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  1. The optimism on this guy is through the roof. We already have him leaving in 4 years because of his future massive success!
  2. Brutal honesty here. Maybe we move away from posting instagrams like this. You can actually do instagram on a webbrowser and just cut and paste that link. Keeps the board cleaner, me thinks. I do appreciate you sharing the information though and want to encourage its continuance.
  3. I just loved that he said he wants us to be an elite program. Elite to me, transcends the AE, which is what we have all wanted. Strong OOC, plus being highly competitive inside the AE. It feels like he's connected to the outside world of high level coaching and talent much more so than we've been in the past.
  4. Asses in the Seats. That was one of my biggest complaints about Brown. At times, it seemed that didn't care about building the program and making it exciting for the community. Btw, that is different than being involved in community activities, to clarify
  5. "I want to keep anyone who wants to be there". Wow. This doesn't feel like a low major hire mentality wise. This feels like a big league hire. Yes. I'm giddy.
  6. https://www.verbalcommits.com/players/brendan-coyle
  7. He moves fast. Jeez Jake @jakeweingarten · 2h Marquette transfer Symir Torrence tells @Stockrisers he’s heard from the following schools: South Carolina, VCU, Wake Forest, UMass, Siena, Albany. Former four-star recruit appeared in 52 games for the Golden Eagles in two seasons.
  8. I can't think of a box that isn't checked with this guy. Young Experienced Recruiting background Personable Cares about the community Uptempo Offense Anything else I'm missing?
  9. Don't you have some children to yell at for standing on your property?
  10. Wow. No grass growing under this guy. Impressive. Could these be Marquette role players he likes for our level?
  11. I've never understood why so many Albany City Rocks kids slipped away from us...so that makes this little tidbit that much more interesting \He came to UVM after five seasons coaching at The Albany Academy in Albany, N.Y. and five seasons coaching in the Albany City Rocks program. Tibbs is a 2007 graduate of West Virginia University and owns a masters degree from the University of Phoenix.While associated with the Albany City Rocks program, Tibbs coached one ESPN Top 100 Player, one USA U18 player and had players invited to the KD Skills Academy, the LeBron James Skills Academy and the Ty Lawson & Victor Oladipo All-American Camp.
  12. Apparently he’s also very active in using his platform, with other Big East coaches, as an agent for change. That seems to make coaches like Kerr, Pop and Marr loved by his players. the more I read the more I really like.
  13. I love this hire. Exactly what we need. Young, known to be a great recruiter and has been at the highest levels. Not sure the offense he’s going to run but checks all the boxes.
  14. I think his brother goes to or went to Santa Clara
  15. I really like this list, though Oliver and Neptune more than Killings. Apparently Oliver is a hell of a recruiter and really boosted the Vols recruiting into the top 5. I also like that they would be taking from high profile programs, which i'm inferring a desire to grow the program on a national vs. regional level.
  16. That's not the point. So you'd rather go .500 or so with what we have than TRY to do better? Feel free to use any of the below analogies - Gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet - To create you must destroy - A fish starts rotting from the head Um...I thought I had more of those. Oh well. Happy Hour!!!
  17. Also, Brett Queener is a lacrosse coach at my kid’s school down here
  18. My plan WAS Football on Flo on the big TV (they are on APPLE TV) and then Lacrosse on my computer/iPad, but my neighbor's kid is having his birthday at 1 and my daughter is invited, and there's probably no way I can get out of it...even if said neighbor went on a drunken rant about how my 1-year old spaniel/aussie mix rescue has mental issues/is "deranged" because she was abandoned as a puppy (we got her at 5 weeks), so there's that... And now you know what my life in Florida is like... Carry on...
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