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  1. Work is starting at the north endzone and working south. The first strip is almost in place. The piles of dirt are topsoil as the base for the sod which may start sometime next week. Sod was used in lieu seeding to give the stadium a finished look.
  2. It's unlikely to see the upper deck go in anytime soon since the concourse level needs to be clear for the Genie lifts to bring materials up to the press level interior and finish work on the east face of the structure. Can't do that with the bleacher assembly in place.
  3. It's the machine to bore the holes for the concrete bases of the sports lighting poles. There are four locations around the field. Steel reinforcement cages will be lowered into the holes prior to the concrete pour. What you see is a section of the auger to bore out the hole.
  4. I believe the first phase was to include the elevator functionality all the way to the future 3rd level - basically on top of the roof that will be there now. The press-box/suites tower was designed to hold an additional level in a future build-out. Correct.
  5. The metal panels were mockups to review for fit and finish of corners and joints prior to assembly. They will be removed and final panels will be installed.
  6. I'd guess the structure is maybe 15 feet deep. The roof extends past the steel, so maybe the floor could be cantilevered out a couple of feet past the steel. The 'bumpout' (the nearest section in this picture, probably behind the press box) looks strange, it's about five feet deep on the north end and narrows to not over two feet on the south end. The main press level enclosure is approx. 21'-4" deep from front to back with the lounge area protruding an additional 9'-3" at its farthest point.
  7. That was my last picture yesterday, looks like gravel covering the tarp. The playing surface is supposed to be above a concrete base, but it might be too late in the year for that. The field turf is laid on: half-inch thick finsh stone layer 7-1/2" dynamic stone base (with panel drains) geotextile fabric compacted sub-grade Same as the Rec Field.
  8. And they sprayed it on the large piles of dirt as well. I wonder if its some kind of chemical that melts snow? It's the hydro seed process without the seed, basically just the mulch component. It was done to help stabilize the site for the winter months and help minimize soil runoff.
  9. If you look closely the crane is actually putting up more of the concrete skin. It looks like they have connected the elevator tower to the stadium on the first floor. I assume they'll need to to that the whole way down the line to sure up the whole structure. The skin must have structure purposes which is why they did it in concrete. Yes, the field is being graded down to the level needed for the underdrains of the turf field. The precast concrete panels are not structural elements to the tower. The panels act as a skin and are clipped in place to the steel. The panels are meant to create an architectural "base" to play off the form and material of the SEFCU exterior and insulating metal panels will enclose the rest of the tower structure.
  10. Likely a lot more than 10. Each trailer typically carries one (maybe two for some sections) precast panels consisting of three rows and spanning from raker beam to raker beam. More than 30 sections are needed, not including the spans for the north and south ends.
  11. They probably won't be able to use the stadium until there is a Certificate of Occupancy issued which I don't think they'll be able to get if its still an active construction site. Who knows though, maybe they can get a temporary CO or something of the like if there is only interior work being done. Correct, you cannot get a CO on an active site. It has to be substantially complete from a safety perspective and that usually means when there are only punch list items left. Contractually and Safety complete are two different things in many instances. Someone has done their homework.
  12. Brutus has been MIA! Don't leave us hanging, Brutus! Construction is on schedule, but an early finish in spring is unlikely at this time.
  13. I think it is just a staging area for the rest of the work. The concrete forms are going up for the remainder of the field-level wall and they are also creeping along with the "skim coat" on top. Some of that wall will remain visible and I think will be painted so they need a good clean surface. It also looks like the are doing some more excavation up around the tower area. I'm really hoping that sucker starts to rise up out of the ground before homecoming. Brutus - do you know if the tower is steel construction or concrete? If its steel I imagine the skeleton will go up very quickly. Concrete will take some additional time of course. The south elevator tower is a steel framed structure with an insulated metal panel skin and some precast for the most part.
  14. I think so too but I'm not 100% sure. That is one of the things that makes it easily expandable. There's a concrete field wall about 5'-6" high that wraps will around the north berm.
  15. For further reference: Upper Bowl = 2,056 patrons Lower Bowl = 2,192 patrons Berm Seating = 1,692 patrons East Side Temp Bleachers = Estimated at 2,000 patrons
  16. The new data center will be located in Service Building C, the former "Commissary Building"
  17. There really aren't any specific lighting accents in the current design of the stadium. Most major signage on the stadium will be gold similar to what's on other campus buildings. What finally ends up on the building may be dependent on final naming rights for the structure itself.
  18. Trench boxes are typically used in the excavation process to prevent the sides of earth from collapsing in while utility pipe is laid.
  19. This portion of the overall Athletics project is not at 100% yet - there is the sports lighting system that has yet to be installed, construction punchlist to be be complete and obtaining a Certificate of Compliance from the University's Code Enforcement Officer. There is a possibility that the field may be opened prior to the lighting system install, but that has yet to be determined.
  20. You should see a significant change in the construction activities within the next two weeks.
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