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  1. Seems plausible; but at the same time it was noted that Luke loved DK @ Marquette and the feeling was mutual. Also, DK does NOT seem like the type to go back on his word??? So as you say SAD if all true. So in the meantime I'll hold out hope that Benson denied the scholarship, putting DK in an awkward position and ultimately Luke with pressure from his parents filed a complaint about what was basically nothing in November. I KNOW, I KNOW I'M fantasizing and speculating but still would love to see DK stay and Benson get what's coming to him for running UA athletics into the ground for any number of reasons.🙄😛
  2. This starting to make less & less sense. Happened in November; inquirery end of February; coach & team plays on; coach on “leave” most important recruiting time of the year? Even if not complacent, Benson should be fired for being in-competent. What a cluster €£¥k.
  3. Watched both local news 10 & 13. Neither mentioned this rumor at all. Not even a breath that a rumor exists? Beginning to think this whole thing is a lot about nothing. You would think they would at least have mentioned an unsubstantiated rumor about the UA BB program is/was circling the internet???
  4. Anyhow, I hate to see Killings GO. IMHO does not seem the type to physically assault a student. HUG yes, assault NO. But whatever happened, even if it sets UA athletic's back years, IMHO if this incident results in Benson getting the axe too/also then I for one AM THRILLED!
  5. Just looked @ NCAA 2022 transfer portal UA--"No Players Found" ???????
  6. Anyone figure out WHEN & WHERE this "incident" occurred? Was this before Killings came to UA or during his tenure?????
  7. Seconding what you all been saying: UA played with poise, confidence and a lot of GRIT! Got to keep this up the rest of the way. GO DANE TRAIN, GO!🤩
  8. For those who do not see the Times Union, a few quotes from Scott Marr and Corey Yunker. Might just be "coach speak"; but Scott sounded a little positive about the future of the team. At the same time, did say brook might be a "must win." Do agree with him that Bingo is a much better team than most people expected and played a hell of a game. {maybe UA players & staff also took them for granted??}. Anyhow, talking about bad loses; UA lose to Maryland, a little less embarrassing given how Maryland pretty much did the same thing to #2 and 2 time ncca champs Virginia.
  9. Thanks 2018. I made a donation today. I did get the March Matchness email; but not Scott's letter. Maybe he was mad at me for my blog postings🤨.
  10. Was the fund raising letter directed to alumni? Never did get a lacrosse appeal this year like previous years? Only usual GDAC & UA Foundation stuff?? Also, like I always say I’m no lax expert of any kind, but just don’t get how Scott sees anything positive about UA’s defense????
  11. Before I officially resign as chief optimist let me take a minute to praise Bingo. They wanted the game more, out played UA in every facet, executed and had a side line that was enthusiastic and confident. Do they have better athletes, coaches and/or both? Don’t ask me, my history of trying to hype UA 2022 has been as dismal as today’s performance. I don’t agree that UA will/can go winless in the conference as someone suggested, and do not know what a total overall would look like. But I agree UA 2022 is in the heaps of a dumpster fire. IMHO I have NO idea how to extinguish and can only continue to HOPE Scott, staff & players can get it figured out???
  12. What does not make sense to me is: scrapping 2 way middies was done just before the first game. Through 2 fall ball games and one spring game the offense was jelling @ over 16 goals per game. At Brown the offense tanked in the second half. So 3 ½ preparation games of quality offense squashed to help a terrible defense. If that was the only way to help the D and {IMHO it has NOT helped;} then it should have been done A LOT sooner [2018 has noted on several occasions, you do not make a change of that magnitude right before your first game.] So IMHO it makes perfect sense to abandon the experiment, which even if not ill-conceived was initiated with no-where near enough time to implement and has proven in-effective. Like always, I do not profess to be an expert and welcome your opinion, but I have to say, IMHO it makes perfect sense to go back to two way middies, get the offense back on track, and try and help the defense in some other way. If the D cannot be straightened out, a least get in a shoot out and just try to out score as many teams as you can.
  13. I know I sound like a broken record and maybe too optimistic. But I really like our freshman & sophomore attack & middies. If UA can bring in some defensive HELP, and with the Senior, 5th years & Grads Effects winding down, maybe next year UA will be Elite competitive again??
