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  1. 8 hours ago, jimbo said:

    Goodbye Casey. Goodbye GDAC. Goodbye UA football. Goodbye FloSports. 


    Just an additional note: The 2021 FCS bracket. CAA has 2, JMU and Nova. JMU is leaving the conference. Missouri Valley has 6 and Big Sky has 5. I am more than a little concerned at this point that the CAA is slipping into mid FCS pack irrelevance and it might no longer be worth it to be a member. Maybe it was just the parity in the conference, I don't know. Losses of teams to FBS over the years, coupled with known Northeast recruiting disadvantages and members dropping football have really put a dent in the CAA (formerly A-10 and Yankee) conference. Like I think Dyslank has said, maybe the NEC was a better spot. I'll admit to being exited about the change and the new stadium, but the decline of the CAA against the rest of the FCS and being saddled with GG has really made me long for the years of NEC dominance. 

    Did JMU formally announce ?

  2. 4 hours ago, UAalum72 said:

    Featured Projects 5/26/21

    PE building starts page 125 - gym renovation to be finished next summer, pool fill-in in 2023

    Athletics Complex pages 152-165


     Enhancements and amenities to greatly improve fan experience
     Rotates court to allow for more arena-like bowl seating
     Various seating options - from bleacher seating to high-end plush seating
     Increases ADA seating availability
     Combination of both fixed and retractable seating to continue to allow for increased floor area for non-gameday activities.
     Current budget estimate is $7.5M but will increase due to new change requests.
     Construction starts still undetermined but anticipate at least 12-month project duration.


    • Size based on current installation at Utica College (roughly 136,000sf, 4x bigger than former bubble structure)
    • Cost estimated at $4-6M depending on amenities
    • Would house synthetic turf field (80% reg football field), NCAA-compliant indoor track, other amenities as space allows
    • Small ancillary building structure may be included (budget dependent) to house lockers, showers, coaching offices, etc.


     Further design paused at start of CDs until funding becomes available. No further timeline available at this point.
     Estimated construction value to date about $12.5M.
     Design likely to change somewhat pending anticipated changes to Arena and planned changes to PE Phase02.


     ~25,000 SF
     Includes:
     Football Offices
     Football Locker rooms
     Strength & Conditioning
    Schedule: > 10 + Years



    These are contemplated but not budgeted?


  3. 3 minutes ago, Eli said:

    Well...this schedule could certainly be a doozy. We don't have a bunch of MAAC or D3 teams...so we could easily go like 2-11. Maybe it's not us doing the killings but us getting the killings? lol.

    Coach must be SUPER confident in this team to get this schedule. Or he doesn't care about the OOC record at all and feels like this will prepare the team to annihilate once AE play starts.

    It's probably a little bit of raising the profile of the program with better scheduling, getting on TV more playing bigger teams, and iron sharpening iron getting them ready for conference. 

    It's also a good recruiting move. You're going to get a lot of mid-major recruits by saying "You're gonna play in Rupp Arena" than you are with slumming it with Canisius and Niagara..no offense to those programs.

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