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  1. I just read that Tony called my friend Bob a clown. Bob is far from being a clown….he is a true Danes fan and I have seen him in multiple locations outside of the Capital District supporting Danes baseball. Hey Bob, enjoy the night….as your Danes once again proved that they are the class of the Capital District. Sure, as Tony says we might not have the most luxurious locker rooms but what we do have is student athletes that are proud of their school that come ready to play….hey Tony, how many conference titles does your team with the fancy locker rooms have?
  2. Listening to this game 1500 miles from the Capital District and all I can say is boom! Sure, game was closer then the score but in the end, we are the class of the Capital District. We once again came into Siena's and the Times Union's house and put the sleeper hold on both of their teams. Sorry Siena, you'll have to wait to next year to regain the spotlight! In the end, it's all about the Danes!
  3. The tv broadcast is saying just under 9000. Nevertheless, it is great seeing the Danes playing in prime time on a real sports channel. The broadcast is first class with the Washington Capitals main guy....the stadium looks great. What a great night for Albany sports!
  4. I don't find this that odd.....in fact it happens all the time, especially in baseball. It appears that this young man chose education over a quick pay day in the short term. In the long term, he will have the opportunity to once again go in the draft at the end of his junior season. For the Danes, this is great news. The pitching staff, which also now includes Matt Gallup who pitched in the college World Series for Stony Brook, has a lot of upside. Coach Mueller has done a great job in bringing in upper class pitchers. The next few years look bright and Albany should have the opportunity to be one of the favorites to win the conference championship.
  5. thanks for the info.....its gotta be better then the America East website video......
  6. Doesn't the CAA have its own video channel??? Gotta be better then the weak and unstable feed that I am getting from the AE!
  7. It was just funny to watch President Jones on one of those America East commercials where he says I am Robert Jones, University at Albany is my school, America East is my conference......kind of fitting considering all the rumors! Baseball plays at 8pm....you watch it live and for free at: http://www.americaeast.com/mediaPortal/player.dbml?&id=932175&catid=0&DB_OEM_ID=14000&KEY=
  8. Good call Bob.....hopefully we can make a lot of noise during the championship run and bring yet another conference championship to the university!
  9. Your right Bob...the game was the last event on campus for this year. The baseball team is the last team playing.....next week it will be the conference championship. Last time the Danes were seeded third, they won the whole thing! By the way, shout out to the university for putting the game on the Dane Zone and utilizing two commentators who actually knew something about the Danes players. Despite them losing, it was nice to be able to watch it.
  10. any idea why the Danes gave up the right to host the tournament to Binghamton....if I understand the situation correctly, they deferred to Binghamton who has a new softball facility. It would have been nice to have the the tournament at home especially after they earned that right!
  11. I agree with the point made by dslyank.....no surprise......it hit on the core of what I have been trying to explain.
  12. I was just looking to continue to have us band together for the cause of UA sports. I have attended a wide variety of sports events this year at the school and cheer every accomplishment. I am part of this site because I was under the belief that this is where UA sports fans come together, talk about the pros and cons of the teams, marvel at wins and voice our disgust at a loss. Together, we have a greater voice then a person here and a person there. Hopefully others will continue to voice support and that will resonate into action. I am sure that you would not find many supporters among our athletes. With the effort that they put forth to train, practice and ultimately represent the university, I would think each would expect a piece, as you said, of the finite dollars!
  13. That is just sad! I guess it is clear that you did not play sports at Albany!
  14. Since when does it matter how many people go to a sporting event at UA? Now that wee have 800 or so seats at football, does that mean that the stadium will be even close to full all year long in light of the fact that the team averages 1/4 of that attendance on any given Saturday? And no, there would probably be no more people at the baseball or softball games if there were bathrooms but it would be nice to have a place to go when your field is a 1/4 of a mile away from the nearest building. Unfortunately, I cannot agree that a track program is more important then a baseball or softball program. I am just surprised that someone who has a lot to say about UA sports is quick to slam other sports who are trying to get a piece of the pie. Using your logic, it would be more important to put lockers and a clubhouse for the football team at the stadium instead of improving the baseball or softball fields.....that is truly funny!
