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  1. wanted to wait until it was official, but a little bird led me to believe that he wanted to transfer out after last season, felt he didn't "fit in" with our group of guys but Marr asked TD to stay and if he still wanted to leave after this year then so be it....still sucks given the success this program is having....but as many have said...NEXT MAN UP
  2. I was able to listen to most of Joe's interview. The one thing he said that stuck with me was about getting national exposure....wonder if seeing and hearing and reading about Heurter put stars in his own eyes....someone has to be in his ear telling him he is better than he is IMO...good luck to Joe, hope he finds what he's lookin' for....I personally think he and UA was a perfect fit for his game...I also agree about Wheeler Baker. That kid showed so much potential and ended up ruining his college career when he want back out his way. I still can see his drive through the lane in traffic one-handed slam....we don't see that from our athletes too often...what could have been!!!
  3. I said good riddance in my initial comment which was too harsh. But my point was if the kids want to leave and don't want to ride our their careers at UA then what else is there to say. I will hold out until Monday though as it still seems "odd". IMO, Joe is/was at UA for a reason and not at a so-called power 5 school. I personally think he is at the perfect level for him to have success. HE has trouble creating his own shot, limited foot speed, defense questionable. How is he going to have success at a level where everyone will be bigger and quicker than he is??? I just don't see it.
  4. Trust me I’m fine. I just find it ironic on March 29th with Easter being April 1st that this crazy news comes out that’s all. If they decide to go. Good riddance
  5. Guys. Any chance this is an early April fools joke?? I might buy one but both???
  6. Wilkins Q&A with Fields in the Sunday TU says it all how focused this kid is on only winning and not worrying about his stats or the LAX "heisman", very mature kid and a great leader for this team.....I say enjoy the ride as well and hope we make history in MAY!!!
  7. as a local guy and someone who loved that Cremo came to UA, giving him a pass this year and hammering Nichols is unfair. Joe scored a lot yes but let's be honest. He was a disaster late in games at times also...bad shots, many unforced turnovers, forced turnovers and someone who cant keep a guy in front of him...he was more of a first half star than anything this year sans a handful of games. I expected way more from him this year, along with Nichols...with that said, I also agree any Brown bashing or wanting him to go is unwarranted...
  8. if you have a recovery room nearby, Im pretty sure they all have direct TV and the Big10 Network is part of the Direct TV package!!!! I know the RR in Malta and down by Alb Med do...
  9. after a really really good non-conference start, a couple of totally winnable games against Memphis and Lou....to have this league season go the way it has is thoroughly a HUGE disappointment. Don't think I have ever been frustrated with a team as this one. Clearly the boys are worn down IMO. TOO MANY MINUTES. I get the bench is not what we need but clearly Joe has played way too many minutes as his game in the second half lately has become less than good. missed open shots, no lateral movement on D, not that he has much anyway, ill advised passes, unforced turnovers etc etc. When things go well he looks great but as this season has gone on, our starters are clearly fatigued....SUCKS big time.
  10. hate to say it, our team is soft. little toughness ever shown, so annoying watching Vt. get so many boards uncontested. makes no sense at all. we rebound well against other teams but VT plays harder than we do and it is easy to see....that sequence of missed FT, prayer 3 and missed FT was a huge problem but it was our supposed BEST 2 players who missed em. Also, as much as I love Cremo, the complaining he does needs to be stopped. His ankle was def. a hindrance as he was favoring it on his jumpers....so disappointing...
  11. Agree...coincidence how well David plays to how well the team plays??? I think not.. any update on Cremo?? watching game on phone that was as bad a looking inverted roll as I have seen and he def. came down on it too....hopefully looked worse than it is. as far as that sub situation...I believe it was disallowed because the whistle blew for a non-basketball related issue???
  12. my opinion is at this point the UA confidence has taken a hit. I agree that it will be better for us to play the tougher teams right now. While S.B. isn't the best compared to previous years, they are still upper echelon in this league and we played quite well against them. I believe we will start to play better against the tougher competition. with that said, I firmly believe at the end of the day, this team will go as David goes and with him still struggling, the team is struggling. His athleticism is the difference for us in both transition and breaking down an opponent. As good as Joe is, his lack of blow by potential is the only think preventing him from scoring 20+ per game. Charles has been the MVP this season and hopefully he keeps it up. Right now it is a tough watch I agree, but rather they get their wakeup call still early in league play after a record OOC start. GO DANES!!!
  13. I agree with you, Cremo's lack of lateral foot speed is a hindrance and when Stire pops up to help on the ball screen it takes him too long to get back to his man IMO causing openings for others
  14. Who was his responsibiiity vs. Hartford? Campbell guarded that quick point guard who scored 13 in first half, for almost the entire 2nd half and held him scoreless until the end after Nichols covered him in the first half. I believe he made 2 foul shots and ended with 15????
  15. my opinion in this game, Hartford clearly bothered our guys with their sneaky length and toughness. I also felt once Hartford got up 20, they clearly stopped playing to win the game and started trying to just run clock which helped us get back in the game. I had little problem with the calls once I saw the replays, outside that bogus block on Stire. His issue has always been that he rides the guy he covers all the time and we have to hope he doesn't get called for it... practice this AM will prob. suck big time for the kids but something has to light a fire for these slow starts...finally bit us....Charles did foul on the 3, which is too bad because the shot was going to be missed and was and we would have had a chance to take lead and if we had, I expected we would have won. Hats off to Hartford, hate to say it, but I liked how they ran their offense until that 10 minute period when we made that run....I expect this loss will end up being a positive...GO DANES!!
