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  1. Albany Law has gotten to far away from what once made it one of the best law schools in the nation. It has become controlled by academics and not accomplished lawyers. It needs to return to what made it successful, producing very smart, very good lawyers.
  2. The devil is always in the detail. I actually think this could be a very good development for both institutions. I have just looked at Professor Acker's credentials. He is a very impressive man. But, from what I can see he has never represented a client. The idea that he is going to train lawyers to represent people who are actually prosecuting or defending accused people is preposterous. Would you let a doctor who did population studies but never treated a patient treat you for cancer?
  3. Albany Law does not need to affiliate with anyone. It will survive and do fine just as it always has. It will continue to produce attorneys who will lead private and public entities. As far as I know UAlbany initiated the conversation with Albany Law. If Govenor Cuomo wants another public law school he can make it happen without any affiliation. Some legislation, a few agreements and Albany Law becomes a public school. Penn State affiliated with Dickinson School of Law. They are separated by 200 miles. Binghamton has publicly sought a law school component for a long time. Why couldn't that happen? The idea of a stand alone public law school isn't hard to imagine. Why affiliate it with any of the university centers? That just insures that Stony Brook will get a medical school and Binghamton will get something else. Albany Law will continue to operate autonomously with a lot of public funding.
  4. Why does Albany Law School need UAlbany to become a public law school? It could easily become a public school without any affiliation with UAlbany. Albany Law will easily survive the current economic "crisis". Albany law could easily associate with Stony Brook, Binghamton or RPI.
  5. I don't know acker. Has he ever prosecuted a murderer or a drug dealer? Has he ever defended a death penalty case? I don't see why Albany Law School needs UAlbany to become a public law school. Danefan, please explain. I think UAlbany needs Albany Law a lot more than Albany Law needs UAlbany.
  6. This is very confusing. I doubt there is a connection between the Dean resigning and the discussions between Albany Law and UAlbany. If Governor Cuomo wants to have another public law school in New York, Albany Law would be a good choice for a number of reasons. However, Albany Law could become a public law school without affiliating with UAlbany. I am uncertain why the two are being tied together. As a graduate of both schools I have some fairly strong opinions. Among them is that I don't think UAlbany criminal law professors would be very good at teaching law students. It is an entirely different approach.
  7. A guy I know and consider reliable tells me the Governor is involved in the discussions.
  8. Some vague language about "institutional synergies" whatever that means.
  9. Just received an email from Dean Andrews to Albany Law Alums. It looks like the institutions are planning more "joint" degrees programs.
  10. The point I am making, not so well, is that Albany Law has a long cultural history. The Board of Trustees is loaded with Albany Law alums. The Board makes all critical decisions and most alums like it that way. With that said, if New York is going to fund another public law school Albany Law would, for many reasons, be an attractive fit.
  11. I am in favor of taking a serious look at this. There are some very important things to be addressed before the Albany Law community will get on board.
  12. danefan, you make my point. The President of the Board of Trustees is an Albany Law grad.
  13. Clickclack, I am a graduate of UA and Albany Law. I also contribute a fair amount of money to both institutions. Both are very successful but for different reasons. While law students learn a lot of law the primary goal of a law school education is to learn the think, speak and write like a lawyer.
  14. When Dean Andrews leaves who will pick the new Dean? Do you really think the people who now control such a critical position are going to give it up? Do you think the alums are going to give up control of an institution which has been very successful? I don't think so. There will have to be a lot of work before this can happen.
  15. Some of the comments express a view of law school which will be a major reason why the Albany Law community will pull away from this. The primary goal of a law school is to teach students to think, speak and write like lawyers. Once administrators, who know nothing about teaching people to be lawyers, are running the law school the program will be severely weakened.
  16. What would either institution gain? The campuses are 10 miles apart. Funding from the state is problematic. And, Albany Law would be burdened with layers and layers of UA red tape.
  17. I doubt Albany Law alums are going to permit this to happen.
  18. The Lacrosse teams success really is getting UA national exposure. Friends of mine from different parts of the country have been emailing me articles on the Thompson's and UA is always mentioned.
  19. Coach Abe and Coach Brown are very smart people. The lure of the big time is not all it's smacked up to be. UA is a growing program and a winning program. Perhaps a move to a stronger conference would satisfy their competitive ambitions. Both coaches appear to be happy. If you're happy, your family is happy why trade that for the unknown?
  20. I have been a regular at the men's home games for a few years. This year I attended the first women's home game and got hooked. I only missed 1game because of business reasons. They ladies are terrific athletes and they are exciting to watch. And, if I could be politically incorrect for a moment, Coach Abe and her assistants are nice to watch too.
  21. We are all thinking and saying the same thing. We are so proud of the Great Danes. Coach Brown, his staff and most of all the great young men who made up this team. They went toe to toe with the best college basketball team in the country. The never backed down, they never quit, they never gave up and they gave Florida a great fight. Everyone who is a part of this team showed class and true grit. Congratulations guys, you are great.
  22. I'm more realistic. I hope the guys give them a good fight. Anything under 15 points would be outstanding.
  23. It is nice to be in the National Championship tournament. It would be far more satisfying if we get a crack at Florida. We all know the odds of UA beating Florida are very, very slim but that is why the game is played. Just giving Florida a good scrap will help the program.
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