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  1. Can we open practices NOW? At least for those programs and athletes following all pandemic guidelines. Of the 40 or so {or is it 80 or 120--The county keeps reporting different figures}; I believe only 4 or 6 or other SMALL number are confirmed covid infected athletes. Even if my numbers are wrong {nearly impossible to get anything accurate --"personal privacy issues".}, the %ages of affected cases at UA well below guidelines. The Big Ten having a fall football season; and the numbers in the Midwest FAR exceed New York.
  2. I Googled this and did not find anything UA related? What exactly am I looking for? Someone named Doc Benson involved in a massive opioid scheme?
  3. I hope they do not lose previous commitments, payments, donations and rollover tickets. Also "POINTS" history important for parking and other benefits. Not trying to be negative, but just with so much up-in-the air and unknowns, does not seem a great time to be making changes?
  4. Has Benson suspended this blog also? Nobody has anything to say? Haven't seen a single comment since Sunday.
  5. My point was not to praise Cuomo. He certainly made his mistakes with the covid crisis. Not to name names or get political; but he handled the crisis far better than the leader/s in the White House and by the looks of things, far better than most other governors across the country. The crisis is/was pretty much un-precedented and everyone stumbled their way through it; including people in power, medicine and the public in general. But I digress: My point is we have learned, data and best practices dictate: masks, social distancing, testing, tracing and isolation are our best defenses unt
  6. OK. Don"t know who to blame; but you protect kids, staff, community, by finding the culprits, identifying those affected with covid--putting them in isolation, quarantine, penalize them if appropriate. By penalizing ALL sports, All kids, ALL fans, you are just grandstanding and "TRYING" to send a message. You are using the actions of a bad few to try and get everyone else to comply, even when MOST are complying already. I wear a mask, I social distance, I had my flu shot yesterday, will get covid vaccine when scientifically ready and I 100% supported total shutting down schools and non-eccent
  7. Seems strange that "My Account" tab under TICKETS and in GDAC is NOT working. Links to an old basketball news article? Anyone else have this occur?
  8. Per UAlbanysports.com Benson has totally shut down Athletics indefinitely. 543 in TOTAL Suny system is far less than 1% required to open events. Benson said he must do what is good for the student body. IMHO what is good for the student body is find the offending students; quarantine and/or penalize THEM and get on with education {INCLUDING Athletics.} In the TU article concerning football & volleyball being shut down to spring and all other sports to begin 9/21: an anonymous coach claimed there has been 1000 high school football games played across the county so far this fall and N
  9. Now only need the go ahead to practice and HOPEFULLY have multiple FALL scrimmages!!!!!!!!!!!! This team plus the newbies have NOT been on the field in like forever.
  10. Sorry CW! I know you have fond memories of Oneonta. My memories not so pleasant. I meant NO offense.
  11. So Benson has had almost a week to find out if Athletes and if so which were partying "illegally" i.e. un-responsibly. Any word when teams {at least those teams & players who are being responsible---IMHO that is MOST kids}, can begin practicing???
  12. I thought I read somewhere that Cuomo said the students could NOT be sent home; for fear that they would infect parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. I thought they had to shelter in place @ the college for the full semester? Was this just a suggestion or has the rule been changed already or am I wrong and it was never put in place?? With covid things change so fast even from day to day; so I can hardly ever tell what the proper protocol for the day IS. As for sheltering in place in Oneonta for a full semester, seems to me a very appropriate punishment {LOL.}
  13. IMHO Benson once again appears to be bungling. I'll give him a couple of days; as the situation is new and in flux. But IMHO he should absolutely identify the players and teams involved. Punish those responsible; NOT everyone. If privacy concern's are an issue, OK, don't identify the particular player/players; but give them the punishment NOT the whole athletic community! Not to get too political, but this is really what is matter with society today: we punish everyone for the actions of the few. Not every police officer is BAD/STUPID/UN-TRAINED whatever; Not every black is a gang bange
  14. reprinted from Spring Topic: No one seems to want to talk or speculate about the elephant in the closet????? With a good chance basketball and other winter sports starting late, maybe; and fall sports being pushed to spring, maybe??? Will basketball etc. late starts push them into spring?? What will an ALL-SPORTS season look like??? Will 2020 spring sports who ALREADY lost a full season be given any special accomodations/considerations?? Does UA have the facilities and finances???
