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  1. Waiting until after the FF makes a lot of sense. After the games are done everyone except the CBB junkies turn their attention elsewhere. It's one of the only benefits of being a small program. If the rumors were flying around about this going on at a P6 it would be everywhere. If you announce the firing this week for the reason everyone is saying it becomes a national story picked up by everyone on CBB's biggest week. Will say considering the AD hasn't even given a couple no comment quotes tells me he's gone also. There were obviously some big issues with how this whole thing went down. You're not this quiet unless you're hiding several mistakes.
  2. Truth is both programs could've had him. Marquette could've had him right when Albany got him. Other Big East assistants are looking at BE and B10 jobs. Don't care who likes you. Care who is willing to put their job on the line for you.
  3. Again, hypotheticals. I'm being realistic. If we won our conference the same way we'd be happy right?
  4. When Fran was there they were completely overachieving for the MAAC. That's not their realistic positioning while still in the MAAC...their fans may think so...but ya know. MAAC and the AE are the same thing. If we won our league back to back years we wouldn't be nitpicking our ranking or who we lost to.
  5. And make no mistake they accomplished the past two years what our goal is around here apparently. Everyone wasn't happy how we've showed up in the regular season. You can say it was recent post season issues, but we still have 3 tourney's over the past 10 years, same as Vermont. You want regular season play, you want what Siena is currently doing.
  6. Have they won their conference back to back years? Do team's who win their conference have off days? They're back, I don't know what to tell you.
  7. lol I'm not wasting my time defending Siena. I hope they lose every game they ever play. You just need to face current facts.
  8. I can't think of anything comparable on the mid major level, but you're moving the goal posts now. If people wanna watch them run us in their home building over the next couple of years so be it. No idea how that's growing our fanbase.
  9. Did you watch their last two season's? They're back. They wanted no part of us when they were a mess. Why would you gift them games now that they're clicking again and we have no idea what we are?
  10. Seton Hall/Rutgers Seton Hall is in a much larger pro arena. Different conferences. Rivals.
  11. When's the next time you think we'd realistically beat them? They're back. We aren't right now.
  12. It'd be played at Siena every other year. Don't see how it hurts anyone being there every other year.
  13. Will say this fanbase has no idea what prolonged D1 ineptitude is or what it's like to deal with a major scandal and at minimum I'd like to keep it that way. That's the absolute bare minimum. Wanting a change makes sense, we all get sick of things. The past couple of seasons weren't good. If this is the only program you follow closely you have no idea what it's like to watch everything collapse and how difficult it is to build back up.
  14. I love Will Brown and I'm 99% sure everyone on here knows that. I meant it more who'd I'd pick to go bar hopping with. Again, that doesn't matter at all because this administration decided to move on. What's done is done. I'll be rooting hard for him wherever he takes over.
  15. Again, it's publicly calling the accuser a liar when there is absolutely no reason for this program to be associated with what is going on there at all.
  16. Oh I'm not even saying they're going to recruit bad kids because of the situation. I'm saying why would you put this program in that type of position. Why should we be associated with what's going on there at all? That's the part that pissed me off.
  17. Well let's be honest here...if he's the one who recruited the player in question and has the closest relationship to the player in question (enough so that he's getting shouted out at a presser) who do you think the players first call was to when $iena started going sideways? What chair you're in as far as hierarchy on the coaching staff has nothing to do with who's closest to these situations from the jump. I can tell you multiple programs (from personal experience, it's every program really) where the guys closest to the players and are the fixers are not in the first or second chair. By making the hire you're calling her a liar. By shouting everyone out publicly on the record you're calling her a liar publicly. If you don't plan on being in this program long term do not bring that type of $iena around here. Get in, win, don't make us look bad or get this program into any trouble and move on.
  18. To me that was a completely naïve move. You don't trust what you're told by the same people being sued for covering something up. You completely avoid that situation if you've made the decision you think the woman is lying...if you don't think she's lying you wouldn't have made that hire.
  19. That's pretty much it. There's no reason to have anything that's going on over there near this program. Don't know him personally, I'm sure he's a good dude. There is absolutely no reason for Albany to associate themselves with anyone associated with UVM while they're still in the middle of a lawsuit. Let's also be honest.... Albany is not Burlington. The media over there completely caters to that team/program. It's a small town feel where the paper needs access to report on the program because there's not much else. That's not going to happen in Albany.
  20. Probably have some great convos recorded that were supposed to be off air if that's the case
  21. A. You're supposed to be excited by a new hire (so it's great people are). B. Coach Killings seems like an awesome dude, very personable and I've only heard good things from people. C. The program is going to have to live with taking on Coach Tibbs and anything that comes with it now (I get wanting the City Rocks connect). D. Show me a presser where a new HC doesn't say he wants to play a fun up-tempo style. E. I really really hope there ends up a balance. AC's are supposed to be friends with the kids. The HC has to make some incredibly tough decisions the AC's don't. If your whole team likes you all of the time you're doing it way wrong. F. There's a ton of examples of it not working, but it's rare to find a coach you actually want to hang out with that you want to lead your program. I'd want to hang out with Jimmy Patsos, I wouldn't want to hang out with Will Brown. One I'd want to lead my program, the other I wouldn't want anywhere near it. G. No matter what the Will Brown era is over so it's not one vs the other for me now. This is Coach Killings show and hopefully it leads to good things.
  22. Haven't posted for a while, but I'll say no AD makes a move without having their lists set up. Generally it's those you pray you can get, those you think of having a chance to get and those where you know the interest is mutual. All of this is done well in advance of the current coach leaving. You always have this list and always update it (your coach can leave at any time). Being that Benson knew he was making this move for a while now (years) all the research has been done well in advance.
  23. I won't even get into the rest but if you think Healy is the same offensive player that's insane to me. He's 100% added moves to free himself up with ball in hand from both inside the arc and outside the arc. His handle is still a work in progress, but is much improved as far as I'm concerned.
  24. Podcast featuring Coach Pelletier touching on coaching experiences, life lessons, relationship with players and a bunch of other topics. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/coaches-coffee/id1370032659?i=1000449477023
  25. haha watching the Saratoga/West highlights his game tying bucket where he stands over the defender feels like an automatic T these days if it wasn't done with no time on the clock. Shocked/some props to the ref for not calling it.
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