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  1. That's a pretty good guess hadn't considered Australia. Click, two questions which of course you do not have to answer if you do not want? Why a blog (Purple & Gold Nation) separate from BPF? Do you have a connection to UA which gives some credibility to your comments/thoughts. I do not mean this in any derogatory way, I have always respected your opinions, I am just trying to establish a degree of reliability. Thanks; and if you can not answer or choose do not, I understand and respect the confidentiallity of blogging.
  2. Anyone know? Has this team thrown the towel in? Resetarits out for the season. Pompo and Kreuzer??? I noticed at Sunday's game the back-up goalie DeCicco was not listed on the roster. Carroll gave up goals on the first four shots he faced; he did get better as the game progressed, which seems to be his MO. The offense seems pretty conservative. Whatever happened to players like playing for Marr because he "let's them play." ?? How could we look so good in pre-season and be 0-6? Inside Lacrosse and Lax Power both were putting Drexel down for letting Albany come back, as if Albany Lacrosse was a nobody. Have we turned into nobody?
  3. I know sometimes I can be unrealistically optimistic; but I feel next year we can move back to top three in conference. With a year under their belts, thrown into the fire sort of speak, the young kids should be much improved and ready to compete. The red shirts look on paper at least of being able to help. We should get something (anything will be an improvement over Harris (in my opinion)) with the three schollies. The staff I am sure is as angry over last year as all of us (does anyone really think they do not care; I know some think they are not capable, but I do not think anyone can think the staff is satisfied with 09-10). Lastly, the league does not appear all that strong and just about everyone will be losing key contributers. So with hard work and perhaps an "attitude" adjustment I think we can definitely move back near the league top!
  4. I was at the game and would like to end the season on a positive note, that I was actually pretty proud of the teams effort yesterday. I thought they fought and played hard throughout, Six plus minutes in the first half and ten + in the second half without a basket, and they lost by the smallest margin of any team in the quarters. In the 10 + drought there was a play that might have summed up the game and maybe the season. Metcalf was under the basket with no one in front of him and it looked to be a sure lay-in; two SBU's were draped over his back and the shot went about a foot to eighteen inches straight up in the air. I think the only way it could have done that was if the SBU's were literally hanging on or Blake had anvils attached to his legs. No foul was called and I believe it was Ambrose got called for a touch foul at the other end about six seconds later. And i am certainly not blaming the refs for our 16 minutes of nothing but points from the foul line were more than the difference in the game. Anyhow lets hope next year is better!
  5. Why is everyone so afraid to talk or ask about the stadium? You would think it was a dirty word. Danefan asked about the spring game and the STADIUM. 72 reported game 4/24, but his or anyone else lack of response on STADIUM, leads me to believe it was not mentioned at all during the lunch. Why are people involved so afraid to discuss it. IT IS NOT A BAD THING--IT IS NEEDED--IT WILL BE GOOD FOR UA.
  6. I was also at the game; and I am not sure if it was a lack of effort or not. But I can definitely report that face-offs continue to be a major problem (you do not need to be an expert to see this problem, the #s speak for themselves.) Secondly, Siena at least yesterday exhibited much more team spead than Albany. Bob Ford when we played Montana a few years back commented that speed is the one area that we cannot match up with when we play up. This appears also true when we play BB at Syracuse etc. They say speed is the one thing you can not coach. Anyhow, at least yesterday, Siena seemed to run us off the field (my opinion).
  7. I agree 100%. Great post and explanation. On the TU blog there was a lot of negativity concerning Allen and CB's move putting Allen in.I wrote that I thought it was a great move getting a fresh pair of legs and good defensive player like Billy on Amin. Thanks for your analysis.
  8. 96, I know you are probably right about the 4-6 mo design phase, in fact we probably will never get this thing built; but my question is have'nt we been designing and re-designing this thing for YEARS??? Why do they need another 4 to 6 for design?
  9. Not that I dont disagree with your point (I agree for the most part about taking the T), but Doc Sauers prided himself for NOT getting T's. He once told us he could count on both hands how many T's he got in his career. 96, I have been been a season ticket holder since 1968 and I agree with you and know Doc Sauers did not take a lot of technicals. In fact, I probably have seen the few he did take because I can count the number of games I have missed (in yes 40 years) on MY TWO HANDS. I assure you, when he did take one he took it wisely or had players smart enough to know when too take one for the team. And when a player took a "T", Doc rarely had to be-rate him, because it was usually called for and at a time when the team needed and more often than not responded. Anyhow, i know I am rambling but like a lot of others, I am just totally frustrated by the lack of leadership on this team, and even though I like CB a lot, he is the coach and needs to straighten things out. Anyhow thanks for listening to an old mans ramblings
  10. I agree with DP and bosiy, I yelled out several times for coach to take the "T". I have seen Sauers and other coaches turn around a teams effort, with a well placed technical. And I for one, do think we win with an honest officiating crew. The tall white guy and short fat one were about the worst "pair" of officials I've seen together in a long while. I've seen bad officials many times, but I do not recall ever seeing a pair like those two at the same time. Bing went to the line twice as many times as Albany (28 to 15 I think) and it was NOT a case of a team going to the line a lot at games end scewing the total. Ok---I agree we played awful and I am not nieve enough to totally blame the stipped guys. So what does anyone think of this thought---the eight game road trip which was suppose to toughen us up, has done nothing but killed any confidence this team may have had and only taught us how to lose.
