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  1. I agree pretty much with all the assessments on this thread and would like to add that from what I've seen, DiLella just throws the ball hard in the general direction of receivers. He really seems to have no idea what-so-ever where the ball is going, and like someone else mentioned, he seems to telegraph his passes. I say sit him, try Leathley or even a freshman (I think we did recruit a couple qb's) I know probably a bad idea--freshman qb, but if things do not improve and we are building, might as well start from the bottom.
  2. I voted NO, but it could be a maybe. I would only play there if all signs of LLC were removed or hidden in a way there would be absolutely no sign of them. Since this is not going to happen NO gets my vote. Also, unless we were bringing in a team guaranteed to draw more than 4538 people I would rather play at SEFCU.
  3. Are we suppose to build this stadium in total secrecy. Someday the students and the community will look around and say "OH WOW LOOK AT THAT" a new stadium. I know I am being factitious, but we got to go public sometime, WHY NOT NOW? Who are we afraid of? You say we have to pick our battles; maybe their is no battle. But how are we to know until we announce and get started?
  4. OK WTF? Why must we be silent about Phillip's remarks? What the hell are we waiting for? Why produce the stadium video and then bury it in the Vaults at Warner Bros. or even worst Distney studios. What and Who are we afraid of? This stadium is a good thing for the school and the community. The TU will be negative no matter when and what we announce, and like they say even bad publicity is better than none at all. We are not trying to build a mosque at ground zero; lets get this stadium (years past due) "OUT THERE" and started. Here's a thought--let's get a punch of us out there with
  5. Well get back in my friend...it will be a while. Next step in the process (my understanding) is the actual engineering and design phase. This, from what I can gather is all the architectural drawings/planning and everything that goes with that. Expected to take 9-12 month's. Once that is complete construction will start some time after that. Who knows when, the question that is paramount to all of this is...FUNDING? Still way more questions than answers but this is clearly a step in the right direction. No one would be issuing an RFQ if they weren't DEAD SERIOUS about getting this done.
  6. I just watched the the video and I am stunned. At first I thought it was a prank. Is this for real? Do we have funding to start--When does construction start and more importantly when do we see a game HERE? None of that appears to be answered in the video or the blog. Can someone in the know PLEASE provide some more details. I am crawling out of my skin in anticipation.
  7. Does anyone know if the Giants' arrival will delay the new track and "relocation" of the football field? Or are even these two small steps forward really only a joke, like all the other upgrades that never seem to happen?
  8. I vote meh---Good to have it come to Albany, but I would prefer a full SEFCU to an empty or curtained TU. TU would probably draw a little more but I doubt that it would be a great deal more.
  9. Danefan while respecting your opinion, I have to disagree with your assessment of Fallon field. I think one of the reasons we were able to get this major league game is because we have a unique Lacrosse only stadium. Fallon field being lacrosse only is a major recruiting tool for Scot Marrr and his staff, and is one of the reasons we have had a very successful program (past couple of years have been tough--but believe it or not things are looking up--great class coming in 2010 & 2011). I have been one of the biggest advocates for a new stadium; but not at the expense of Fallon field.
  10. I was also at the conversation. MsG. has it pretty much as it was. The whole thing like usual was pretty vague. Philip's said "no announcements--no specifics." He did say UA could not pay and will not pay to have the Giants in Albany. It appears to me the only one who is really pressing for the Giants return is Jerry Jennings (who was there last night for only 30 minutes or so). Maybe the city of Albany will pay for the turf field, but I doubt it. Philip's did seem adamant about not lining Fallon field and I hope he sticks to his guns; and we at least get a new turf field elswehere which
  11. I agree with danefan, start digging NOW. Enough is enough. We have enough plans and studies to rebuild the entire uptown campus.
  12. This whole Dartmouth affair is starting to stink of tampering, McElroy should tell Dartmouth to siena or get off the pot or (and I seriously doubt it) if Brown is the one playing games (and like I say I doubt it because those type of games are serious suicide) he should be publicly reprimanded/warned/disciplined. Our basketball program is at a turning point and I personally hope WB comes back and proves all the nay-sayers wrong. But in any case this whole thing is a major distraction and someone from UA needs to get this resolved TODAY; so we can move forward with the program.
