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  1. Underpar...at least basketball and football get some type of advertising on the web etc. For basketball, they are even sending emails to the student body proding them to come out and support the team. Do they do that for baseball, track, tennis, softball......no! Some of these sports don't even get a media guide with the players names and bios in it. Recruiting wise, what do we know about who is coming in next year except for a few sports. There are some sports that have little support, where the crowds would be non-existent if not for the parents of the players and a few friends. As I have said many times before, all of the sports at UA need a little kick in the rear......not just basketball and football. Heck, football doesn't even need it anymore since 25 million was spent on the stadium. Fairness across the board.....in funding, attempts to raise student and area awareness and facilities is what I am talking about. I don't believe that UAlbany Sports is tweeting minute by minute scores in many sports other then basketball and football....why is that? I know for a fact that there are some major differences in these areas across the UA sports landscape.
  2. Congratulations to the mens and womens basketball teams as they totally outplayed Siena. Big difference in coaching. Lots of talk leading up to these games.....some saying that our mens teams were about the same and that they had home court advantage. Even with Mike Black being relatively quiet, the Danes stepped it up and took the game. The Mens and Womens Albany Cups come home to their rightful home......the University at Albany! Way to go Danes!
  3. Ladies take the first game and demolish $iena........not much of a game. Way to go Coach Abe standing tall for the Danes! Funny listening to the $iena head coach in the post game interview where she said her team leaves it all on the court. Well, you needed at least 17 more points.
  4. Another article from the TU....it should be an article about both UA and Siena.....click on the pictures......there is 100 of them of Siena sports and 0 for UA sports..........http://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/Siena-UA-game-proves-to-be-hot-ticket-4080681.php#photo-3809917
  5. Click the UAlbany tab on the TU website and walla....all you see are stories about $iena.........I guess the staff at the TU don't know the difference between the two. No mention of the girls blowout over NJIT yesterday with the exception of the score. I could swear they were conference champions last year and still........wait for it................nothing!
  6. S Money....and most people are talking about basketball and football. What about the other sports where basically only family and close friends attend? At least at the SEFCU and the new football stadium you will be able to go to the bathroom in a room called a bathroom. For some sports, its a porta potty or porta jon....basically a portable bathroom that smells like $hit. When the school appears to be behind a particular thing I think the students turnout. Marketing is bad, the website is un-inspiring.....student apathy to a point. When you only celebrate two sports with special features like coaches and players interviews; special announcements on the website and twitter with players biographies; giveaways at games and people still don't turn out.....you gotta scratch your head......at least for football and basketball there are some poeple there!
  7. Here is more genius from two of our favorite sports writers at the TU. It amazing that they can never say anything posive about UA. Dane96 was right in his post....soon we will rule the capital area. http://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/Give-Go-4072698.php
  8. Thanks Bob...your my baseball ally. Gotta keep up the fight for our boys of summer. You know they deserve better!
  9. Did anyone notice that the article by Tim Wilkin in the TU about the Siena coach being on the hot seat was taken down. There were a lot of comments but now it has gone missing. I guess the TU is concerned that UA crushing Siena will be the end to the current coach.
  10. How about a baseball and softball complex........I know I am a broken record....its time that they have something that somewhat resembles a division 1 facility! I am for the indoor practice facility provided that other teams, like baseball, can utilize it! Its a winner for everyone.
  12. I just thought we were set! But no.........we now need the Dukes to come back again!
  13. Roger Wyland just said good teams find a way to win......I would say we are a pretty good team right now.
  14. Here is the link to the 2013 Baseball Schedule: http://www.collegebaseballinsider.com/13teamscheds/Albany.html The Danes are once again playing a difficult early out of conference schedule. Come on out and root the team on!
  15. Baseball scrimmage today at 11...... Varsity Field...,.,,come and see the 2012 Danes!
  16. What a joke. I say lock them out. Their level of journalism has shrunk to an all time low and why? Because they hate our public university and the university community. Unprofessional.....bottom line.
  17. I just got to see the stadium construction site for the first time in person. It is farther from the sefcu then it looked on the video feed. Looks like we are going to have a very impressive venue!
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