  14. Agree MOSTLY; but DO feel Benson needs to take some responsibility. All UA sports men & women have gone downhill since his tenure. Some more so than others. Even track & field which UA has been un-challenged in the AmEast for years, only came in second in the winter season (mens). And outdoors for both men & women the margin of victory has shrunk of late. But not to be labor the point, but just to name a couple Benson lacrosse related snubs: he refused to allow Scott to use Casey stadium for a fall ball tournament. Scott brought in major teams Hopkins, Army & I think Vermont and they had to play in the MUD next to Casey. Two, he supports an indoor facility with only an 80 yard facility. {ps UA has NOT been invited back to this major annual fall ball fund raiser either as a host or not since the MUD bowl.} What does both of these Benson screw-ups say to incoming recruits?? Also, take note this was the fall after UA's final four appearance and coincided with the Lacrosse teams four year slide. Related YOU decide? IMHO Benson has NOT been a friend of UA lacrosse; but I blame him for everything so I don't blame you if you disagree.
  15. Agree 100%. I've said repeatedly for instance, two-way middies are NOT born that way. Everyone, wants to be the alpha scorer; but in our dane train run, (like you said) kids knew their roles and worked hard to develop and contribute in any way possible.
  16. You all said it. EMBARASMENT. I really never understood why Scott found it necessary to schedule 6 of 7 top 20/10 OOC games. A couple/3 maybe? But I am not giving up on this team though. Two much talent there and the AmEast teams including vT and Brook also getting beat today. Unless, as some say CONFIDENCE is totally down the tube, there is time and an avenue to turn this thing around. Maybe its' just blind HOPE? I DO agree that UA whether it is lack of administration support, coaching, bad recruiting , or bad player development LOST an amazing opportunity, by NOT taking advantage of its final four appearance. We certainly can no longer compete with the elite.
  17. GREAT WIN for the Lady Danes. CONGRATULATIONS to players and staff! Played with Poise and Confidence. Also, congratulations to Maine on an excellent season. Do they get an auto to the NIT; if not I hope they get an invite and do well in their tournament. They are a class act and unlike that school from Burlington, participated in the post game handshake line, including hugs from the Maine coaches.
  18. What happened to the Forum Header? Going "minimalistic"? What happened to all the artwork, which Damien to use, what color combo?? Not that there is anything wrong with a simple LOGO. Just being curious.
  19. Some of Scott's post game comments: "I thought we played hard and, for as much defense as we had to play, I felt we did a really nice job, especially in the second half only allowing three goals. Tommy Heller played very well in goal. Bottom line is we are up 2-0 with the ball and a chance to go up 3-0 and we turn the ball over on our next five possessions. They capitalize and make it 5-2 and that's the difference in the game. Wow! lost because of face-offs and TURNOVERS and NOT getting enough ground balls. Never played the game (obvious by my posts) but it seems like UA helmets are too big or chin straps jut out too far; seems like they are looking directly at the ball on the ground and NOT even seeing it?? Heard numerous coaches say getting ground balls is all about hustle and wanting it more [same as diving on the floor for loose basketballs.] Curious, for those of you who have played/coached/studied the game for years, are there techniques/skill sets that UA is lacking in getting ground balls? Seems like an issue with UA for years. Can't be all about desire & hustle???????? ALL opinions thoughts welcomed, expert or not.
  20. Men still have hand shake lines after games?? Or have I been in la-la-land all year and just assumed they still do?? Either way still thing Vt Classless!
  21. Dartmouth beat Vt in Burlington 8-7. On the other hand bingo beat up on Hofstra. If UA ever gets their act together, should/could handle the AmEast??
  22. Lady Danes played extremely well. A little trouble when up 17 & Vt. went to full court press. Held on for a double digit win. Have not been to a woman’s game in awhile; don’t the women use a hand shake line at the end of the game? Was the fact that Vt. just ran off the court to their locker room, another example of a Vt classless act??
  23. ps. Again I am most likely WRONG, but from what I’ve seen of this offense so far IMHO they DO have the horses to score. Think turn them loose go back to two-middies (give-up a ton of goals); make a track meet of it. Can’t be worse than what I’ve seen lately (including a win vs lcc. ) Good think I’m far from an expert and probably WRONG. But that is my arm chair QB for today. pss. I think I’ll skip the Maryland game. Not sure my ❤️ can take it.
  24. Played better in second ½. But past issues face-offs (which seemed better until today) and ground balls (which is ALWAYS problematic) reared their ugly heads today—(7 for 24 & 22 to 30.) But was most annoying no sense of urgency. Down 2 with under 5 to go & UA standing around watching/waiting for substitutions. O is so methodical afraid to make mistakes; so what do they do but MAKE MISTAKES. What happened to Scott’s “free wheeling-let them make plays” style. I know I know, does not have the athletes. But IMHO if they don’t pickup their pace offensively, it is going to be a long year. Also, I may be wrong, but everytime Pucci comes on the field he is looking back over his shoulder—-looking for the play?? or looking to see who else coming on??Should’nt theses be worked out before he/they come?? Be much more seamless??
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