  13. Heres some clarification of what the State is giving Cortland for the Jets coming back - http://www.wicz.com/news2005/viewarticle.asp?a=13627 and they already have the better facility than us! From what I was told, NY State has money in a fund if the Giants do come back, which supposedly, they will be coming back. I do not get it? Why is Cortland taking away turf and adding grass fields; and Albany needs to do the opposite? Anyone know what is going on; both Jets and Giants ultimately play on the same field? Did I read the link article wrong? Also, I cannot believe the Jets in Cor
  14. Click, Thank you for your response. I look forward to continued success with Purple and Gold Nation.
  15. That's a pretty good guess hadn't considered Australia. Click, two questions which of course you do not have to answer if you do not want? Why a blog (Purple & Gold Nation) separate from BPF? Do you have a connection to UA which gives some credibility to your comments/thoughts. I do not mean this in any derogatory way, I have always respected your opinions, I am just trying to establish a degree of reliability. Thanks; and if you can not answer or choose do not, I understand and respect the confidentiallity of blogging. 1) The reason for the blog is fairly sim
  16. That's a pretty good guess hadn't considered Australia. Click, two questions which of course you do not have to answer if you do not want? Why a blog (Purple & Gold Nation) separate from BPF? Do you have a connection to UA which gives some credibility to your comments/thoughts. I do not mean this in any derogatory way, I have always respected your opinions, I am just trying to establish a degree of reliability. Thanks; and if you can not answer or choose do not, I understand and respect the confidentiallity of blogging.
  17. Anyone know? Has this team thrown the towel in? Resetarits out for the season. Pompo and Kreuzer??? I noticed at Sunday's game the back-up goalie DeCicco was not listed on the roster. Carroll gave up goals on the first four shots he faced; he did get better as the game progressed, which seems to be his MO. The offense seems pretty conservative. Whatever happened to players like playing for Marr because he "let's them play." ?? How could we look so good in pre-season and be 0-6? Inside Lacrosse and Lax Power both were putting Drexel down for letting Albany come back, as if Albany Lacross
  18. I know sometimes I can be unrealistically optimistic; but I feel next year we can move back to top three in conference. With a year under their belts, thrown into the fire sort of speak, the young kids should be much improved and ready to compete. The red shirts look on paper at least of being able to help. We should get something (anything will be an improvement over Harris (in my opinion)) with the three schollies. The staff I am sure is as angry over last year as all of us (does anyone really think they do not care; I know some think they are not capable, but I do not think anyone can think
  19. I was at the game and would like to end the season on a positive note, that I was actually pretty proud of the teams effort yesterday. I thought they fought and played hard throughout, Six plus minutes in the first half and ten + in the second half without a basket, and they lost by the smallest margin of any team in the quarters. In the 10 + drought there was a play that might have summed up the game and maybe the season. Metcalf was under the basket with no one in front of him and it looked to be a sure lay-in; two SBU's were draped over his back and the shot went about a foot to eighteen in
  20. Why is everyone so afraid to talk or ask about the stadium? You would think it was a dirty word. Danefan asked about the spring game and the STADIUM. 72 reported game 4/24, but his or anyone else lack of response on STADIUM, leads me to believe it was not mentioned at all during the lunch. Why are people involved so afraid to discuss it. IT IS NOT A BAD THING--IT IS NEEDED--IT WILL BE GOOD FOR UA.
  21. I was also at the game; and I am not sure if it was a lack of effort or not. But I can definitely report that face-offs continue to be a major problem (you do not need to be an expert to see this problem, the #s speak for themselves.) Secondly, Siena at least yesterday exhibited much more team spead than Albany. Bob Ford when we played Montana a few years back commented that speed is the one area that we cannot match up with when we play up. This appears also true when we play BB at Syracuse etc. They say speed is the one thing you can not coach. Anyhow, at least yesterday, Siena seemed to run
  22. I agree 100%. Great post and explanation. On the TU blog there was a lot of negativity concerning Allen and CB's move putting Allen in.I wrote that I thought it was a great move getting a fresh pair of legs and good defensive player like Billy on Amin. Thanks for your analysis.
  23. 96, I know you are probably right about the 4-6 mo design phase, in fact we probably will never get this thing built; but my question is have'nt we been designing and re-designing this thing for YEARS??? Why do they need another 4 to 6 for design?
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