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  1. I hear that the University President is very pro-athletics. Maybe he can do something that has yet to be accomplished at UA....he can build a baseball / softball commensurate of a division 1 schoool that is on the rise. While the weather in the northeast has been particualrly harsh the last few months, we should have a facility that can deal with the weather. If Bingo, Stony, Hartford and Maine can accomodate home games at this time of the year, why shouldn't we? Plus, the boys have been on the road since the second week of February.....not very condusive to getting quality practice time or stuff done for the academic side!
  2. Proud......girls dance tomorrow, along with all the other sports that play.......UA is on the map, no longer just a doormat or after thought!
  3. When the new stadium opens...stick 'em all in the basement with a closed circuit black and white 8-inch TV...*just one TV* Just dont understand it.....we are producing winner after winner, why wouldn't you want to be a part of it???
  4. totally agreed Click....it pisses me off....revoke their access to anything at UA....we will never earn their respect no matter how much or what we win!
  5. While in the end it doesn't matter....but I think we should find a way to boycott members of the Albany media who continue to bash our school and sports program no matter how much we suceed. I am following a few twitter accounts for some TU writters and they are just bashing us away. I would say, no more access to anything UAlbany for them.... It just leaves me to believe that maybe we would have more community support with more community outreach. It seems that the community's relationship with the school is based on what the writters at the TU Tell them. Just my 2 cents during a time out.... Now back to the game!
  6. Thanks MsGDG for posting the video from the end of the 2007 title game......how about we bring back those uniforms for this one game???
  7. Come on Bob you know better. Anything that happens on Siena's campus is important news.....lets just consider all the championships they have this year. Well that was quick cause the answer is none. UA is Albany's school and the time has come that we do everything we can to secure that position. If they did not have the TU to do their work, Siena would just be another little college that no one knows about or talks about! Great seeing you in South Carolina!
  8. Just figures, we have two teams in the championship games and the big news is that Siena let their coach go after an 8-24 season...not a real surprise but it is time to get back to the important stories of the day!
  9. I guess there was no Siena game tonight.....oh wait, are any of their teams still playing? Anyway, it seem the game was well attended by the TU staff and I am sure they had their fingers crossed that the first they could do tomorrow was bash the Danes.......
  10. Both teams in the conference championship........unbelievable!!!!!
  11. How about baseball and softball???? I think it is time that their facilities are brought up to snuff.
  12. Nice outing for Senior Kasceim Graham.....the defense played error free baseball and the walks were kept to a minimum.....all of that equals a good win! Derek Zelinski going for the Danes today. I have seen him pitch twice this season and I think the team will breakthrough and get him a win today. He has great stuff!
  13. Danes baseball gets kicked off at 3:30 tomorrow at the Wright State Invitational being held at the USA Baseball Training Center in North Carolina.... You can follow UA baseball on twitter at @DanesBaseball..... Lets go Danes!
  14. It all starts in Cary, North Carolina in 7 days......the first game is Canisius at 3PM pm on February 15!
  15. Give em credit...they have some pretty good giveaways.....we could learn from it.
  16. Hey Bob....I believe that Coach Mueller likes being the leader of the squad that everyone underestimates. Could make us very dangerous this year! It all begins in North Carolina next Friday....it should be fun!
  17. Lets remember that we have a sophmore on the baseball team that is also from the same county where todays signees are from in Florida. Broward County, which is where Fort Lauderdale is located, is a hotbed for high school sports and the home to many high school state champion baseball and football teams.
  18. What a great video. I was mesmerized by the success. So much Great Dane pride. Can we get it done? The girls, absolutely...the guys, well, I guess it starts tomorrow.....
  19. Great job by both teams!!! I too get caught up with the debacle that is the Times Union and if reporting on $iena is what they think the public is interested in so be it. Lets face it, its not just basketball....its mostly all of the sports and what is the one common denominator, UA kicks their ass in just about all of them. In reality the things that are important are wins and championships...lets see the Times Union report on one of those for $iena. You might be waiting a long time. With the way this year has begun, a strong spring may just bring us the commisioners trophy! Lets just keep winning!
  20. Come on guys a little confidence here.....this blog is becomming a real downer!
  21. Well, I am sure I will see you on one of the weekends. Hopefully, we can build some visibility for the baaseball program!
  22. Thanks a lot Bob......I have done a count and now I am sure there are two of us that are supporters of UA baseball. I am surprised that you will not be going to Cary for the tournament the first week of the season. Hopefully, I have the time to go both to Cary and go to South Carolina. I think we have a pretty sound squad that might surprise a few people this year. If the pitching does it's part we should have a nice season. Thank you for supporting UAlbany baseball!
  23. Ilko...I agree.....there is ability to get that done, the effort is lacking.....plus, when basketball season ends, any student involvement will also go away since there is basically no marketing of the spring sports with the possible exception of lacrosse.
  24. Not many things to talk about as it goes for South Carolina State....so why not discuss something else?
  25. A number of good points have been made. I can say this, I have started blogs under the "spring" section and I noticed that they are now off the site. Lets be frank, football and basketball are really not money sports for UA as they really don't do anything to support the other programs like they do in schools with well known, successful and high level basketball and football programs. If anything, they are able to take care of the bills for their respective programs. No other UA sports team even comes close to doing that. Therefore, the other programs mainly exist with funding that is given to them by the athletics department. With that being said, the promotion of all student athletes and athletics teams should be consistent and fair across the board. If a team is not successful, the athletics department should be asking why and making changes to ensure competitiveness. Albany is a great institution for higher learning and athletes from around the country should not hesitate when making the decision on where to attend. The perfect balance between academics and athletics can be found there. I am just suggesting that we need to catch up on facilities, promotion of the teams and athletes etc.
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