  11. I may get laughed off this blog, but im my "opinion" I like the thought of giving Billy Allen more playing time. While not quick enough to cover a very good point guard, he plays good defense overall (2-4). He is strong and long, rebounds the hell out of the ball and takes a charge and does not foul a lot. Ok here it comes--offensively he has not produced, but I think he only lacks confidence. A good shooting game or two is what he needs and I see him becoming a stat packer (aka Lyllis). He is a smart headie player that does a lot of things well. At the end of the Siena game he took a pass in flow and drained a 3. In Brown's slow down look for a good shot offense, billy obviously did not produce, but with the new predicted more fast and open offense, I think he is more suited.
  12. No one ever wants to lose a game and Saturday was pretty disappointing to say the least. But I personally would not blame coach Brown for not giving a $iena about this game. It was coach who stood up for the University and it fans when the last contract was up for this game. He openly stated he would not play this game unless UA got a better financial deal and "UA FANS" got better seats. While he alone stood up for the UA and its fans, Dr M. and the powers to be succombed to preasure from Jerry Jennings etc. and we got the same rotten seats and rotten financial deal as before. Brown and UA fans got sold out, and I for one do not blame him for caring little for this game. I was there until the final buzzer, as I have for every UA/Siena game since 1968; yet I support CB in not playing this game at all until the stakes are evened. What has Jennings and his $iena crownies ever done for UA. Where is he when we try to build a football stadium? Nowhere---$iena him and this game. Now do not get me wrong, I have not been to any of these games to watch us lose or like saturday get humiliated, and I am sure CB wants to win as badly as anyone, but you "fans" of short memory, how would you feel if your boss sold you down the river when all you were trying to do is promote the University.
  13. Why would the CAA be interested in UA? It seems UA's financial committments to upgrade would be at least what Northeast's amount is and probably a whole lot more. With their alumi base and endowment and they do not want to spend the monies; what chance does Albany have? Some posters claim to be "in-the-know" with reliable contacts and sources; but most on this blog have never seen a realistic proposal of a stadium upgrade, let alone scholarship committments. I do not want to be negative and have said before when we see a shovel in the ground, many will come forward with checkbook in hand and a pitch fork in the other; but those "in-the-know" need to get Dr M. to own up, put up or shut-up( which seems to be the status quo).
  14. Albany looked up-tight through out. even in the third set which they dominated, they looked nervous. Bingo looked relaxed and played for the most part like they had nothing to lose, which is often the case for the underdog (even though they were the preseason pick of the AE) Anyone in-the-know: is there is any chance of an at-large bid to the NCCA? 21-9 (10-0) not too shabby. 22-9 if we beat American on the 28th. Anyhow congratulations ladies on a fantastic season.
  15. I may be mistaken, but I think Caufield will be gone when Lyle arrives. Nevertheless, it is a great class coming in; and I like many cannot wait to to bundle up this Feb/March and start watching this team come together.
  16. I had to leave early but saw all but two minutes. Thought I would add a couple thoughts. I was very impressed with Gavin Glanton; he seemed the most poised of the freshman with good range and a nice touch. Black and Tartt seemed less poised at the start, but both seemed to get more comfortable as the scrimmage progressed. Metcalf to me did not look smooth at all. but was always around the ball had a ton of rebounds and 10 points. He may be one of those classic players that do not look like much but GETS IT DONE. MJ looked like a completely different player and if the scrimmage was a true indication, he is going to be a difference maker in this league. Timmy and Will were both solid as the other posts' said. Logan looked rusty but comfortable and if Billy Allen ever finds his shot he is going to be an asset, because he is a complete player in every other way. All in all I was very impressed with the team and I am very optimistic about the season. I know it is early and it was only an in house scrimmage, but I saw a lot of really good things including the turn out.
  17. MY OPINION..if I may. I think instead of talking hot seat, we should be talking contract extension. Brown has done an amazing job of building the program, and all the time with quality student athletes. And except for a few fireworks he runs a clean program that we can be proud of. Sure he has lost some kids to transfer and may have been out coached at times, but so have pretty nearly every coach at every program. He has brought us a long way, the future is bright. He should be rewarded.