  15. I certainly can appreciate your analogy but you are making the case that with a better stadium with more seating and fancy scoreboards that we will have a potentially a better product....that with a multi million dollar renovation to the SEFCU that our basketball teams will now play with top competition because of the money spent. Why could we make that same claim for other sports? Yes, no student athlete was forced to come to UA and play on marginal fields. They chose to come because of the opportunities in education and athletics. With that said, shouldn't they deserve equal access to the funding? Wouldn't that make the sports program as a whole much better? Wouldn't that avail us to greater opportunities in conference choice and potential recruits? You make mention in the Northeast baseball doesn't matter to most people. I would firmly disagree with you. Being in the Northeast poses issues due to the weather but that doesn't mean that there aren't many great players that hail from there or come there to play college ball. Stony Brook shocked the world last year by making it to the college baseball world series and got a tremendous amount of positive press around the country from it. I think that their trip to the FCS playoffs in football took a backseat to those events. Why can't that happen at Albany? Personally, I hope that those 8000 seats are filled come the fall and that there are people standing at the ticket booth wishing they could get in. Nothing would be greater. I can only hope that other supporters don't take such a narrow focus. Sure, funds are finite....its time that they are spread around a bit!
  16. Click...that is frankly bs......those teams have suffered with inferior facilities probably as long as the football team has. I realize that most on here care about football and basketball and then couldn't really care less about the rest of the sports but I pose the following to you.....I have read numerous posts that call for Albany to be the University of Florida or the University of Michigan (as an example) of New York. Folks have begged for a sports program with the necessary spending to get us out of the low mid major group to a university with top end sports programs. With that being said, why should these student athletes be treated like second class citizens? So much has been said about how the multi sport facility is such a boom for recruiting.....the first place that we should take any recruit when they are on a visit. So I guess the baseball and softball programs should just hope that the star player that is considering one or our programs doesn't really care that he or she has to walk a half of mile to get to their field.....that there are no bathroom facilities there....that there are no designated hitting facilities......that there are no clubhouse facilities......check other programs, they have those things.....check d2 and d3 programs and many of them have them. Take those facilities away from the football and basketball team and everyone here would freak out because we were not acting like a top d1 program which we are trying to be.
  17. I can appreciate the excitement that is being felt with the construction of the multi sport complex but when do we get to baseball and softball? It seems that most on here would rather continuously improve the new stadium and SEFCU while pretty much ignoring the other teams. For the very same reasons that a multi sport complex was wanted and renovations to the SEFCU are desired.....the baseball and softball complexes are in need of renovation and improvement. It would be nice that all supporters of UA sports come on board and support this. For the cost of some of these luxury items, the baseball and softball teams could be playing in complexes that are more indicative of Division 1 programs. I realize that most of you are saying that baseball and softball are not revenue creating sports. While that is true, does that mean that those student athlete deserve far inferior facilities? I always thought that in the end....we the supporters of UA sports supported all the sports. Baseball and softball players work hard and deserve our support as well!
  18. It is great that additional facilities are being upgraded. When do we get to baseball and softball?
  19. The Danes won the 2nd game 4-3......maintain their 2nd place position in the America East. Coach Mueller got his 300th win!
  20. I received an email from the Chancellor stating that they would carefully consider the issue before making the change......just not so sure!
  21. I know him personally...very big advocate for the school, it's programs and athletics.......
  22. Thats funny stuff.....they did a nice job last weekend. Should have swept the series. Now that basketball is over it is time to start talking about some of the other sports!!!!
  23. Hey Bob...I thought you have some pull over there. Maybe you can get us an artifical field like the rest of the conference!
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