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  1. Not sure if we do it (I don't think we do ) but one thing I'd really look into when it comes to drawing in students and creating a better home atmosphere is giving away an iPad or HDTV every couple of games through a raffle to the students. Everybody loves free stuff, especially college students...you give away one iPad or HDTV you can get some buzz and draw a bunch of students in for $300-$400 per giveaway.
  2. Possible, but Siena lost it... UA can't lose something it didn't have to begin with. Same community wasn't coming out to support UA when they were good, even with Siena being bad.
  3. Only thing I would say regarding the series is it starts back up at SEFCU if it's in 2019. No point in taking just a year off if it's the year it was supposed to be in our house just to return to their home on time.
  4. If we're going to sell our soul it better bring in a ton of money. Seems kind of weak even entertaining negotiations other than saving face for the public.
  5. I get the feeling we shouldn't be surprised by a 3 game series with the third a split at the TUC if this happens. Not sure why else we'd still be at the negotiating table since our terms are pretty simple. Seems a little late for this to still be going on just for the AD's to say "hey we tried, but couldn't come to an agreement".
  6. https://dailygazette.com/article/2018/07/27/albany-cup-not-dead-yet
  7. VC said next Wednesday, August 1st.
  8. Not sure, just asked them on Twitter though. Seeing the year 2020 written out also slightly freaks me out.
  9. Road game @ Iona also or did that get pushed back?
  10. https://dailygazette.com/article/2018/07/25/revamped-ualbany-men-s-basketball-motivated Will say I go into complete fan mode when I read the quotes. Love an Albany team with a chip on their shoulder.
  11. I think the redshirt made sense heading into the season with how the roster was constructed last year. May have helped having him available as the season went on, but I'm not sure it would have been enough to make it worth it for him to use a year of eligibility with such limited playing time available (maybe 10 minutes a game max?). If you were going to use him as your off the bench deep threat on paper you already had two guys ahead of him for that coming off of the bench.
  12. Anyone want to take a guess who the best perimeter shooters will be?
  13. I'll play the guessing game. As of today with having no clue whose game has progressed and how anyone looks... I'll go: Clark, Rizzuto, Campbell, Lulka, French Seems like the ultimate "whoever plays hard defense and learns the offense the fastest gets to start" type of year.
  14. This would make some sense as to why the class wasn't announced yet since I thought we were out of scholly's for 18-19. Apparently someone is out.
  15. Pretty sure every offseason they don't update until the full class is publicly revealed and that hasn't happened yet for whatever reason.
  16. The only thing I'll give them is that expectations generally set how we'll react to situations and for years the expectation was that we would go to them and just be happy to play the game. I'm sure they view the fact they even came to SEFCU as some generous gift. As we've gone on about before, the programs aren't even equal at the moment. Siena doesn't even have a reason we should continue the series other than "so we can draw more Siena fans to the TUC". They want the ability to do that every other year I'm cool with it, I still haven't heard a reason it benefits Albany to visit Siena every year.
  17. See that's the thing, I don't even care if we get any money from the TUC games. If the revenue were to be split it could be minimal or not at all as far as I'm concerned. Siena can enjoy their boosted revenue and attendance figures every other year. Just treat it like two mid majors meeting up for a home and home. Crazy to me that they can't see us boosting their attendance every other year as a benefit to them rather than a slight because it's not there every year.
  18. Even with that scenario though Albany is once again going out of their way to benefit Siena. 4,000 people is a decent chunk, it's not like we're talking about a 1,000 seat gym. Really shouldn't be a big deal for it to be played at the TUC every other year. Siena can do their normal pregame stuff downtown and bus people uptown if they want.
  19. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who's pro Albany whether it be fans, players or admins as to why they'd want to play the game without it being a home and home. I really don't see any value in the series without it being a home and home, but maybe I'm missing something.
  20. Pretty sure last year the games were on tv on CBS Sports
  21. Team needs Devonte a lot closer to Ray Sanders this upcoming season than what he was last season. Easier said than done since I always thought Ray was the most important piece to that core over his two years here. No point in sitting here bashing him, seems like a really good dude and I doubt he's happy with how last season went. He gets in the gym and gets shots up he can easily be a guy who hits the three in the low to mid 30's, a lot of it is just confidence. If his shot doesn't improve than there's a decision to make, but until then (early next season) there's no reason to harp on what went down last year.
  22. Don't see any issue with the article, he was just listing people that he spoke with the most to help him make his decision. Hope both players kill it at their new schools. In the end what happened will probably be best for everyone. Both guys gets to finish up at big time programs and Albany gets a little reset. In all honesty if it didn't work last season it probably wasn't going to work this upcoming season. Not like we were close to winning it all, plus we were already looking at a reset at the four and the five. Talented team last season that obviously had issues so instead of worrying about anything lingering the program gets a reset for this year and the players get to show their skills at P6 schools.
  23. No idea what's going to happen as far as the depth chart goes, but you'd have to assume those returning or coming off of redshirts have the leg up at least headed into the season. Only advice is pretty much the same as it is for any player entering practice season...burn almost all of your energy on defense and 50/50 balls. The staff already knows what you can do offensively or you wouldn't have been recruited.
  24. Here's a partial list of the full games of all of the incoming players if you get really bored this summer Fromm https://livestream.com/accounts/6859073/events/8088331/videos/171027511 https://livestream.com/accounts/6859073/cc-vs-wwcc-2018/videos/170061406 Lauderdale French Brooks https://livestream.com/accounts/14000537/mbb021918/videos/170466273 de Sousa Rizzuto Starks
  25. Not sure how I feel about any of it. Wyland was loose with it, but he was correct...so it's sort of a get over it situation. Didn't like how he handled the Cremo news for Albany either, but whatever. Times Union loves them some Siena. Only reason I didn't like him leaking the Siena news Thursday really has nothing to do with Siena. Don't like the fact that the MSM players probably had to find out their coach was leaving on social media. Deal was probably in place without specifics. From what I heard there was only a buyout if he went to an A10 school or a Power 6 school, then again I also heard at one point that boosters were taking care of the buyout instead of the schoolsso they were figuring that out. May have figured out a shady way to take care of the buyout so no one has to pay taxes on it. May have really been no buyout. Tough situation for MSM if they really lost him to no buyout. Only funny part to me is people are making this out like Wyland is trying to screw over Siena because of his Albany connection. So then why did he leak the Cremo news? Because of his Siena connection?
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