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  1. Watched the game vs. Bryant on Saturday on Directv.....while the commentators weren't horrible.....picture and production was poor. Saww the JMU game on Saturday and that was in HD.....can't wait to watch the Danes Purple and Gold in beautiful High Definition!
  2. It is interesting how other sports such as baseball and softball keep entering the discussion of the new football stadium and the move to the CAA. As an older alumni who enjoyed our sports programs in the old SUNYAC conference and Division 3, I am estatic of the great steps that the football program is making. The stadium is not only huge in size but huge in what it may mean to the university, community and the sports programs. With that being said, I do not apologize for speaking up about the baseball and softball programs and their facilities. Seriously, lets forget who may be dropping a sport or who makes their bread and butter off of a sport like baseball. I can promise you that I have been to many D1 and D2 schools over the years and their facilities make our look like something out back of an elementary school. I have been to those places when the crowds were small and also enjoyed the atmoshere when the crowds were in the 1000's. The point is that our baseball players deserve the same perks as our football players....frankly, all of our student athletes should have an opportunity to enjoy the experience. Sure, football is in the spotlight now....but we have done well in so many more sports. If we are going to improve a team and facilities based on the gate....your living in a fantasy world because the decisions of the universities administration should not be based on that. Lets just say that if the university particpates in a given sport, that team should rightfully expect full support from the administration. Unless there is something that I am not hearing, UA is not talking about eliminating any of their sports teams. Friends, lets remember that we are talking about our student athletes givin their all as they compete FOR the university. Just because they don't get huge crowds by anyones standard on here does not mean that they dont deserve the financial support. Heck....if getting 1 or 2 thousand out to university field on a Saturday to watch the football team justifies a multi-million dollar investment then I might just bow out of the discussion now! I am all about UA sports and I will be coming a long way on Saturday to watch the Danes go to 6-1.
  3. Nice recovery for Drew Smith. We will need him through the rest of the season! Just goes to show that a Great Dane is better then a Bulldog!
  4. Touchdown Danes. Nice looking job with lots of power running.
  5. Thank you UofAlbany...you are right on point with the baseball and softball fields....and you are right, if we want to be big time we must think big.
  6. After a three and out by Monmouth, one pass and a bunch of ground and pound and bam......Albany 31-10........
  7. funny thing....the broadcasters were just saying that the refs mike has been not working all day....so lets see....no video feed, no audio feed and no audio explanations from the officials....
  8. Its better then nothing and at least you can get a feel for what is happening in the game.
  9. If you want to listen to the game, the Monmouth feed is working...you can get it at: http://shoresportsnetwork.com/listen-live/popup/ Its a shame that our visitors can come into our house and do what we can't.....makes you want to scratch your head!
  10. Watching the Stony Brook game...they are winning 13-0 over Army.....
  11. I agree 06....wish I could at least hear it. Cant wait to be up there on the 13th to see the homecoming game!
  12. It is hard to argue what might be realistic or not. I shared the excitement of everyone on here when the announcmenet of the stadium was made. Nothing was better then finding out we were moving to the CAA. While the stands at the field may be worn I think we can agree, the field wasn't too bad. Well why make the investment then....to have the program advance, improvement the recruiting, provide better amentities for the players and fans. I am all in favor of all of that. But then you are saying that improving the facilities for other programs is not realistic. Is it not reasonable for the softball team to have an indoor facility where they can hit in the winter that is dedicated to them. Is it unreasonable that there be bathrooms so the fans dont have to use porta-pottys? How expansive will be the football teams locker room and clubhouse? Should they be the only ones? I follow the football team more now then ever before....they are exciting and I am looking forward to next year so I dont want you to believe that this is an unwarranted attack on them. There is still so much to do!
  13. 96.....I am talking about the softball / baseball facilities as a whole...dedicated hitting facilities; bathroom facilties near the field and potentially locker room and club house facilities near the field. These are the kind of things that recruits, especially those of D1 quality are looking for and unfortunately, our school really doesnt have. Lets not even talk about our athletics website. These are the very first things that a kid and his parents see as they are being introduced to the school. As far as the playing surface....the baseball field is good however, an artificial surface would probably better as it would be less affected by the elements. When it comes down to it...it is very hard to compare with the facilities that the basketball team has and the football team will soon have. You talk about middle of the pack as it relates to northeast schools. While the field itself may be middle of the pack, amenities are basicallly zero which makes the field not a great place to bring your family bring your family to enjoy a day of baseball. Most people dont want to do there business in a stinky porta-john. While improvement will not occur overnight it should occur on a yearly basis so that the level continues to rise. Other then some new stands that were put there last year, the field is stuck in time. In other words, previous plans have never been followed through on. Its basically the same deal with the softball field.
  14. I totally agree with you Maddog.....it is time for all of our facilities to be brought up to Division 1 standards. These type of issues affect recruiting. All student athletes at UA deserve to be playing on the best surfaces in the best facilities. Maybe the completion of the stadium project will cause growth, developement or revitalization of the facilities for some of the other sports!Its time that all UA sports start thinking on a D1 standard!!!!
  15. All I can say and hope for is that our new president provides a little attention and focus to some of the sports and facilities that need some upgrading. Everyone's wish has been granted....big stadium with big time football....now is time for the rest of our student athletes! Kudos and best of luck to President Philip.....he is a great guy who has done so much for the university, the students and the athletic program.
  16. Just tried it and it is not working....I guess this is what we are all afraid of!
  17. 06....my point is....for the university and its sports programs to grow.....they need to start thinking about the whole program....all 19 sports not just a mere few. I know that might be a popular opinion on here but there are many great athletes that dont play basketball or football that go to and play for the university. And yes, being able to listen to the baseball games would be great for me.....
  18. GreatDanes06..... While I understand that the plan calls for professionals to call the basketball games....it seems to me that there are many other opportunities for communication majors to get experience doing baseball or softball games. This has never occurred at the university as far as I can recall. Further, does the station broadcast over the internet??? Doing so would avail the station to access to iHeart or apps like that. I listened to games on 980 on iHeart on my iPhone this past year. While football and basketball are important in the overall scheme of UAlbany's sports programs.....where is the attention for the other sports????
  19. The athletic department does not provide enough media coverage for other then football and basketball. In the event that the games will now be on the college station, will they do broadcast via the internet as well? How about boradcasts for other sports such as baseball, soccer and softball? This will further the visibility of our sports programs. Also, it would assist recruiting so that families of recruits from outside the Albany area would be able to hear the games. Live stats is nice but hearing play by play is better. There is no reason that most sporting events on campus can't be broadcast (audio at a minimum....video at best) via the internet. Our program is growing...now is the time!
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