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  1. The Lady Danes are thoroughbreds. They came onto the floor with that look in their eyes. They ran full out for the entire game. Now, let's cheer for Coach Abe and her underrated team. Take no prisoners!
  2. Fabulous. A big round of applause for Gary Johnson. He is some athlete!
  3. There is some chatter in the circles I travel in that discussions with Albany Law School are occurring.
  4. A great way to spend another cold afternoon. Bring some friends and tell them they are going to see the best college basketball team in the area. Help root the ladies to an undefeated season in the AE. After the game go to one of the local pubs, enjoy a beer or glass of wine and a burger. It will be one small step building towards greater community support. Let's make this Invite Some Friends to the Game Day.
  5. Let's get out today and support the Lady Danes!
  6. The women continue to roll along. They were powerful tonight. Relentless.
  7. UA's men's bb team is average in a low level conference. The Universities leaders have picked football and women's basketball to be our showcase teams. I would not be surprised to see the women move to a "better" conference.
  8. The women's team deserves a lot more attention than it gets. I have attended most of their home games. They are special. If any of UA's teams is going to do something big time it is the Lady Danes. It's the right time to create a buzz on campus and in the community!
  9. When the SEFCU is packed it is a great atmosphere. Regretfully, the team played so poorly the crowd never got into it. I've rarely seen such poor shooting. And, poor shooting has become the trademark of this team.
  10. In the end a coach is first and foremost a teacher. A teacher sets a good example and expects and even demands that his/ her students excel. The ultimate rush for any teacher is to see the student progress to the point where they are free to fly on their own. I'm not seeing CB let his students fly.
  11. An observation. For what it's worth, which is probably not much. CB is a competitor. He wants to win. He has recruited good players who appear to be good students and good people. I think CB's "in game" coaching is too much. Especially on the offensive sets, the players are not free to play naturally. The players are constantly looking over to coach. Many of the more successful coaches practice hard during the off days but let the guys on the floor do what they have been working on during the game. Time outs are when you provided coaching. Too much coaching during the game leads to hesitation and self doubt.
  12. To quote a great American broadcaster, " Holy Cow!".
  13. These are special ladies. Let's get out and support them! Happy Thanksgiving.
  14. I work on these matters in my law practice. Believe me, if these allegations are true SBU is in for a rough few years. There will be multiple claims and claims of a cover up. Probably not "Penn State" trouble but the athletic program will pay a heavy price.
  15. The Women's team continues to role along. I was there Saturday and was disappointed by the small crowd. These ladies are special. They deserve more attention and support. Fan support and a buzz in the stands inspires athletes to reach higher. These ladies are capable of raising cain in March and it would help them to know that a bunch of fans are behind them.
  16. I was extremely impressed. Tremendous depth. The team has a lot of poise. They never panicked. I detected a genuine self confidence and a true team spirt. I predict 20+ wins.
  17. It will take some time. A lot of overlooked, but talented, players will jump at the chance to compete at this level. The Danes need to get a full complement of scholarships and a full size stadium and good things will happen. It would be nice to get one upset victory this year. Maybe Towsen?
  18. It would be "cool" really "cool" if we had 25,000 screaming maniacs in the stands. It would take the Danes into an entirely new world. I'm all for it.
  19. I was at the RI game. Great seats and the new stadium is impressive. However, Coach Ford was right when he commented that he almost fell asleep. If we want to keep the stands and burm packed the game needs more excitement.
  20. It is simple. CNSE has partnered with the world leaders to conduct nano technology research. The corporations involved could not function with the cumbersome decision making process which is commonplace at UA. How long did it take UA to find a new president? Two years? If a corporate leader resigns his replacement is announced within days or even hours. CNSE was able to get the new roadwork surrounding its campus completed within months. If UA were to propose something as simple and necessary as this the process would take years. There are many other examples one could cite.
  21. danefan, thank you for the comments. I am not in a position to challenge your assertion that the CAA has better competition than the AE. Is it simply a question of dollars spent? I have no data to support this but I think a lot of this is about perception. The AE is perceived to be weak. Because of the perception, better atheletes look to "better" programs. Are the members of the AE conference satisfied with its perception? Is UA satisfied with its perception?
  22. I'm not the only person confused by what is going on. There are a lot of questions. What do other universities do with their larger atheletic budgets? Delaware, for example, apparently spends a lot more than UA. What does it spend it on and what does it get in return? If UA spent 50% more what would it do for us? How would we spend it? I have been and continue to be a competitive athelete. I am in a very competitive profession. I like competing against the best. It is the essence of competition. Isn't the competition in the AE comparable to the CAA? If we really want to get better competition don't we have to look much higher?
  23. This is still confusing. Can someone explain why the CAA is better than the AE? Both conferences have highly regarded institutions. The "experts" seem to think the CAA has better atheletic competition and that appears to be true but the differences are not that great. Competing in a conference with mid Atlantic and Southern teams will bring more exposure to UA and that is a positive. If the member institutions of the AE committed to spending more resources on its atheletic teams wouldn't that be something worth considering before a move is made?
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