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  1. Clearly this is how it is done. Simply, Wilikin, Iorizzo and Singleis couldn't do this on their best day. It is so odd to see hometown guys root against the hometown team. They just have nothing good to say about UA athletics. Frankly, that is a sad! Thank God they all turn their attention to horse racing so they leave the spring sports teams alone.
  2. Incredible game...incredible night. Super job remaining composed. A great moment for UAlbany and the athletic program!
  3. Title bid leads back home Main story on print version of T-U sports page, fourth story under 'Local Sports' online and this is a surprise???? If it was up to me, I would cut off all media credentials for these hacks. If you were on twitter on Monday you would have heard Mark Singleis whining about the availability of the girls team to the media. Non story in my mind. Seriously. Another tweet of his to the band admitted he saw the bands tribute to Sarah on ESPNU. In other words he wasn't even at the game. I suggested the same for Wilkin for Saturday, but coach told me I was tooo hard on him I am with you Bob...the problem is they are basically the only game in town and they know it. Andrew Santillo was at least fair and reasonable. He was the one guy that seemed to support the Danes sports in one way or another. I believe that the Sports Information Department should finally work to create additional exposure for UAlbany sports, improve the opportunities that they have currently and freeze out the negative Nancy's. I think those at the Times Union would then get the picture and come to the realization that backing one school and consistenly screwing over the more successful sports program won't be tolerated!
  4. Title bid leads back home Main story on print version of T-U sports page, fourth story under 'Local Sports' online and this is a surprise???? If it was up to me, I would cut off all media credentials for these hacks. If you were on twitter on Monday you would have heard Mark Singleis whining about the availability of the girls team to the media. Non story in my mind.
  5. Simply...another great day for Great Dane sports. Totally enjoyed both games. UA sports continues its upward climb!
  6. Dallas Ennema can flat out play. Nothing phases this kid. Future continues to look bright!
  7. That is the main difference between the guys and girls teams!
  8. The great thing is they are leading by over 40, get some kids in there that don't play too often and are still knocking down one three after another. I would say that Coach Abe may be trying to send the rest of the league a little message!
  9. The SEFCU looks somewhat full for a noon workday start. Great program that they put on for area youth. Sounds like they are having a great time.
  10. I am watching the America East feed of the lady Danes vs. UNH game. While the video is so much improved, I don't really understand why there is no play by play. This team is undefeated and are basically blowing out their America East opponents. It seems to me that the university has to find a way to do better.
  11. disappointing....15 games ago they were a division 2 school!
  12. The truth is...he is right. While I know of no real way to get Iorizzo, Singleis and Wilkin into our corner, maybe it is time for the athletic administration to find out what the real problem is. Read their tweets and columns and you can plainly see that they are not for us. I for one never believe what one would think would be inside information on one of our sports teams when reported by one of them. Maybe it is just wishful thinking on their end that something would be amiss with one of our teams or players. Frankly, they have been wrong time and time again. I can't believe that Siena gets far superior and in the end, much more positive coverage, due to their relationship with the TU through the arena. UA's success is unparalleled in the capital area and it would seem to me they would want to be on board with that success. They get special privileges from being members of the press....maybe it's time to revoke that privilege!
  13. A pretty good effort today....if they were consistent at the end of the 1st half.....this game would have been super close. Pitt is a good team and we played with them!
  14. A good first 15 minutes and then non-existent in the last 5.....need consistency!
  15. Read the twitter comments about UA from Mark Singleis tonight. I vote for banning him, Pete Iorizzo and Tim Wilkin from UA events. They are atrocious!
  16. While I wished that the ladies would have found some magic against Duke, I take pride in being exactly correct about the TU sportswriters. Megan Craig did play and as usual, Wilkins was wrong. The TU sportswriters have more access then they deserve and we should be cautious about anything they report about our teams. If they report anything that appears to be inside information, I usually go with the opposite because I do not see any of our coaches being that stupid to trust any of them…..they are not for us! I am sure they will report today how the ladies are on a big slide and they are not that good. As always, the Danes will have the last laugh.
  17. I never believe what any TU writer says…with the way they talk down all of UA's teams, despite the fact that we are the best in the area, shows their lack of credibility. If I was a UA coach I would tell them nothing!
  18. What a great post….I totally agree that the northeast is a hotbed for baseball and is a huge area for summer collegiate baseball leagues. The team this year is going to be good….they made some great moves in recruiting and aside from Stephen Woods, who was a 6th round choice of the Tampa Bay Rays, Coach Mueller brought in a kid who pitched for Stony Brook in the College World Series. So, the team has some arms that should help them in the America East.
  19. Click…I agree and yes, it is reality. The university does have a commitment to these athletes. I am just glad it is not the university talking about this instead of the administration. For some reason, baseball always is on the radar of folks on this site. Thats funny to me considering there is a lot of baseball played in and around the capital district. I could understand if all UA had was something a little better in talent then a club team. Thats just not the case and the program has been recognized by Baseball America for their recruiting. The coaching staff is working as hard as ever to bring winning D-1 baseball to the area. All I can say is go Danes!
  20. Other then football and basketball, I would suggest that none of the other sports at UA are money makers. You can talk about baseball, but there are many other teams at UA that go farther and for much longer time periods. I guess because of Title IX no one here would suggest softball or volleyball. At least with sports like baseball a few of the trips have a paycheck attached to it. I realize that most of the folks that come onto this site are football and basketball fans…I get that. However, no sport is worth sacrificing. I think what most of you forget about is the commitment that those in the other sports bring to the table. In sports like baseball and softball, these student athletes spend a great deal of time on the road during the early season and have to work incredibly hard when they are in town catching up. I would ask you all not to advocate the cutting of any sport….its just not right to the student athletes!
  21. I know this is a little off subject but last night I caught a quick few minutes of the Buffalo - Toledo game. I found it quite odd that as much as Buffalo tries to hold itself away from the other SUNY universities that on their jerseys that had a big insignia that read State University of New York Buffalo. In this case New York was in much larger print then any of the other words including Buffalo.Are they now making the play to be the most identified SUNY university?
  22. Since all we can control is our house, I call for the revoking of the media credentials for all Times Union sports reporters. Since they have no interest in being fair and honest in there reporting we can make them pay the admission fee so that they can see the game. Its not like they ever have any interest in reporting anything positive about UAlbany sports!
  23. Thats funny Bob……did you get a chance to say hello to your friends and shills of the Siena program Mark Singleis and Pete Iorizzo??? I am sure they left the building with bags over their heads!
  24. Click……I agree….boom…….down for the count! They can shut their faces until next year!
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