  18. I do not think filling the new "stadium" or a renovated UA "field" will be a problem. I do not think fund raising will be much a problem either. If we ever get a shovel in the ground; fans will open their wallets, hundreds of former FORD players and current and new fans will come forward with picks and shovels in hand. If you start it they will come and keep coming. I know I am sounding Polyanna (also dating myself), but I simply feel (my opinion) that if we ever get something-anything started only good results will follow. I know state funding is the key but it seems to me we have a substantial fund already committed and if we ever get this thing started, more $ will follow. A pledge drive, sell bricks, whatever--but we need to see some action.
  19. Bob and 73, I do not really mean to be negative about the lunches, golf or auction scrimmage. Actually my point is just the opposite, the more activities and fund raising the better. My point is, include some evenings and/or weekends so more people may be able to attend and hence more money and interest generated. To not have the open scrimmage or at least a second one open to all is counter productive to maximum exposure and developing fan interest and support. Charge admission or pass the hat would be better than the auction idea; or have a second scrimmage open to all. The more things the better!!
  20. Clever, Haggy. That's why I'll be getting a seperate check from you at the Pub. Three questions: -where is the online auction? -does this mean the end of the intersquad scrimmage? (were we not to win the raffle) -was there any mention of what Varsity Club trips there would be at the open house the other day? I would also like to know if this auction means an end to the scrimmage open to the public?? I know raising money is very important, but so is maximum exposure of programs. I am getting a little concerned that the program is forgetting the common fan. For instance in the varsity club survey last spring I asked if there was any thought or concern about "lunches" which are difficult or not available to the "working fan". I received no reply and now I find out that the scrimmage may be open only to the highest bidder?? Also, working people generally mean they have incomes and perhaps money; who exactly are we going after with these lunches, either the elite or the un-employed?? I think both of these ideas-- auction and lunches need to be given some more thought.
  21. The site listing MJ as head coach is from 2008; and if you click on her "bio" it is from 2007. The 12/16/2008 posting about 2 recruits signed still list her as "interim". I am afraid the issue is still not resolved; and if she was named permanent head coach, a press release at least should have been issued. I have never seen one?
  22. The post does not say anything about Amanda sitting out a year. Are the transfer rules different for volleyball?? and Does anyone know if the interim title has been replaced to Coach Engstrom? It is about time to remove the interim moniker.
  23. Like the rest of you, I was sick after this loss and the way we blew the lead with poor D; and poor stand around O in the last 12 minutes and most of all missing foul shots with the game on the line; and eventually losing on an offensive rebound (especially since rebounding is the one thing we excell at). But the effect it has on the team between now and New Years will go a long way in telling if we have the guts to win the American East. Excluding Kansas we should win ALL our remaining OOC games. If we rebound from what really was a horrendous loss and learn from that loss, I will remain hopeful of a championship. We simply cannot keep saying the only thing that matters is the tournament. The team must start a winning attitude, with killer instinct and learn how to close out games NOW, or we will get what we got last year an early exit.
  24. alum 73, You kind of missed the point here. Up to a couple days ago, anyone could walk up to the TU and for $20 or so buy the best seat in the house (or a darn good one at least). The point being every cent of the $20 goes to siena. The ONLY money UA makes on this game come from the 2500 seats they are allocated which 2450 are in the corners behind the basket. So if you want UA to profit at all from this game (which I whole heartedly do) you must buy one of these crumby seats. The other point being, these issues have been on the table since the series restarted. Will Brown himself (who would prefer not to play this game in the first place), said last spring that we would not play this game until these seating and profit issues were resolved. Will talked about making siena agree to come to the Sefcu every other year, or splitting the TU 50/50 each year,or making UA the home team every other year. But when Jennings, McElroy and the siena ad got together last spring all they could come up with was 500 more and better seat allocations--a pretty poor compromise at best; and now we find out we did not even get this much. When I questioned Eric and Don about this, they were very defensive. Which reinforced my belief, that there is a breach of contract going on here. Anyhow, no one seems to care, so enjoy the game. I am sorry about venting but I thought you should at least hear my point correctly that I am not angry where my seat is, but how little UA profits from this game.
  25. I guess I am kicking a dead horse here; but tonight's TU reiterated that UA signed a three year contract with the stipulation of 500 improved seats. When I asked Eric and Don O. about the better seats, they said they received only 50 seats behind the team for players and coaches families (which of course quality seats as these should go for players etc.). What happened to the other 450 seats? Are we talking breach of contract here? Someone on this blog mentioned that we could not get the better seats because of siena season ticket holders--but those details were supposedly resolved when the new contract was signed and there were many ways around the problem (ie. not making the game a part of their ticket package etc). Maybe we should sue for half the proceeds--any lawyers on this blog need some work? This game is plain and simple a money maker for siena. It inflates their average attendance and helps them pay for the "TU", which they use to recruit. Jerry Jennings the mayor of ALBANY needs to insure UALBANY gets a fair shake from this game, and from where I am sitting in the same old crumby seats we still pretty much get nothing from this game financial or otherwise.
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