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  1. Not sure if anyone saw but the Women's team received a vote in the main poll!@
  2. Great! Please post the link asap! i've got 35% on my laptop!. Btw, in 2007, I was in a bar in Austin TX (for SXSW). When the Danes were 9, I had the whole bar of 400 people going "Let's GO Albany" Of course, I had promised to buy them all Dom Perignon if they won...so that might have had something to with it. Best part was when a local came up to me, introduced himself as class of 87 and bought me an Irish Car Bomb.
  3. I really hope we don't end up in the first four. 24-10 with a win against a Pac 10 team should at the very LEAST get us a 15, no?
  4. Just saw on Twitter that Chuck Schumer sent congrats out as did Siena..
  5. I am on a plane and the ESPN feed didnt come through. Can anyone send me a youtube clip or anything of that final minute when available? I'm DYING to see it. I went nuts on the plane when espn.com showed the final...
  6. We can thank Jam Master Jason Hollander who was rooting hard for this, while trapped in his NY apartment when he really wanted to go to the game. JMJ!
  7. Was the game vs. SBU sold out? Packed/ people going ape?
  8. Crapballs. Directv ended their ESPN3 deal so i can't login..anyone want to share their password and login with a Cali Fan who wants to watch tomorrow? Hey..it was worth a shot.
  9. I'm just waiting for him to get on a hot streak...then I can finally see the headline "Ennema Really Draining It"
  10. http://www.midmajormadness.com/2013/2/13/3984524/umass-lowell-transition-division-1-america-east
  11. Well, on a positive note, it did just mention that Albany may be headed to the CAA, so there's that.
  12. re: When the fundraisers called me..they said they were telling players that they may bump it up to 40k by 2020 or 2025
  13. I wonder if he came to UA because other schools might have converted him to safety?
  14. Now that's the kind of info I like to know! Any others with high FCS or FBS interest?
  15. Anyone know what other guys were being recruited by other folks? Like what about the Shane Sweeney kid? I can only find a few of these guys in Rivals.
  16. Committed to Albany over JMU. I wonder if he was offered a starting job? What lured him our way vs. a more established program?
  17. Anyone have any info on Austin Weeks? Didn't see much on him? Other teams offering?
  18. Have these been approved? Are they actively launching law schools? Doesn't it make more sense to have one in the Capital (i know i know..rhetorical)
  19. I'm not sure about you guys, but personally, i am VERY excited about having Peter Hooley for the next four years. He's smart, savvy and just gets it done..plus at 6 4, he's pretty big for a point guard in the AE.
  20. Will Brown just tweeted this. will brown ‏@UAHOOPSWB Received National Letter of Intents today from 3 talented student-athletes.Levan, Lamin, and Dallas are officially part of the family now! Expand Reply Retweet Favorite I've heard about Dallas, do we have any recruiting pages on the other 2?
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