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  1. The young men on this team are all good atheletes. But, except for a few, they are not atheletic enough to compete at this level. You can teach players a lot of things but you cannot teach them to run faster, be more agile orhave better hand eye coordination.
  2. I'm a glass is half full type of guy. I'm disappointed with the transfers and McKinley backing out. Given the program's success and positive high profile I think we may get a few guys who would normally be beyond our reach.
  3. If a new arena could pay for itself it would be easy. Fill the SEFCU for every men's and women's basketball games and then find other events which would fill the arena with paying fans and you could justify spending the money. I'm not a fan of boxing or mma but these events would fill a 5000 seat arena. At $45 bucks a head your talking serious money.
  4. Mark Benson knows what he's doing. UAlbany gear is being promoted on several local web sites. Who doesn't love a cool tee shirt or hat? The idea is to get lots of people, even if they are not alums, to identify with UAlbany. Slowly but surely a lot of capital region people are going to think of the Great Danes as their team. Now, we need some break through wins from our Football and Basketball teams.
  5. If Coach Brown is in the state retirement system that will be a huge factor in the financial part of his decision. Based upon his salary his annual fixed retirement will be more than $175,000. In order to receive that benefit from a 401K he will have to save more than 4 million dollars. I think he is being pulled by the idea of being on a bigger stage. If he passes this up he may not have another chance. UAlbany will have lots of talent looking to be the men's head coach. The UA program is much bigger than one man or woman.
  6. As a fan I cannot imagine a better year than this one. Watching the men ane women play helped me get through this brutal winter. I hope coaches Abe and Brown stay. They are more than great coaches, they are great people. The kind of people that I would want mentoring my children.
  7. That's what Gary Gilmore said just before he faced a firing squad.
  8. We should remember that it was Lee McElroy who lead the way for where UAlbany athletics is today. Mark Benson is the man who is taking the program to the next level. I am so impressed by Mark's work. He really has the Capital Region beginning to invest emotionally into the Great Danes. Emotional investment comes before financial investment. Mark, keep up the good work.
  9. There is nowhere for UA to move up to. The emphasis should be on improving America East.
  10. Why not a home and home with Buffalo in place of Siena?
  11. The entire team deserves a big cheer. Especially our big guys, Peters, M. Rowley and Stire who did a heck of of job with Warney.
  12. Hollywood!!! The SBU fans are still sitting in stunned disbelief.
  13. I think the Price Chopper is actually rebranding as Market 32.
  14. Neil and Jane Golub were at the women's game yesterday. We know they are very community minded. Perhaps the SEFCU is going to become the 47?
  15. Richard Peters is the only Dane big enough and strong enough to handle Warney. He is going to have to stop being a nice guy for whatever minutes he gets. My money is on Singletary. He likes the show and he is a cool customer.
  16. So many positives coming out of the New Hampshire game. S. Rowley and Hooley are not the only stars. Singletary and Sanders are fabulous basketball players. Mike Rowley showed some signs of being the player people thought he was going to be. Several really good aggressive moves to the hoop.
  17. Mainejeff, just poking a little fun. The Maine's women's team is doing very well and that is a good sign for the future. What the heck is going on with the men's team? If Maine, UMBC and Bing could get going the AE would be a good basketball conference. Coach Abe may be getting bored but she is still recruiting very good players. We already seeing evidence that she is preparing for the graduation of Richards. I'm on the way out to door to go watch the lady Danes.
  18. This is not intended to be a slap at young people, just a statement of fact. You are more likely to get 18 and 19 year olds to a rave than 60 year olds. If the basketball games were looked at like raves there wouldn't be any room for 60 year olds. Come to think about it, I just took a slap at the 60 year olds!
  19. The fan support on Saturday was great. At times you could feel the electricity. But, the fans need to be "educated". Good manners are always preferred but a polite clap at a critical moment is unacceptable. The SEFCU needs 5000 fans on their feet screaming at the top of their lungs. It is that type of atmosphere which will build the UAlbany brand.
  20. lack of student support for athletics is not new to UAlbany. In fact, student apathy is common on most college campuses. Mark Benson has a tough job but I know he is working on it. It seems so easy but obviously it is not. The SEFCU is in need of an upgrade. Ever time I enter the arena from the parking lot I feel like I'm walking down into a bomb shelter. The goal should be to have 5000 men's and women's basketball fanatics and 20000 football fanatics.
  21. I agree Coach Abe looks less than enthusiastic. Perhaps beating AE teams 99% of the time has gotten boring? I hope not but would not be completely surprised if she is looking at other challenges. Maybe the UAlbany Women should replace the Maine men in the AE?
  22. I have not actually discussed this with anyone who has actual knowledge. What I do know is that there is a lot of interest in making law school more affordable. This appears to be a step towards that end. Get accepted at Albany Law, apply for and be awarded a UAlbany fellowship, and tuition is reduced by almost 50%. The fellowship has not been clearly explained. I think this is the type of affiliation which is being worked on.
  23. Any SUNY graduate who is accepted at Albany Law will be able to apply for a Legal Fellowship. A Legal Fellowship is not defined. Bottom line is that this is a way for SUNY graduates who are accepted at Albany Law to obtain a substantial reduction in tuition.
  24. A few empty seats but not many. A lot of excitement in the air. This team has developed a lot of poise. They don't buckle under pressure.
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