  15. No one seems to want to talk or speculate about the elephant in the closet????? With a good chance basketball and other winter sports starting late, maybe; and fall sports being pushed to spring, maybe??? Will basketball etc. late starts push them into spring?? What will an ALL-SPORTS season look like??? Will 2020 spring sports who ALREADY lost a full season be given any special accomodations/considerations?? Does UA have the facilities and finances???
  16. Noticed football & BB rosters via this blog. Checked and saw Lax also. Very surprised because even in "usual" of times lax always up late. Noticed #9 McComber listed; he had been reported on the transfer portal. Showed some positive signs in last years appreciated season; after being a bust his freshman year. Skidders not listed; so early roster does seem to be up-to-date from what I could determine. Anyone know if lax will be able to compete in "FALL BALL" tournaments/games/scrimmages??? After losing all/most of the spring season; IMHO it would be vital to get them some game pr
  17. Lacrosse also up. Never seen all sports rosters this early. Maybe because ALL playing in Spring mostly. Going to be a zoo.
  18. Also, read somewhere that the NCAA is granting FALL athletes another year of eligibility. Does this still apply if they play in the SPRING?? If so that would mean some athletes would/could actually "compete" for 5 seasons. The Spring teams that did not get to play at all or minimally, were granted an extra year; but that still only gives them 4 season of competition NOT 5.
  19. Is that suppose to be step-up for him? Seems to me a lateral move @ best. As Bob would say "the lowly maac."? I know students transfer for a lot of different reasons; but if Malachi looking for more playing time, why sit a year and end up in a conference only slightly higher rated {and debatable at that.} ??
  20. I have mostly been trying to stay out of this conversation; but would like like to offer one opinion and pose a couple of question. My opinion is: EVERY opinion matters and everyone has a right to express theirs in a civil and lawful way. My questions have to do with the phrase "Black Lives Matter." When the movement was first taking form, many said why not change it to ALL Lives Matter. The response was, if you desire to make this change you DO NOT understand the issues. Well I guess, I still do not understand the issues? Secondly, many felt BLM should not only address police brutality,
  21. Technically both teams DID lose. One owner One Team. Both teams are winners and both losers. I have said from the start of PLL it smacked of professional wrestling and exhibitionism. A SHOW nothing more! Not having home teams and a fan base and a home city/state whatever and COMPETING OWNERS to route for/against, pretty much ruined it for me from the start. I know this year they had no choice but to shelter in place and play in a single location. I did watch sparingly; but the quality of play I saw did nothing to dissuade my opinion that the PLL is not a sport only a SHOW; and NOT a good one
  22. I did not read the article/link, so probably have no right to comment; nevertheless IMHO: Pay college athletes NO WAY {already pay/give them TOO much}. Profits from power 5 conferences should #1 be paid to the NCAA to supplement athletics and allocated to ALL member schools. #2 After they have "paid" their allocation; all remaining money goes to the schools general fund to be spent as the school wishes. If the power 5 conferences do not wish to support, non-money making conferences or schools {which is most schools}, I say tell the power 5"s to " GO PLAY WITH THEMSELVES." Like
  23. IT IS OFFICIAL: Don't actually understand the grip difference: but article said motorcycle grip "both palms down" and knee down, eliminated will cause "less" clamping. A little confusing, because the article said clamping was a penalty and no longer allowed. So if not allowed already {i.e. a penalty}, why do they need to change the stance and grip to REDUCE clamping that is not even allowed in the first place?? I know I am missing something and IL has a podcast by TD that helps explain things; but I did not listen to the podcast, having never played the game, doubt it would have cl
  24. ND {New Dog} OK with me; now that I got a good look at the total lay-out. Still think some fan/community involvement would have been warranted. May be they will hold a NAMING contest and let us participate. Certainly cannot call him "Scooby" any longer and ND IMHO does not look like a Damien??
  25. Let football play @ Fallon. Lacrosse draws better! Football fans don"t get bent---just Kidding [MOSTLY.]
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