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  1. Then Rothstein denied it being done and local media reporting Siena says the job has not been offered to anyone
  2. Based on D'Argenio's ability to hire quality coaches this would line up
  3. Rothstein denying Christian is a done deal on Twitter
  4. Amazing how back to back belly to belly failed HC hires can bottom out a program. They were really ready to turn the corner after those final three Fran years, now any coach in D1 worth a damn actually has to question whether the job is worth it. Here's to hoping they go back to back to back.
  5. Haha had heard this about a week ago from someone. I get why they would be interested and if you're a coaches agent I feel like you have to check in on it or you're not doing your job. Either way I won't believe it till I see it.
  6. Generally impossible to find ratings for recruits at this level, at least from my experience. You'll get smaller articles saying some players are a steal, or a mention here or there about how a kid had higher level offers, but nothing concrete. For the most part if any of the big boys have seen these players play it's because they were on a team with a higher level recruit or they were playing against a team with a higher level recruit. Even if you look a guy like Anthony Lamb who people were high on as a good get for Vermont 247 barely had him in their system and had him ranked as the 412th best player in his class as a three star.
  7. Anthony Mack committed to Miami on twitter about an hour ago
  8. Last I saw on twitter he was visiting Miami I think, anytime someone lists schools for him they're almost all high majors.
  9. There really shouldn't be any expectations for next season other than we never expect to be terrible regardless of roster change. Little competition for playing time could be refreshing, we had spots locked up the past couple of seasons and it didn't work out as well as everyone hoped. Going to be a ton of speed bumps early, no way to prevent it with so many new pieces in play. Just nice to be able to add talent so quickly when most programs would be in serious trouble in April losing the pieces we did in March.
  10. So after watching a couple of Western Wyoming games online I'm a big fan of Nathan Fromm, looks like a steal and a half...
  11. Just doesn't seem likely, if there was an open starting spot they needed him to fill the offer would be on the table already. Anyone who's guessing on it is thinking Zion would play the 5 for Duke since you have Barrett, Reddish in the 2-3 slot with Zion at the 4 if he doesn't play the 5. If they go small and Zion plays the 5 there's a shot, but you also have Alex O'Connell he would have to jump over to start. Could be awesome if Joe could slide into a 6th man role with them and get significant minutes (15-20 a game?), just seems like a long shot. My guess is Duke adds E.j. Montgomery or another big or two and Duke doesn't go completely small.
  12. 98% sure in that same thread on the Siena board they admitted to NCAA violations which makes this the weirdest thing I've seen in a while.
  13. Thing about Joe's game is he wasn't a selfish enough player where he was going to take enough shots to drop 30 consistently enough to get national attention at a mid major school...on top of us not playing at a fast pace. To me his game translates to any level, has a Greivis Vazquez type game (Joe's smaller) where he's not overly athletic, but he's very crafty and can shoot the $iena out of the ball. Definitely interested to see him at a high level next year, think his game translates really well in the right situation.
  14. Not to mention there's not much of a difference between Albany and other schools when it comes to exposure. Lax can rarely be found on tv, and it's advertised even less.
  15. Yeah he's about as endangered as deer are here in central new jersey
  16. Not sure it's being dragged out. Monday or Tuesday after the Final Four seems pretty standard for this stuff when it's not expected. Issue is that it got out before then.
  17. One thing is certain, basketball will be played.
  18. It's done haha, sooner you accept it the better off you'll be.
  19. Haha just popped over there actually to see, not much yet...think most posters have gone into hibernation. Gives them one positive thing to talk about, so I can't even be mad at them.
  20. Alright, I'll chime in for real. This stinks, it does. It happens to a lot of programs, Is it good when it's both guys at the same time? Not at all. This is pretty much life as a mid major though. Losing two talented guys, especially when one is home grown hurts...no other way to put it. Obviously would've rather seen both of them win a title at UA, but they have to do what they feel is best for them and I'm happy for them if they get to move up. As far as Albany goes, we've been here before...it'll get figured out and the program will continue on as it has in the past.
  21. What happened last year is on everyone, no reason to point fingers anymore. Whatever was going on behind the scenes never worked itself out. At this point either everyone gets on the same page, or we're back in the same exact position in 2018-19. On the players to understand what the coaches want from them and get on board. On the coaches to maximize their players abilities and sit anyone who isn't doing their job. Despite all of the talent we ended up with a pretty flawed offensive team last year beyond the behind the scenes issues. Generally had three guys on the floor who weren't going to step out beyond the arc, paint got very crowded.
  22. Lowest score wins https://memes.getyarn.io/yarn-clip/c36fab3f-3c70-4171-8a34-1543a252fb02/text
  23. That was kind of the point of it when it was introduced, it was a way to give players some spending money. You can do whatever you want with it as a player, most schools decided to pay it as a lump sum in the beginning of the year. I know of players who just send the money back home to help their families out.
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