotels on both Washington and Western Ave. Also, the graduate housing along Fuller and more near the Nano college must have available space, especially now that school is virtual. 

    Benson claims UA's top priority is the safety of the student athlete. My opinion (feel free to disagree--I've been upfront with my dislike and distrust of the job he's done; not hiding it} is ALL he cares about is Money and/or trying to keep his job no matter how inept. 

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  18. I find this virtual seat promotion INSULTING! I have been trying for the better part of 3 months to purchase my seats and make my priority GDAC donation; with the full knowledge there would be probably not be a season. I accepted the roll over option when lacrosse was canceled, ordered my football tickets this summer on faith and made my gold GDAC donation {the gdac was debited, the tickets money was escrowed.} Perfectly willing to do the same thing for basketball. Attached is part of my ongoing correspondence with Nate Mason and have now also copied Justin Brown.


    It has been almost 2 months and the new ticket portal and GDAC donation site is still not available. Now I see a "Virtual Seat" promotion. I have been locked out of "my account" since September and now I am asked to participate in a GDAC promotion on faith. I am more than glad to order my ACTUAL season tickets and make my GDAC season ticket priority donation, even knowing full well there may not be a season {just like I have done for football & lacrosse.} I have NO interest in this virtual seat promotion; but am more than happy to show my faith and support of the University by purchasing my usual seats and making at least my usual donation, WHETHER I am able to use my seats or not. Quite frankly, I find this virtual promotion insulting when I am still locked out of "my account' and unable to support the University in my customary manner.
  19. 8 hours ago, godanesgo99 said:

    I know there are issues with the pandemic, and practices have been shut down for most of the preseason, but is it me or has the preseason coverage this year been way more lacking than the past few years.

    It is NOT you. Coverage in the TU has been practically nil and even Wyland on 13 has had pretty much nothing. lcc has an article in the paper EVERY single day; even if it says the exact same thing as the previous day. UA may appear once per week if that much. Absolutely outrages!

    And not to be labor the point and bring up old wounds; but COMMUNICATION in all forms has been an issue with UA athletics since Benson arrived, and to a lesser degree previously. On October 13th, I emailed the ticket department, stating I wanted to order my season basketball tickets and make an appropriate gdac donation whether there was a season or NOT {just as I had done for football.} I was told there was a new ticket purveyor in the works and would be available in two weeks. Almost two months later and nada. Imagine that, they cannot even take money when offered. A week ago Benson emails saying all games would be on ESPN, a fact that was not exactly earth shattering news. Then he says keep an eye out for the "Virtual Sellout Program." What kind of nonsense is that!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just give us the details, why the suspense. What a jerk (sorry I simply have no use for the guy, I will not bore you with my MANY reason why.)

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