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  1. Two very good teams just played a hell of a game. Warney and Purifoy are seriously good. We might well have just witnessed the conference championship matchup. The crowd was as loud as I've ever heard it. It would be tremendous if every home game had that atmosphere.
  2. Be bold. Construct a multi-level parking garage on Dutch and build a pedestrian tunnel from the garage to the atheletic complex.
  3. The member institutions of AE are first rate. I don't think UA could find better company. The empahasis should be on improving the AE and not finding new friends.
  4. Anyone who is going to make Albany "cool" has a huge challenge. It's like trying to make vanilla stand out.
  5. "A Klingon's honor means more to him than his life!". Kurn.
  6. At the risk of being different I would suggest something entirely new. I still think the most interesting part of the campus is that it looks like a starship. I know we have had a mutt as our mascot for a long time but I still like the idea of The Albany Starship. Tell me a bunch of students wouldn't love to come to games dressed as Kirk, Spock, Vulcans and Klingons. Maybe The Albany Klingons!
  7. Can anyone explain why the Men's team has 15 players and the Women's 10? What if any scholarship differential is there between the two programs?
  8. The crowd size continues to be a problem. Although I agree there was a lot of energy in the crowd during the second half. If the SEFCU could be filled with 4000 plus fans every game it would be a great atmosphere and a tough place for opposing teams to win.
  9. There is no way to sugarcoat this. The Lady Danes played awful.
  10. It is sad. She was so young too. I hope Peter's family encourages him to get back to following his dreams. He has a lot of friends and supporters here in Albany.
  11. We don't know what an affiliation would look like. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. If Albany Law agrees to a full merger it gains much. It would be substantially funded ny New York and be able to charge very attractive tuition. Presumably AL would have a larger pool of student applicants. The downside is that AL would lose its independence. It would have to negotiate its way through the bureaucratic jungle like every other state controlled agency. Let's face it, there is not a single state agency which isn't operating on a shoestring.
  12. I have spoken with her twice about the discussions. She most definitely holds the view that a closer relationship with UAlbany is the way to go. She is not in favor of a full merger at this time but perhaps down the road. Albany Law has returned to a leadership model which made it very successful in the past. I and others believe that having a Dean who is an Albany Law graduate is wise. She has a strong emotional connection to the school. She has made Albany her home and unlike a lot of law school deans she does not appear to see this as a stepping stone to some place else. She knows the Albany scene well and can make things happen. The big unknown is what Governor Cuomo thinks. He clearly has a position but it is being closely guarded. We all know that Mr. Cuomo can make things happen if he wants to. The question is, what does the Governor want.
  13. Just an observation. I walked from my assigned parking spot into the SEFCU last night to watch the women's game. It struck me again how cold and foreboding the back of the SEFCU is. It is almost depressing. If the "front" of the SEFCU was next to the parking lot and if it was well lit with an athletic atmosphere it would make it a more desirable place to go. As part of any renovation, upgrade, they really should think about where the entrance to the arena is.
  14. Just wonderful. The men must have played one hell of a game. I'm sure they had Peter Hooley on their minds. We all have faced or will face these bad moments. The only thing you really can do is grieve and then get on with your life. It is what my mother and father wanted me to do. It's what I will want my children to do when my time is up. I watched the women win, again. Stony Brook made a run but the lady Danes showed their true grit. They are warriors.
  15. Imagine basketball being played at the speed of a hockey game with checking.
  16. We all have our own opinions. I think hockey players are the best atheletes on the planet.
  17. Funding a big time hockey program would be expensive. A lot more than basketball. Besides RPI and Union have two feat D-1 programs. Probably no room for another in this area.
  18. Apparently no basketball either. I didn't think about this until recently but 4 America East teams have hockey programs. I suspect hockey is more important than basketball at Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and UMass Lowell.
  19. Albany, Buffalo and Stony Brook have a lot in common. Should be the basis of great rivalries. Binghamton is the odd man out for some reason.
  20. Didn't know where to post this question. There has been talk about UA moving to a better conference. Is that realistic? What conference would it move to? if UA wants better competition there are only a few plausible options. Talk with select universities about forming a new conference. This is not likely going to happen but a conference composed of similar institutions with perhaps a north south devision would be interesting. The more plausible option would be to convince members of America East to upgrade their commitment. The AE conference has the institutions to move into the "high mid-major" category but it would need the necessary effort to make it happen.
  21. I don't mind the trek from the parking lot around the SEFCU to the entrance. But, let's face it, the walk does reinforce the image of the concrete jungle. If they flipped the entrance around and made it more appealing it would help. They could build an atrium with some character. It could be planned so that it would be useful during the football season. I'm unsure about the legalities of beer in the stands but there is no question that if possible it would help. My buddies and I do enjoy watching a good game and having a couple of beers.
  22. UA has been anti jock forever. I don't know why. It is exciting to watch talented athletes perform. A university as large as Albany should have a diverse student population. There is nothing wrong with recruiting academically qualified students who enjoy playing and watching sports in their spare time. Just as I hope the university will recruit students who like music, the performing arts and other outside activities. And, it my years on campus I don't remember a single professor who encouraged school spirit. It would help if some of the professors wore school colors and attended games and talked about games and teams before class started.
  23. Just a quick update. I bumped into an acquaintance who is on the joint committee engaged in the merger/ affiliation discussions. He asked me not to use his name as the discussions are sensitive. The discussions are progressing. It is likely to be an affiliation and see what the future brings.
  24. Very nice young man, great student,very good baller and local. Exactly what UA needs. Should bring more fans to the SEFCU. Welcome Joe and good job Coach Brown. Now, get a few more locals.
  25. Call me cantankerous but I like the idea of the women and men entering a hostile arena, as the underdogs, and then kicking the snot out of Siena. Lets straighten out the money and ticket allotment inequities and and keep in on the big stage.
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