  16. Kent St. beat the Pac-12 Oregon ST. Beavers last night.....79-78....
  17. I was pretty sure he was out..thanks for going back and checking...that annoys the hell out of me because the ref on that sideline had a PERFECT view of that. That is what he should have watched for before the Lou. player went up to the rim....another chance for us up 3 to run more clock and maybe get another bucket....UGH
  18. morning all, just getting in...the ref looks like he got caught in between blowing his whistle and not....unfortunately...while def. a foul, not 100% sure it affected the shot....my biggest problem is, not sure if anyone went back and checked, when we were up 3, Louisville got ball down low to big under basket. I was pretty sure his foot was OB....has anyone checked that??? we NEED to get that game...damn....I agree and disagree regarding the time out at the end. Im sure we all wanted Joe to take the final shot. Therefore a TO is warranted to set up a play, whereas, riding it out can also be a plus as Joe did have the ball in his hand... Last night we showed more will to win than at any time I believe in the last 2 years maybe....
  19. I felt our kids at time were intimidated...especially Campbell and Conway.......we all know for the most part Nichols/Cremo are going to carry us win or lose and having them shoot 10-30 hurts...Stire did about as well as we can expect being undersized but he was very good on the D boards....Charles was able to get a few buckets in the 2nd half when allowed to go one-on-one with his back to basket....this is a disappointing loss because it was a very winnable game....have to get the Golden Griffin game Saturday night....play respectable against the Cards and hopefully beat Kent St before beginning league play....12-3 is really good...if we get to 12-3....looking forward to the rest of the season!!!
  20. the Danes still do not have a CAA level QB IMO. Brunson has poor pocket presence, poor footwork to avoid the rush and an average at best arm. Every game we have played, the opposing QB has a league level arm compared to ours. Sussman should not play at all at QB, that phony wildcat is a waste of time. Our play calling I will continue to say is vanilla. They continue to throw low-percentage deep jump balls with little result. Our defense, while giving up yardage has held together pretty well overall. We did lose Hanks which hurts the running game but the coaching staff has to figure out how to get their best players (receivers) the ball early to make plays. IT started out as a great atmosphere and ended up like being at ghost town due to a poor offensive display..I was praying McDonald ran that punt back to the house.
  21. I was there and close, IMO, unless Coach G called the play with his headset on to Bernard, that play was called by Bernard...our offense at times is much too vanilla...not sure if others have mentioned it but HAVE TO involve McDonald more. he has above this level speed which is clear as day... GO DANES!!!
  22. the Saints had/have a major athleticism advantage over our boys overall...was very proud how ours played overall and handled their athleticism...Saints don't have any offensive plays other than freelance and WE ran our sets almost all possessions except for the few breakouts we had...Patsos is still and always will be a clown and make the game about him..so glad he's with them...our backcourt is gonna have a great year....
  23. Point taken! & I can add some strength to your assessment. 7 out of 11 goals for su were unassisted. Just so much individual raw talent. As good as Fields and Oakes are they mostly rely on each other and the team to help them get their points. Whereas su has a number of players who can create their own space. Lyle and especially Miles could not only finesse points; but could bull and power for theirs. Connor and Seth just do not have that kind of strength (not that it is fair to compare them to the Thompsons). Speaking of being unfair, as good as Blaze is and I watched him for 4 years and he was awesome for us; I feel he did/does have a flaw (an achilles heel.) He {in my opinion} is only average @ best on long range shots. Where he can be spectacular on short range shots, he often does not seem to see the shots coming from long range. I know being screened is an issue, but from the stands it looks like these long shot should be saved. It will be interesting to see how he does in MLAX where they have a two point shot. Overall, I think it was an awesome year and this team should have praise heaped upon them for maintaining and continuing UA's lax success. I for one am OPTIMISTIC about the future. Whether you agree or disagree that UA is a national lacrosse power, we are most definitely a team to be reckoned with. I agree for the most part of your statements...it is def. fair to say, the national powerhouses would probably more often than not, try to AVOID playing UA...that is prob. the best compliment UA could get at this point...
  24. @Jimbo, we lost 4 faceoffs in a row that cost us the good lead we created...in the end, the Cuse goalie was a bit better than Blaze....another disappointing loss for UA sports...
  25. Their head coach was on the five person selection committee and they are not a #7 seed, they are a #6. I don't think UA was snubbed at all and were seeded correctly. If anyone was snubbed it was Syracuse as an #8. UA should either be traveling to Marquette or Loyola, not Syracuse. Will not be surprising to see UNC and Duke upset both Marquette and Loyola. I agree with you that Syracuse was snubbed; but so was Albany. In both coaches and media polls we were higher than Marquette and neck and neck with Loyola. We scored higher than Marquette in every numeric score (rpi; sos; etc) and were pretty much evenly split with Loyola and actually out pointed them 95.57 to 95.23 on Power Rating which is the overall computer compilation of rpi; sos; etc. Objectively there is no argument we should have hosted a first round game. Numerically and Factually we should have been IN. The only reason we are not hosting is based on subjective criteria which is influenced by personal bias and opinion. I know coaches and media polls are subjective; and Power Ratings etc. are NOT a perfect science; but by those standards at least we should have hosted and yet the ncaa chose to ignore them. as much as I hate to say it, I have to disagree. We prob play in the worst conference, we HOSTED the tournament and lost a first round game against an inferior opponent. Not sure how we can even have an argument for a home game regardless of stats, power ranking etc. UA has a glaring weakness that it has had for too long, the damn faceoff...until that gets "fixed", we will most likely continue to lose heartbreakers in the NCAA tourney...
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